If Anne Had Lived

This is what if Anne Frank had survived the war.

Thanks so much for reading!! :)))

Savannah <3


6. October 27th 1944

Oh Kitty,

It's happened.

I'm pregnant. I've now missed my period twice... So I'm guessing I'm about 2 months pregnant... God we have to get out of here before I start to show... I told Peter today, this was his reaction...


"Peter... Um... I"m pregnant."

He stops and looks over at me.


I stare at the ground and don't look at him in the eyes... I hear him walk over to me, then he takes his hand and lifts my face.

"Anne, it's gonna be okay. I told you, it's gonna be okay."

"But Peter, if we don't get out of here soon, I'm gonna start showing and everyone is going to question it."

"It's gonna be okay Anne, We'll say that you've just gained some weight or something."

"Peter we barely get enough food as it is! There is no way that I've gained weight in this place!"

He frowns and starts to pace around the attic. 

"What are we gonna do Peter?"

He continues to pace, without answering.


He looks at me, startled.

"Huh? What Anne?"

I don't say anything and just start to cry.

He rushes back to me and puts his arms around me.

"Shhhh. It's gonna be okay Anne. We're gonna be okay."

I continue to cry into his shirt.

He holds me and just lets me cry.

I pull away from him and look up to him. 

"Oh Peter what would I do without you?"

He smiles like a big idiot and starts to blush.

I smile back and then do something I have never done.

I kiss Peter!

Well yah we've kissed before but Peter was the one kissing me. This would be the first time that I kissed him.

I could see the surprise in his eyes when I grabbed his face and kissed him. 

And then he pulled away and quickly ran downstairs.

I giggled and then followed.

Oh Kitty, it was such a great day. 

Till next time!!!




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