Kota Fae's Funny Moments with Friends

Just some weird & funny stuff my friends and I laughed about.


1. ๐Ÿ˜† Those High School Moments ๐Ÿ˜†

So I was eating a bun with ham and possibly cheese inside it. After I finished it, my friend points out that I have something in my teeth.

(I have two friends, one I knew since preschool, which is my best friend, and one I knew since primary school).

I go to my best friend, who just left out the door from talking to a teacher I think, and I ask her if there's anything in my teeth.

She looks closely and says, "There's a little black thing."

My other friend was a little offended that I went to her. Before, I did try to get it out with my tongue. This "little black thing" was stuck between my front teeth, and it was one of the poppy seeds on the bun I ate.

Now my other friend laughs about it. She brings it up my best friend's line, "There's a little black thing."

It's so hilarious though. Good times we laugh about. Haha.


(I'm going to name my friends by their first initial. My best friend is going to be R, and my other friend is going to be C).

C and I were at the canteen at lunch time, (a place to buy food and drink in school), she bought either bought a hotdog or something else. I don't really remember.

We walked up the steps as we left to go back to our friend, R. I tripped on the second step up and leaned forward, almost falling over, (there were probably three, four, of five steps).

I had my arms out and there were people standing in front of me, hanging around the area.

I burst out laughing and C laughed too. She said it was good that I laughed instead of being all embarrassed. I told her it's because I was with her, if I were alone, I would be embarrassed.

She said, "It looked like you were bowing." It did look that way, with my body leaned forward and my arms spread out, it did look like I was bowing.

It's so funny to think back to it still, and again, sometimes she does bring it up to laugh about.


Those times happened to us when we were seniors. This funny moment was when we were probably in year 9 or 10.

It's a rainy day at school, and we were under the shade shelter waiting to catch the buses home that afternoon. Everyone was taking up so much space under it because of the rain, obviously.

C and I were standing together at the end of it, and R was probably chatting or doing whatever outside the shelter. She was to meet up with us afterward.

And that buffoon came charging in with her umbrella, (R is a weirdo like me, but worse).

She slipped over right in front of us, down on one knee. We cracked up SO hard. She was even wearing a skirt that day, too. Imagine if she had fallen on her butt. It was funny enough that it looked like she went in for a proposal.


Another one to do with catching the buses in the afternoon back in year 9/10. I was standing outside the shelter, and some boy came pushing I think?

I had my back turned, and when I was pushed, I flung out from the group I was standing in, (I think I was standing near a group of friends, I didn't know them personally).

C made a joke that it looked like I flew like Superman, and would imitate it. C is just a natural comedian. She makes us and herself laugh to the point tears come out our eyes.


C would tell us funny things that has happened in class or anywhere else. She said that in, I think, primary school, a teacher blew into a balloon with a piece of paper inside it, and it was so hilarious. The air sucked back in, and he gagged, choking on it. I know it was bad to laugh at, but the way C showed it, it was so funny. Ahaha.

She pretended to be him, casually blowing into the balloon to give an example for the class. She inhaled deeply with her hands crossed to her throat and her fingers waving, wide eyed.

Another one she told me was when they were in the computer room. The teacher's American, (we live in Australia), and she asked her friend to turn on the computer, and she did.

The teacher came in and said, sort of slowly, in his American accent, "Turn the computers off."

C looked to her friend and gestured to the computer, "You heard the man, turn it off."

It was funny because of the way it was said, and the fact it was her that asked the friend to turn it on in the first place.

This one she said this happened on the bus to school. She was standing on the bus with a boy in front of her, and she fell back, (since the bus was moving), and she yanked at his bag.

The way he freaked was funny. He gasped with his head turned and his hands were up like he was doing "Thriller", as she described it.


Sometimes C would take films or shows she's watched and imitate them in a funny way, usually Disney cartoons.

The scene from Alice in Wonderland, instead of how it's originally played out with a handshake and plop down the chimney by the head, she holds her hands together like she's gripping the lizard Bill's neck.

She said, "Just wrap your tail around the monster's neck, and drag it out."-With her finger pointing to the air before going back to neck gripping-"Good luck. Bill!" She swings her arms down like she's shoving him into the chimney.

The way she imitates everything is funnier than it is. She use to bring it up everyday and I'd laugh so hard. I pretty much laugh at anything, so I've been told.

Another one came from an episode of Smallville. She describes about a man wearing shades, and he stands up and says, "It's Lex, he's been abducted." She said that line in a dull voice. I added, "By aliens."

I never knew where she got it from until this year. R showed us videos of bloopers from that show. I never actually watched Smallville, but I have seen some of it.


There was once R would tell me about the time in primary how I bought an ice-cream cone from the canteen and licked it in her face as a tease to say, "Haha, I got ice-cream and you didn't". I had no memory of that.

I had a thought to do that because well, we're best friends, and we do tease each other sometimes for a laugh.

I'd do or say something that would be considered mean, (but she knows I'm joking), she'd give me a creepy stare and say, "You know what I'm going to do to you?"

Honestly, I try to run when she says this. She has the face of a crazed serial killer, or at least to me. She's going in her usual "Crazed Maniac" mode.

Sometimes she'd tickle me, or pinch my knee, slap my thigh. It's torture.

Other times, she doesn't do anything. Be aware, you may never know what she's planning. She's a big goof.

C says she gets too crazy, and it needs to stop. You should have seen how she use to behave, she would be so silly.

I think she has settled more since we became seniors. Some habits have faded.


R use to have head lice almost all the time. She said they don't jump, they swing. Again, C's moment of comedy, she pretends to swing as she said, "Like Tarzan." She still brings it up sometimes, using R's line with her own.

I've been told that lice doesn't do any of that, they crawl. I could imagine them swinging from hair strand to hair strand. Still funny for C to make a joke out of it though. Haha!

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