Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


7. Anxious

Hello, guys! I apologize for not updating sooner. I had some issues managing my time with school and my works. But, here's an update for you. Another update is coming tomorrow night (and that's a promise I can fulfill). So yes, we're going to have a back-to-back update!

Thank you all for giving this story a "heart". Much love everyone. <3




Exactly two weeks since Justin appeared on a TV show proclaiming there might be girl in his life and Jasper called giving his sister one of his theory, in which she believed was ridiculous, Samantha found herself thinking what had happened the day before.

Yesterday, she had spent her day at Justin's mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Of course, they were too careful when she went to the place. Because, after Justin had that freaking interview with Ellen freaking DeGeneres, it seemed like the paparazzi doubled their size in tailing Justin.

They went to the point of inviting a lot of people from his crew, to make the visit look like a friends' thing. Of course, she'd be damned if she didn't realize that the "visit" has a double purpose. It turned out to be Justin's way to introduce her to his trusted friends.

But then, after the introductions, the crew had left the two alone at the family theatre. The crew had invested their time at the game room, while letting Justin and Samantha have their much needed alone time.

Justin had turned back to her, his right hand firm on the door handle. His face was apologetic and sheepish. "I'm really sorry. This is absolutely not my version of a romantic date, but... the paparazzi outside—"

Samantha smiled and cut him off by saying, "It's alright. I understand."

He gave her a grateful smile and pulled her into an embrace. "Thank you so much."

☆ ☆ ☆

Justin woke up with a contented smile up on his face at such early morning. Usually, he tried to enjoy every minute of his sleep rather than waking up so early. But he was reminded by one person of the reality that not everyone does not go to school like him and have some time to catch some sleep, even if it was a weekday.

He grabbed his phone from his bedside table and pressed the Home button. The screen awakens and displayed a beautiful brunette girl, with mesmerizing unique grayish blue eyes, and a pretty smile. Right, it was Samantha Robustelli.

In the picture Samantha was full-on smiling, her eyes gazing at the camera under her fringe of eyelashes with Justin smiling and staring at her adoringly under hooded eyes.

Justin felt an overwhelming feeling in his chest and he smiled. His mind taking a trip down to memory lane.

"We could be in an alternative universe right now and have a more romantic view—"he had gazed at the burning flame from the fire place. He scrunched his nose, hating the venue at the moment, because really, he could make use of another venue to finally pop the question.

Samantha snickered in front of Justin, her head shaking sideways. "Seriously? It's fine. I'm good with the alternative," she smiled sweetly.

"No, really. This wasn't how I wanted it to be—"

"But we can't always have what we want," she said wistfully.

And that woke Justin up from his previous trance. He bit his lips, a little bit nervous for what would come down next. And the questions of what-ifs began clashing on him in his mind.

What if she'll turn me down? What if she doesn't even like me back? What if? What if?

Then, he felt a little pressure in his hands. He smiled greatly at Samantha. "You're right," he mumbled under his breath. He brushed his thumb across the back of her hand as he trailed his tongue between his lips, his heart beating inhumanely fast.

He took a deep breath. The seconds seemed to be too long. He opened his mouth and began, "I don't really know if I believe in love at first sight. I... I don't even know if I believe in love anymore," he took another mouthful. He stared back at Samantha's gazing ones. "But, I do know that I like you too much for it to be considered as friendly." He gave out a lopsided smile.

Samantha didn't know what to feel. Of the words Justin had uttered, her mind could only focus on one thing. He likes her more than just 'friends'.

"I... I know, our circumstances are very different. And I know, it's frustrating having to hide away from people that might hurt you... but I really, really want you to be my girlfriend. I really want to get to know you even better, and I want you by my side.

"I know it's going to be tough, but I really want this with you," he squeezed her hands, hoping he conveyed his feelings well. He gripped at Samantha's chin and slowly lifted her face up. He smiled shyly. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

There! There, he said it! He finally did. Now, it was the waiting game.

Every passing second was scary. And every time she blinked with outmost confusion and then realization was making Justin feel all the more anxious

Samantha licked her lips, her eyes moving everywhere but not meeting his gaze. She doesn't know what to say. She doesn't know what to feel either.

