RIP my heart out

Sam. My best friend. His deep green eyes and soft, dark brown hair. And those peach, perfect soft lips get over yourself.
Luke! Get over yourself, I don't like him that way. That's just....just...wrong.
'how did you meet?' The one question I regret hearing. The one that starts all the perfect memories. The ones I'll never have with anyone else, ever again.


2. Meeting him

Luke's POV

'Luke, I need you to do this for me.' I groan at the thought of getting out of bed.

'look the flight is landing in an hour, I just need you for pick up, I would i if I could.' Michael's trying to convince me to go get his cousin from the airport. He is stuck at work and can't make it.

'name?' I almost growl in annoyance.

'Sam Flinch.' He sighs in releif. 'Fine just this once.'

'Thanks, Shit I got to go.' And with that he hangs up.

I yawn rolling out of bed, my bare, tonned chest and abs visible. I stretch running my fingers through my messy blond hair.

I have never been a morning person. For me its always late nights partying, and killer hangover mornings.

Surprisingly my hangover isn't that bad this morning. I slip in my white button up shirt leaving the buttons undone. I find my phone and wallet and slip into my black skinny jeans.

I leave, not forgetting my black converse and keys. It only takes me fifteen minutes from mine to the airport. So I make my way to Starbucks to grab a coffee.

'Isn't it my favorite gal.' I smile making my way up to the counter.

'Get lost Luke!' Melody growls.

I smirk at her attitude. 'What did i ever do to you? Hum?' I act all innocent. When in reality I know what I did, to be honest it was an accident what happened, I didn't know she had an identical twin sister.

'Here's your coffee now get lost.' She demands roughly, as she slams my coffee down on the counter.

'How was I supposed to know about your twin? You never told me about your family. So when I made the mistake, I thought it was you. To be honest I wish it was you.' OK, I feel terrible, I took her sisters v card instead of hers but, it wasn't on purpose.

'OK one more chance, I'll call you.' She gives in after a week. I smirk knowing I have worked my charm.

So I lied to get her to call me, but it worked didn't it? I'm a player, I get it, but it's grate. All it means is I can have whoever I want.

I look at my phone to see I only have fifteen minutes to get to the airport.

'Make sure it's tonight, or I'll change my mind.' I say walking out the door with my coffee in hand.

Me and my black ford make our way up to the airport. Nickelback playing through the radio.

I finally arrive and realize I have no idea who I'm looking for. I make my way into one of the news agents in the air port and buy a black pen and an A3 sheet of paper.

I scribble the name 'SAM FLINCH' in capital letters and make my way up to the gate. I hold up my sign as people start leaving the plane.

I get strange looks, and am forced to wait until a few from the back before a tall male walks up to me.

'Hi?' it comes out more like a question. I furrow my eyebrows. The male points to my sign.

'Your holding up my name.'

'Uh, yeah, your cousin is stuck at work..' I say awkwardly.

'So your?' He questions raising an eyebrow and biting his bottom lip.

'Luke, a friend of your cousins.' I continue to stair at his appearance. Short, light brown hair, he has left it untidy. Dark chocolate brown eyebrows. Deep stunning green eyes, and a jawline that could cut you in two.

I look up from his chin to meet his eyes. He smiles causing me to smile back.

We begin walking to my car in silence.

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