Stop bulling Waddle's

Yes. I drew the picture, please don't repost waddles on any other website than movellas. Thank you. Just a little thing to help stop bulling.


2. The origins of Waddle's

One day I was talking to some of my friends at school, and I found out that one of my friends was getting bullied and she didn't go to school that day for that reason. When I got home I was looking for cute little drawings of animals to make my friend feel better. And that is when I stumbled upon a cute little drawing of a penguin, and at the bottom it said "Motivational penguin".  I then decided to draw a penguin kinda like that, and thus waddles was born. I then decided to make it into a poster and mumbled it on movellas. I was thinking about making a story about waddles and giving him a friend, I'm not sure yet though. 




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