If Anne Had Lived

This is what if Anne Frank had survived the war.

Thanks so much for reading!! :)))

Savannah <3


4. September 15th 1944

Dearest Kitty,

I am done. I don't know how much more of this I can take. If I cannot get out of this place, I will die. I am depressed beyond belief and I don't know what to do. This cramped space is KILLING me. Peter says we will be able to get out soon.I hope he's right. What's gonna happen to us? To Peter and I, I mean.. Are we actually going to be together or was it just a thing in the moment? We were drawn together in this time but was it because of the war? Because we might be found out and shipped away to die? I don't know. I don't know what to do... Peter tells me that he wants to be with me, but the thing is... do I want to be with him? Did he fall in love with me because of my charms and i just really like him cause I'm scared of dying alone? I mean we did, um, you know, one night... I can't believe we did that. If Pin knew, he would kill Peter and disown me. Is there a chance I could get pregnant? I would love to have a child, just not right now... My parents would be heartbroken. And to see me have a child without a husband would kill them. who knows if Peter would even stay with me... I asked him about it and he grew very quiet. He glanced at my stomach and then at my face. "Do you think there is a chance you're pregnant Anne...?"  I grew still and looked at the ground, then carefully placed my hands on my abdomen. " I don't know Peter... I'm so scared... What happens if we get found and get sent to a camp? If I am pregnant, the baby will surely die. And I know we both don't want that..." Peter too looks at the ground and sighs. "I know Anne, I'm scared too, but we have to remain positive... We've been in hiding for this long, We're gonna be okay." I look up at Peter, "I'm so scared Peter." Then I started to sob. Peter looks up from the ground and rushes to me. He puts his arms around me and just holds me. "It's gonna be okay. We are gonna be okay Anne." He gently kisses my head and guides me to sit on a crate. He continues to hold me. I grab his hand and put it against my check. Then I look up into his face. "Peter, I wasn't sure before, I wasn't sure what I felt for you until now. Now I know what I feel." He looks down at me and waits for me to continue. "Yes Anne?" "Peter, I love you."  A tear falls from his eye and he looks away. "Peter, what's wrong?" I gently take my hand and bring his face back to look at me. He looks at me and smiles as another tear falls from his eye. "Anne, I love you too. I've loved you for about a month now but just wasn't gonna say anything until you said something." Now I smile and start to cry again. "Anne, please don't cry anymore. It is gonna be okay. We are gonna get out of here, ALIVE. We are gonna stay together and if you are pregnant, we will get married before anyone knows you're pregnant, make it look like a honeymoon baby. And if there is no baby, we will stay together, no matter what. You're parents and sister will be happy for us, my parents will be happy for us and we will be happy for us." I smile. "You would marry me?" Peter laughs. "Anne I would love to marry you even if you aren't pregnant." "Are you proposing Peter?" He grins and stands up and grabs something out of his pocket and turns back to face me. "My mother gave me this when I was with another girl, she loved the girl but I knew I wasn't gonna marry her. But I still saved the ring just in case." My jaw dropped and I put my hands on my mouth. Peter gets down on one knee and unwraps the cloth to reveal a beautiful white opal ring. "oh my gosh Peter! It's beautiful!!!" He smiles and looks at me. "Annelies Marie Frank, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" I do not even hesitate. "Yes Peter, yes, yes!" I jump up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him." He kisses me back and then he moves back and takes my hand and puts the ring on my finger. I smiled. "You know I can't wear this until we get out right? I don't want them to know because your mother will suffocate me about wedding plans until we do." He looks at the ground and smiles, then looks back at me. "I know Anne. It's okay. But you can still keep it until we do get out." I smile for the millionth time. I look down at the beautiful ring on my finger, smile and then take it off, take the cloth from Peter and I place the ring on it, fold it up, and put in my pocket. "I will keep this safe, I promise." " I know you will." And then I hug him. He hugs me back and we stay like that for a while, I don't know how long but it was a long time. Then that moment was ruined when Mother called my name, telling me it was time to get dinner started. We pull apart and agree to meet later.  So Kitty, it had been a beautiful day! At the beginning of this entry, I was so depressed and thinking of ending my life, but now? I am so excited I could scream from the rooftops about how happy I am. Oh! I have to go, I'm meeting Peter in the attic. Goodnight Kitty! 




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