The First Year - Lily Potter

*Harry Potter Fan Fiction*

It is Lily Potter's 11th birthday, and she finally gets to go to the wonderful Hogwarts her brothers always talk about!
She has an interesting first year at Hogwarts, and is a bit of a troublemaker...


1. An Exiting Morning

Chapter 1 : An Exiting Morning

I wake up to bright rays of blinding sunlight in my eyes. I groan to myself and manage to stumble out of my bed to pull across the curtains, although I nearly trip over my book, 'Quidditch through the ages' .I look out the window and see the morning dew on the grass, and a little robin hopping around and pecking the ground. It gets startled by someone walking by. I sigh. Muggle neighbourhoods are boring! Sometimes I want to live in a magical neighbourhood, with uncle Ron, aunty Hermione, Rose and Hugo. Nothing ever happens here. I draw across the curtains. I was just about to flop back into bed, when I remember- it's my birthday! I excitedly pull on my slippers and pull back my hair. I tip-toe down the hallway to my parent's room. I wince as I hear the floorboards creak. Albus would NOT be happy if I woke him up this early. I peek through the door, and see my mother and father sound asleep, snoring their heads off. Our black pup Sirius stirs, and yawns widely. His eyes droop and give a little snort before settling down again. I suppress a giggle as I shut the door and quietly creep to my brother's room. James' walls are plastered with posters of 'The Chuddley Cannons' posters. I guess uncle Ron has rubbed off on him. On his bedside table are moving photos of James and his friends. I was always fascinated by them, and often wondered how they moved. And, as usual, there are dirty clothes everywhere and broken quills on the floor. I walk up to James' bed and gently shake his shoulder.

"James... Wake up! Guess what day it is?" I whisper.

James wakes abruptly, and jerks back in surprise.

"Geez, Lils! It's bloody five in the morning! Do you always get up this early?"

I frown at him and look at the floor.

"I'm sorry, it's just it's my birthday, and mum and dad are asleep, and you know how Albus is in the mornings. I was just exited, and wanted to share it with somebody..." I say kind of hurt.

James sits up, and beckons me to sit on his lap.

"Aw, I'm sorry Lils. You just gave me a shock, that's all." He laughs. "I wake up to see my sister staring at my face, gave me a bit of a surprise!"

He then slides out of bed and walks to his closet. I hear him muttering to himself.

"I know I put it here... Just the other day! Geez... Ah, here we go!" He returns with a small box. I'm just a little exited as he hands it to me. It's beautiful. It is navy blue, and has engraved gold lettering. Lily Flower. I carefully open the box, and in it is a pretty silver chain with an 'L'. James lifts it out of the box and fixes it around my neck. I feel the necklace. Cool, smooth, beautiful. I promise myself to never take it off.

"There you go, little sis"

I give him a hug, and he wraps his arms around me as he looks down at me.

"Thanks James,". He smiles and says,

"Alright. Now let's go jump on Albus, give him a scare." He laughs at the horrified look on my face.


I check myself in the mirror and smooth down my skirt. I am wearing a nice white blouse and a blue pleat skirt. My red hair is pulled into a high ponytail with a little pink bow. I also have some nice sandals. And of course, my beautiful silver necklace that James gave me. I don't usually get dressed up, but we are going out to a muggle restaurant for breakfast to celebrate my 11th birthday. I can't wait!

I hear a knock on my door, and spin around to see my mother enter. She smiles at me.

"Oh, my darling Lily! You look beautiful. Are you exited about today?" She chatters away, complimenting and talking about today's planned events.

"So, how are you feeling about finally going to Hogwarts?" She grins at me. Hogwarts! How could I have forgotten! This is what I've been looking forward to for months! The day I finally got my letter, saying I'd been accepted in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have heard so many wonderful stories from James and Albus about Hogwarts, and oh how I long to go there! Excitement threatens to overtake me, but I try to stay calm. My excitement must have shown on my face, because my mother laughs and says,

"Well come on, better not keep you waiting any longer."

She covers my eyes with her hands as she leads me down the stairs. I wonder what could be waiting for me down there. We come to a stop and she slowly uncovers my eyes.


Uncle Ron, aunty Hermione, Hugo, Rose, dad, James, and Albus all stand around the dining table, which has brightly coloured presents stacked on it. I beam at everyone, and go to greet everyone. I'm slightly overwhelmed. Mum and dad didn't say the Weaslys were coming!

"Happy Birthday, miss Lily! Look at you, you're growing up too fast!" Hermione says, pulling me into an embrace. Someone taps my shoulder. I turn around to see Hugo, holding out a gift bag for me. I smile and give him a hug.

"Thanks, Hugo!"

"That's alright, Lily! Hope you like it."

"Happy Birthday, Lils!" I hear my brother Albus say from behind me. He leans down and whispers in my ear,

"Oh, and by the way, I heard the floorboards creak this morning." He grins.

I hear Ron talking to dad.

"So, Harry! Your last kid, soon off to Hogwarts, eh?" Ron nudges dad. He sighs as he replies,

"Yes, my Lily Flower has grown up too quickly. At least I'll have my Ginny here." He smiles at my mother. She gives him a sappy look before announcing we are opening presents. She hands me a gold-wrapped present from her and dad. I carefully tear the paper, and find a Broomstick Kit! My eyes widen. It has polish and a cloth, twig clippers, a broom-smoother, and a care booklet. This is perfect! I have my own broomstick, and sometimes we go to the Weaslys to play quidditch. Last game my Nimbus 2001 got a bit rustled, because James smashed into me. Mum scolded him afterwards. Anyway, my broomstick defiantly needs a little TLC. I give my mother and father a hug before Hugo reminds me of his present. He hands me the gift bag and I peer inside. There are chocolate frogs, sugar quills, Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans, and a famous Weasly pudding, most likely prepared by my grandmother, Molly Weasly. I get excited when I see some sweets from uncle Georges joke shop. Puking pastelles, nosebleed nougat and a few others.

"George regrets that he can't be here today," Ron explains, "So he sent along some things for Lils with us."

"Don't you go using them on your classmates, Lily." My mother warns. I smirk. Unlikely. I seem to have inherited my uncles love for pranks. Albus was just about to hand me his present, when something flew out the fireplace, and into my open hands.

A letter, written with sparkling emerald green ink.

Lily Luna Potter,

12 Ava Street, London

The room to the on the left of the corridor

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