Kota Fae's Funny Moments with Friends

Just some weird & funny stuff my friends and I laughed about.


2. ๐Ÿ˜„ The Odd Adult Life ๐Ÿ˜„

Now that we're out of school as free bees, (my brain likes to make up words), there's still funny moments to live. We graduated in year 2011.

This was back when R and I are were 19.

We were getting off the train and on our way to get to somewhere, and I was recording our travel on my old iPod.

I speak to her as we walk, and behind a building there I record over to a puddle as I say, plainly, "And there's a cigarette in a puddle."

R says with a smile, "What's so special about that?"

I look to the camera and tilt my head about, wide eyed, as I say, "There's nothing special about a cigarette in a puddle."

I played back that recording when I got home and I laughed at myself. Geez, I'm a goof. Haha!


The previous one may have not been funny. I sure didn't laugh writing it down. When I look back at those funny memories, I laugh. How many of you have done that?

It's best if we recorded these things than write it down.

Like, it's not as funny when you try to write it than it is to act it out. It's hard to write the way the person says it.

So anyway, this happened when R, C, and I were at Luna Park this year. We only went twice, one for R's 22nd birthday, and just as a normal day for us.

I bought a cheeseburger, like last time, and there were so many seagulls, (Luna Park's in Sydney, of course).

One comes over and expects me to share a piece. I casually just tell it like it's another person, "No, you can't have any."

I do have dogs at home and sometimes we do talk to them like they're people. Talking to animals isn't weird to me.

So one of my friends bought hot chips and placed it on the table, and then that's when the movie Birds happened. In other words, we were under attack by a flock of seagulls.

I yell out, "Give them what they want, and they'll go away!" And I started chucking chips at them.

C laughs at what I said, and soon the seagulls start fighting over the chips and leaves us alone. Even to this day, she still bring it up the line, "Give them what they want!"

I kinda took that from Stephen King's Storm of the Century. I was so dramatic at that moment. Ahaha!


This story was told by C when we were having Chinese for dinner. She said that this happened at TAFE. She stands up to act it out for us.

So TAFE is a big place right, and she had this guy who worked there's phone number. She rings him and asks where he is, and he said he's the library.

So she goes to look for him, trying to find where Block B is, (she thinks it might have been Block B).

There are so many doors and she couldn't find where to go. She'd end up in a completely different block. She described it to us that it was like something out of Alice in Wonderland. I thought the same thing.

And as it turns out, there's more than one library. So she keeps going and ends up lost, and he asks, "Where are you?"

She's standing there outside with the phone to her ear as she says, "Only God knows."

He offers to give her directions, step by step, and so she follows what he says.

He tells her to find like a blue brick line or whatever, and she tries to find it. He asks her where she is, again, and she says she found the blue bricks.

He continues to give her directions. She asks, "Which door do I go, left or right?" He tells her which and she continues on like this until she finally reaches the last one.

He's there sitting on a chair with the phone to his ear.

They go to leave, but she goes the wrong way, the door she just came in from. He tells her it's this way, and she's like, "Oh!"

And as soon as she steps outside, she has all these little spiders climbing up her legs and into her boots. She pulls off her boot and shakes it in panic.

The look on her face was priceless.

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