Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


4. Blue's Clues

Justin was in daze as he blow dried his wet hair; his mind returning back to the phone call he had engaged in last night. And how could he forget that little snoring at the end that made him chuckle last night?

            The sound of that specific snoring rang in his mind and he couldn’t help but to smile. Upon noticing his smiling self from the mirror, he shook his head, as if it could help to wake himself from wherever his mind at.

            In the previous night, Justin was free-falling to boredom as his friends and family began to go back to their own places and lives. His best friends had just left for their flight then, and he was running out of ideas to keep his mind off from things he’d rather keep hidden at the back of his mind. And when he had found his phone lying silently at his bedside table, he had the idea of calling someone.

            He had grabbed his phone out of the wooden table and dialed the number before pressing the phone to his left ear. He had flopped himself on his bed, his bare feet left hanging at the edge of the bed as he stared blankly at his white ceiling.

            The ringing had sounded off, and a few rings later, a sweet female voice invaded his delicate ears. “H’lo?”

            There was a smile on his face. He never thought in a life time that she would answer his call.

            The other end sounded something in line with clearing someone’s throat. “Hello? Are you deaf?”

            Justin had chuckled at the girl’s comment. He wasn’t deaf, that’s for sure. “No. I can hear you just clearly,” he finally said. He’d never intended for this girl to get pissed off and have his number blocked for eternity.

            “Okay? This sure sounds to be the time when you’re supposed to be saying your name.”

            He’d chuckled again, finding the girl’s annoyed and frustrated voice adorable.

            “Seriously, if you’ll just keep chuckling and whatever, I’ll end thi—“

            Justin had stopped chuckling then, thinking he needed to introduce himself before getting, most likely, blocked from the girl’s phone. “Okay, okay. Damn, Samantha, chill. It’s me, Justin.”

            “Oh,” the girl had said in realization. “Where did you get my number, stalker?”

            He couldn’t help but to laugh at her. How could she forget about their encounter in McDonald’s just that afternoon? “Do you have like a short-term memory loss? You gave me your number earlier,” Justin had to remind her. “And oh, so my name just degraded from pop star to stalker now? Wow. That’s like from eighty to zero real quick.”

            Samantha had the information registered into her mind then. “Oh yeah,” she murmured in realization. “And yeah, there’s no other way than going down, stalker. Or would you rather me calling you ‘creeper’?”

            Justin had sighed, “Nah. I’d really rather you call me by my name, which is obviously Justin, if you couldn’t remember since you seemed to have a brain like a sieve.” His smile had reappeared again, he seemed to be having fun teasing Samantha over her mishaps.

            Samantha puffed out air. “Fine, make fun of that for a life time; I wouldn’t care. You’re still a creeper, a stalker, and every synonym that goes with those words.”

            “Aw… you’re backing down, now? You’re no fun.”

            Samantha had chuckled. “I wouldn’t if it was a different time.”

            Justin had bit his lip unconsciously. “Are you busy?” his eyebrows had furrowed together. “Oh, I’m so sorry; I forgot you have school and homework.”

            “Uh-huh,” Samantha agreed. And then Justin heard some shuffling from the other end. “But then, I think I’m done for the night. My brain’s beat! I’ve been staring at Mathematical problems for the past hour; I think my brain’s going to explode.”

            “Oh, so we could talk then?” he had questioned, and then cringed at how he sounded. He had sounded so desperate to talk to her—where did that come from?

            “Yeah, I think so,” was Samantha’s reply. Never had Justin ever felt that tiny happiness he just had at the bottom of his heart. It’s so tiny it’s so easy to think it wasn’t there; but the fact never fails, it was there.

            And that provoked their hour long phone call. They were talking non-stop that they didn’t notice it was so early, early in the morning. And then suddenly, before they could even speak up about ending the call, he heard that sound of soft snoring from the other line. It was so soft, it was barely there.

            And he couldn’t help but to chuckle at the sound because it was all too adorable. But then, a thought came into his mind that had bothered him before finally getting some sleep. Was I that boring to talk to?


The beeping of his phone brought Justin back from his own little version of flashback in his mind. He placed the hair dryer down and unplugged it before turning his attention to his phone. Staring at the lock screen, the caller I.D. read Scooter Braun.

            “Hey, man?” he mumbled to his phone.

