RIP my heart out

Sam. My best friend. His deep green eyes and soft, dark brown hair. And those peach, perfect soft lips get over yourself.
Luke! Get over yourself, I don't like him that way. That's just....just...wrong.
'how did you meet?' The one question I regret hearing. The one that starts all the perfect memories. The ones I'll never have with anyone else, ever again.


1. Prologue

'I NEVER said I loved you Sam!' His usual bright blue eyes darken with fear, anger and disagreement. He doesn't even believe his own words.

'your never said you didn't,Luke. I guess that summer we spent together meant nothing? That kiss meant nothing? I mean nothing to you? Your just like everyone else afraid to be true, afraid of what everyone else thinks!' I let that tears fall, I let him see how hurt I am.

I knew it was to good to be true.

Why would Luke Hemming, my crush, fall for a guy like me? I'm gay, he's straight, I need to get over it.

Luke Hemming has officially ripped my heart out. And it all started with one amazing summer, one I'll never forget.

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