And then, there comes the rapid feeling of her heart. The unexplained electricity she felt when Justin's hand brushed against her skin.

She blinked and saw him there. His face raw and anxious. He was as nervous as she was.

"Yes," she breathed out. She didn't know where the answer came from, but after her realization of everything, she knew... she knew it was going to be her answer any time, any day.

☆ ☆ ☆

Samantha changed up to her outfit of the day. It was Monday, and even though she wanted to bail out of school, she couldn't.

After pulling on her baby blue dress that met two inches above her knees, she went to her vanity and began at her simple make-up. She applied a little of press powder onto her face and neck, and placed a tinge of blush on her cheeks. She then grabbed her liquid eyeliner and applied the product. The mascara followed suit and made her eyelashes all the more long and beautiful. Next up was her strawberry lip gloss, she glossed it across her lips and then made a smacking sound.

She was about to head to grab her khaki knee high boots when her phone chimed from the bedside table. She went to grab it and read the text message.

Justin Bieber, 6.45AM: Hello, princess. Good morning! :)

Samantha's heart leaped in her chest as she stared at the word 'princess'. God, yesterday was real.

She tucked a stray hair behind her ear as she typed away her text.

Samantha Robustelli, 6:47AM: Hi! :) Good morning to you too.

Justin Bieber, 6:47AM: School again today, huh? So, what time are you supposed to go to school?

Samantha Robustelli, 6:48AM: Unfortunately. :( 7:30

Samantha Robustelli, 6:48AM: I better get moving. Lol

Samantha rushed to get her shoes on and grabbed her belongings downstairs.

Justin Bieber, 6:49AM: Okay. Can we see each other today?

She almost choked on her granola bar as she read Justin's text. She rushed towards the ref and grabbed a water bottle, opened it up and drank it half full.

When her airway cleared up. She typed her text.

Samantha Robustelli, 6:53AM: Sure, what time?

Justin Bieber, 6:55AM: How about I pick you up from school?

She weighed her options and pouted. She doesn't want to disturb the school, nor does she want to get attention out of her new boyfriend so she decided and started at her reply.

Samantha Robustelli, 6:56AM: I'm sorry. But I don't want to gain unnecessary attention. How about we compromise? :)

So they compromised and decided to meet up later after school.

Samantha headed out of her house, leaving it securely locked.

"Yo, Chica!" Samantha heard Nikki's voice calling out to her.

She smiled at her friend and waved as she walked towards her car. "Hey, Nikki! Want a ride?" she suggested opening her car.

Nikki smiled greatly, tucking her red hair behind her ear. "Nah... I have car ride already. But thanks anyways."

Samantha raised her eyebrow at the red head. "Is that the guy you were hitting on last week?"

Nikki chortled. "Maybe," she winked.

Samantha only laughed before waving. "Okay, I'll leave you to yourself. Be careful alright?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'll see you at school!"

After that, Samantha drove herself to school with the pop music radiating off of her speakers. Just before she turned towards the direction of the school parking lot, she couldn't help but to flush at the sounds radiating off her speakers. Right there, her boyfriend's voice sang his newly released single Boyfriend.

☆ ☆ ☆

One more hour.

Samantha was anxious the whole day. She didn't know whether she'd be happy about the fact that there's only an hour left for school or saddened that there's a chance of her getting photographed with her boyfriend after school.

Don't get her wrong, she'd love to spend a day with Justin but, the consequences she'd have to face hours later is what making her doubt her decision.

What if this was a wrong decision? God, why does he have to be someone so popular?

Her thoughts betrayed her and fed her with words that made her heart pound.

Another voice came to her mind.

Well, is the public eye's far more nerve wracking or was it telling your parents' about the relationship?

And Samantha then couldn't stop her smile from releasing itself. God, it was indeed scary.

Justin had decided it was better to tell her parents now rather than letting her lie to their faces. In the end, if the media caught up to them, surely, her parents' would know it was their daughter.