            There was a deep breath from the other line. “I’m glad you answered. I’d thought your phone would be unavailable again.” Last night, Scooter was busy calling him, but then due to Justin’s long phone call with Samantha, he couldn’t get through.

            Justin scratched his neck. “Yeah… well, you have me on the phone. That’s what matters right?”

            “Yeah, of course. So… I’d have to remind you that you have interview on Tuesday. Don’t ditch it like the last time.”

            Justin’s eyebrows furrowed. “What? I thought I was on a break until next week Friday? We’ve talked about this. Actually, mom talked to you about this.”

            “Yeah, I understand, Justin. But man, the interview has been scheduled since a week ago. And then, you ditched the last radio interview for your personal reasons.”

            Justin couldn’t help but to roll his eyes. If there’s a thing he needed to forget the most, it’s that he made a stupid decision of choosing his then girlfriend over his supportive fans. “Scooter,” he began as he heaved a sigh. “I need a break from these all. And for all I care, they’re going to ask me about what happened the other night. And we both know that the last thing you’d want me to do is walking out in that interview once that subject gets brought up. I’m just dodging the possibilities of the acts I could do to damage my reputation.”

            The other line was silent for a while. And then, “You’re right. Fine, I’ll cancel the interview for Tuesday and the appearances that you’d have to do in the following days. I’ll get back to you before Friday next week, expect my call.”

            Justin nodded. “Okay.”

            “And Justin?” Scooter said before either of them could end the call. “I hope you’ll feel well after your short break. I know a week is not much, but I do hope you’ll get back on your feet by then.”

            He puffed out a breath. “I’ll be fine. Bye.” And then, the line went dead as he ended the call.

            Justin took a deep breath and went back to changing into decent clothes.


After leaving a note for his mother Pattie, Justin headed off with his car, cruising down to the LA streets. After having some thought, Justin decided to head to Samantha’s house to visit her. If there’s a person who could make him forget his fame and hassle life in the industry, it would definitely be her.

            So Justin made a detour and headed to New Metropolis where Samantha lives.

            In fifteen minutes, he arrived and parked his car near her familiar house. Thinking she was alone, and probably awake by now, he walked up to the front porch and knocked on the door.

            He waited for a while, and every passing minute had him thinking this was a bad idea. Being near her house in a broad daylight risks her and her family’s privacy. Who knows if some psychotic paparazzo was able to follow him from his home to hers?

            He was ready to turn back and leave, but then he saw the door being opened and a middle aged woman came into view. Her height cut a bit short as she stood an inch below from his five feet and nine inches self, her brunette hair kept in a neat bun. She had neat and beautifully pressed long-sleeved dress shirt and pencil skirt.

            “Hello, how can I help you, dear?” her soft voice came ringing to his ears.

            And then, it clicked to his mind as he found her familiar. It’s Samantha’s mother. Justin cleared his throat, his back straightening before answering the woman in front of him. “Um, hi… Mrs. Robustelli. I was hoping to visit Samantha.”

            Her smile appeared, and it looked just the same as Samantha’s. “Oh, you’re a friend of Samantha’s? Come on in,” she said stepping back to have enough room for him to come in. “I’m Karen Robustelli, Samantha’s mother. And you are?”

            Justin smiled. “Justin. Justin Bieber,” he answered offering her his hand.

            Karen’s eyebrows shot up. “As in the singer?” she questioned, and he briefly answered with a nod. “Oh, it’s nice to meet you, Justin,” she stated, before disregarding his offering hand and pulled him into a brief hug. “Sorry, I’m a hug kind of person. Shake hands are for business only.”

            “Yeah, right,” Justin said awkwardly. But despite this awkwardness feeling he had, he seemed to like the woman.

            “Honey, who’s at the door?” a deep male voice came from the kitchen.

            “We have visitor, honey. A friend of Samantha,” Karen hollered back. She turned back to Justin and smile. “Come, I’ll have you introduced to my husband.”

            Justin followed suit as Karen navigated their way to the kitchen. “Hey honey, this is Justin Bieber, Samantha’s friend.” Karen dropped the bomb the moment they entered the line of vision of her husband.

            “The singer?” Daniel Robustelli asked his grayish-blue eyes which were just a replica of Samantha’s were masked in pure confusion.

            “The one and only,” Karen smiled.

            “Hi, sir,” Justin finally spoke up from beside Karen.

            Daniel stood up and made his way in front of Justin. “Hello, good morning. Call me Daniel,” he said offering his hand and shook Justin’s.

