The First Year - Lily Potter

*Harry Potter Fan Fiction*

It is Lily Potter's 11th birthday, and she finally gets to go to the wonderful Hogwarts her brothers always talk about!
She has an interesting first year at Hogwarts, and is a bit of a troublemaker...


2. Diagon Alley

Chapter 2 - Diagon Alley

I stare, mesmerised at the letter. I love the way my name blossoms across the parchment, in beautiful cursive handwriting. I look at it for a while, and try to imagine myself writing that beautifully. Probably never. My handwriting sucks. It's short and messy. I honestly don't know why it's taking this long for my mind to register that I have my future in my hands. My Hogwarts letter, my dream, what I've always wanted. And now it's here. I look up to see everyone beaming at me. Albus pats walks over and pats me on the back.

"What are you waiting for, sis? Come on, open it up!"

My hands slowly turn the envelope over, and lift up the Hogwarts seal. I pull out the parchment, and unfold it. I read it aloud to everyone:

"To Miss Lily Luna Potter,

We are pleased to say you have been accepted and have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Our school term starts on the 1st of September. Please enter Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. The Hogwarts Express leaves at 11:00 am, September 1st.

Enclosed in this envelope is a book list for first-years. You can find everything you need at Diagon Alley.

We await your owl no longer than the 30th of July

We hope to see you on the 1st of September.

Minerva Mcgonagal

Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Dad frowns.

"They've changed the way the letter's been written."

He shakes his head, but then his face lights up. He scoops me up in his arms and messes up my hair with his knuckles.

"My Lily Flower, my last kid off to Hogwarts. What am I gonna do without you?" He kisses my head.

Then I hear Rose say,

"Well, who's up for a trip to Diagon Alley?" She grins.


I bounce excitedly on the balls of my feet. I can't wait! We're going to Diagon Alley, to get our school supplies for Hogwarts - but this time, I'm coming too! Instead of pottering around in my grandmothers stuffy kitchen, I get to go and get new robes, books, and maybe even an owl! I really want to go to Uncle George's joke shop, too. Sometimes he sneaks fake wands and puking pastelles when mum isn't looking.

"Alright, everyone, jump in the car!" I hear my Mother call. I sprint out the door, and jump in the back seat, and Rose and Albus follow me inside. Mum settles herself in the passengers seat while dad takes the wheel. I suppose James is going with Hugo. As our car started to turn the corner, I hear mums phone ring. When she answers, her smile drops.

"Ok, mum, thankyou, we'll be right there." She hangs up, and looks at me with a worried expression.

"I'm sorry, Lils, we will have to visit Diagon Alley another day. Harry, head to the hospital."

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