So, later that evening, just right before the clock strikes nine, he brought Samantha back to her home. Of course the ride wasn't easy. They had to have two cars – the other one had them, while the other was a double – and take the longer way, out of the prying eyes of paparazzi.

When they reached Samantha's neighborhood, they had to take a deep breath. And then another when the car stopped right in front of her driveway.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Samantha couldn't help to ask. One look at the driveway and she was sure her parents were inside. Then another look to the living room window was a dead giveaway that her parents were definitely wide awake.

Instantly, her nerves came and made her feel dizzy. Just the thought of telling her parents' were nauseating. Not that she was secretive about this Justin Bieber fiasco, but, just the thought of having to face her parents with him is nerve wracking.

Justin's knees bounced. "I don't know. One way to find out, right?" He took her hand and squeezed it.

She shook her head. "Sure." She let out a sigh.

They walked out of the car hand in hand. And every step made them both nauseated.

They were standing at the front door, Samantha's voice was weak when she felt for her keys and found nothing. "I left my keys," she said weakly. "Oh god, we'd need to use the doorbell."

Justin chuckled weakly. "Well, that's a better entrance, isn't it?" he whispered.

Samantha couldn't help but to giggle. She elbowed Justin and playfully glare at him. "Nice one. But, really, I'm nervous. I feel like I'm not going inside my own home."

He scratched the back of his neck. "How about me? Who knows? I might get out of your house balls-less."

Samantha's nose scrunched, and her eyebrows raised in confusion. "Balls-less? Is that even a word?"

Before Justin could even make a response, the front door opened. They both snapped their heads up, and their wide eyes were greeted by her parents' knowing look.

"Last time I check, I haven't heard of such word, right Hon?" Karen Robustelli said gesturing to her husband Daniel Robustelli. "Well, aren't you gonna come in?"

"Oh my, god," came Samantha's soft whisper.

Ground, eat me. NOW!

"Miss Robustelli," a stern voice came accompanied by a sharp clap.

Samantha's eyes gaze up to her English Literature teacher Miss Lee. She took in her teacher's sharp gaze, angry stance, and hands carefully placed by her hips. Samantha could only swallow a lump of her throat.

"Are you even listening to my—"the bell rang halting Miss Lee's ranting mouth.

The class whistled and the boys started to get up.

Samantha, not wanting to get any consequences that might lead her in prolonging her stay in school, rushed to her feet, grabbed her belongings and dashed out to the door. She didn't stop when her teacher hollered at her to stop in her tracks. She didn't stop when her friend Alicia Montana called out to her. She didn't even stop until she got in safely in her car.

Samantha took a deep breath, her heart racing.

She'd never spaced out on a class before. This was the first.

Wanting to get out of the school's premises, she roared her car to life and backed out of the parking lot. She focused her eyes on the road as she reached the streets.

"Are we out of school yet?"

Samantha screamed at the manly voice coming from the backseat. In her surprise, she forgot about the steering wheel for a moment making the car unstable. She went to grab her racing heart, and another hand came to stabilize the wheel.

"C-can you manage the steering wheel now, babe? It's kinda hard from back here."

Her eyes widened as her eyes met with Justin's. She grabbed the steering wheel from her hand and gained focus. She stared at Justin at the rear view mirror for a second before swallowing and then spoke. "What are you doing in my car? How did you get in here? How long were you—"

Justin kissed her cheeks. "Okay... one question at a time, honey," he said. He squeezed himself in between the driver seat and the passenger seat.

"Oh my, god! Justin, be careful!" she scolded as she slowed the car. She waited until he was comfortable in the passenger seat. She eyed him strikingly. "Seatbelt, doofus."

"Oh right," he mumbled and buckled the seatbelt. He smiled sheepishly.

She giggled and shook her head. "So, answer my questions..."

He looked at her guiltily. "Well, I couldn't wait to see you. And... I was around the block."

She blushed at his openness. "Well," she whispered. Then a thought came to her. "Did any paparazzi notice you?"

"Nope," he said popping the 'p'. "We're all clear, baby."

And with just one word, Samantha's insides flipped and redness warmed her cheeks.

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