            “Okay, Daniel,” Justin replied, smiling at Samantha’s father.

            Daniel was a tall guy and had this dark blond hair on top of his head that reminded Justin of Samantha’s brother’s picture from the night he was here.

            Daniel turned to his wife, “Honey, where is Samantha? It’s rude to have her visitor waiting.”

            “She actually is still in her bedroom. I take it she’s still asleep,” Karen replied. She turned to Justin. “Why don’t you wake her up? Her room’s upstairs; the first door to the left, and the only door which is obnoxiously colored with baby blue.”

            Justin nodded his head. “Are you sure that’s okay? I mean, I’m a guy, and you’ve only met me once…” he trailed off. He was only thinking that what if they were those types of parents who’s strict and doesn’t want some guy next to their daughter.

            Daniel smiled. “It’s okay. We’re down here; I don’t take my daughter as someone who’d go sneaking around with her parents in the same premises.” Justin inwardly cringed; that wasn’t where he wanted the conversation to go. “And besides, if you’d take advantage of her, we can easily send you a complaint about it.”

            Justin forced a smile. “Right, I’ll go wake her up now.” He retreated from the kitchen and headed straight to the stairs. Saying that, that conversation was awkward is the most underrated statement of the year.

            Earlier, he expected to come in this household, greeted by Samantha and then they would hang out in peace without her parents knowing—thinking they’re still on that trip or whatever they had to attend to. But then, life does have a contorted way of functioning, and now, he could never erase that conversation in his mind ever again.


Justin came to a halt, staring blankly at the baby blue painted door in front of him. He couldn’t help but to ask: Is this girl somewhat lesbian or something?

            Of course he didn’t intend to judge, but the thought slipped into his mind.

            The door was opened ajar, and he had the glimpse of her bedroom. He inwardly smile as he noticed the baby blue painted walls and the dark blue dog paws scattered artistically on it. It was then when he saw her fluffy Blue’s clues slippers that he understood the motif of her bedroom.

            She’s freaking addicted to that Blue’s Clues show?

            He opened the door slowly and entered her bedroom as silently as he could. His eyes examined the room before stopping at the brunette sprawled across a black and white striped mattress. Her arms were clutching a Blue stuffed animal. He wanted to laugh, but fought the urge.

            He walked towards the bed and stared at Samantha before tucking her stray hair at the back of her ears.


There was a soft breathing; she could hear it, and definitely feel it. Samantha slowly opened her eyes after feeling the breath somewhat disturbing to her slumber. And when she fully opened her eyes, she inwardly screeched as she was greeted by someone’s caramel brown eyes which were so close to her vision.

            She held her chest, her heart beating so fast you’d thought she just ran a triathlon. Her head pulled back, “Justin?” she murmured shockingly after examining the guy’s shocked face. “What are you doing here?” she asked, confused.

            Justin bit the insides of his cheeks. “Your parents sent me up here to wake you up,” he smiled sheepishly; feeling totally guilty at being caught. He actually didn’t know what he was doing. He just suddenly had this urge to come near her, and then in a second, he found himself nearing his face to hers. It was as if his lips were drawn to hers.

            Samantha nodded after looking at her clock. “Yeah, yeah. It’s already eight. I’d have to have breakfast with them.” Her eyes stared at him again. “Why are you in my place by the way?”

            He smiled. “I was hoping we could hang out?” he asked hopefully. His smile masked his lips.

            Samantha nodded slowly. “Okay, sure. But before that I should wash my face and whatnot before heading down stairs. I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

            He nodded. “Okay. Don’t be too long, sleepyhead. I think your parents are about to leave.”

            “Yeah, whatever, stalker. Leave my room, shoo! Shoo!” she said waving her hand in a shooing manner.

            Justin chuckled before closing her door.


Samantha sauntered to the kitchen, a surprised look on her face as she witnessed her parents and Justin sitting at the dining table together.

            “Hey, there, Koala. Glad you remembered waking up,” her Dad greeted her, taking her white tank top, blue pajama pants and messy bun in.

            She smirked, “Yeah… cut me some slack, Daddy, and quit calling me Koala. This is the only time in years that I woke up late,” she poked her tongue out before pecking her parents’ cheeks.

            Daniel’s eyebrows rose up. “Years? Try two weeks, sweetie.”

            Samantha grinned. “Whatever you say, Daddy. Besides, it’s not a school day.”

            Daniel shrugged before grabbing his wife’s hand and offering his other hand to Justin. “Let’s say grace.” And then, they did.

            “Amen,” they all said in unison after Karen ended her prayers. They all dug in, making a feast out of Karen’s breakfast menu.

            “So, Samantha, since when are you friends with a popular guy?” Daniel questioned out of the blue, making Samantha and Justin choke.

            Samantha was first to grab her glass of water and drank it before saying, “We just met a few days ago, Daddy. We kind of ran into each other or something like that.”

            “Yeah, I met her Friday night,” Justin spoke up after relieving himself from being choked by his own spit.


After her parents left, Justin and Samantha were both alone in the kitchen as they washed the dishes together.

            Samantha cleared her throat, “So… congratulations. You climbed yourself up from being a creeper and stalker to visitor.” She smirked at him before turning back to drying the utensils.

            This was when Justin had to let out a short laugh. “We’re still not over with the name calling?”

            Samantha gave him a side look. “Nah-uh… Definitely not, stalker,” she stated with a laugh, her head thrown back in delight.

            Justin stared at her laughing face and couldn’t help but to chuckle. Cute. “Now I just degraded from visitor to stalker again. Keep your names climbing straight up, Sam.”

            Samantha bit her lips to keep herself from doubling over in laughter. “Nah… I prefer it degrading,” she shook her head as she dried her hands up; now done with the dishes. “Tell me, what do you want to do? There’s very limited to do in this household, really.”

            Justin’s left brow raised. “Really? How about we watch a movie?”

            Samantha’s eyebrows lift up. “Oh? So aimed for movie buddy now?” she said joking before maneuvering towards the living room.

            Justin laughed with a shake of his head. “You just can’t stop calling me names. I should make one for you.”

            “Don’t waste your time; you’re not going to find any word that’s appropriate for me,” she chuckled before pulling out a transparent box filled with dozens of CDs and DVDs. She placed it down on the coffee table across the television. “Now, pick a movie.”

            Justin plopped himself on the comfy couch. “Now, why don’t you pick a movie for us to watch?”

            Samantha pursed her lips. “Now you’re down to Mr. Demanding,” she grinned before opening the transparent box in front of her. “You’re so going to regret ever letting me pick the movie,” she commented before grabbing the DVD she was addicted with for the past month.

            She grinned evilly and grabbed The Last Song off of the pile. She placed the box down on the floor before placing the disk on the player. The movie began and she plopped down on couch next to Justin, making sure there was a good space between them.

            “Really? A Nicholas Sparks love story? I should’ve known,” Justin murmured.

            Samantha grinned up at him. “Yeah… but I only dig the tragic parts of the movie.”

            Justin’s jaw dropped. “You’re a weirdo.”

            “Can’t say that you’re the first one to call me that.”

            “Hmm… and you say there’s no such word to ever describe you, huh, weirdo?”

            Samantha laughed. “Whatever. Let’s just watch the movie. I dig the author’s love for the ocean.”


The movie came to an end, and despite of how many times Samantha had seen the movie, she couldn’t help but to tear up. She was bothered when she heard a snicker from beside her.

            “What’s funny?” she asked, staring at Justin with confused look.

            Justin turned to face her with a small smirk. “You’re about to cry. I should prefer calling you a cry baby now,” he teased, his eyebrows bobbing up and down to make the teasing even worse.

            She threw him a look. “Fine,” she spat, “rub that in my face. See if I care,” she lamely defended herself. Because even if she try, she could never disregard the fact that she is a cry baby.

            Justin hollered. “Oh, trust me, sweetheart. You care.”

            Samantha’s face turned red. All of a sudden, her hands clutched a golden squared pillow and smashed it on Justin’s face. Justin had incredible reflexes and was able to put his arms in defense as it took the impact.

            “You’re. Such. An. Asshat,” Samantha comment, each word partnered with a whack.

            Justin was chuckling as his arms took the blow. “Okay, okay, stop!” he shouted at loud, his hand gripping the pillow and whipping it to the side.

            Samantha was shocked when her weapon was pushed to the other side, making her face vulnerably close to Justin’s; his eyes enthralling as they stared at her grayish-blue ones. Slowly, his face came nearer, and in seconds, he masked her lips with his. A magical tingle felt in each hearts as they kissed.

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