Set fire to the school

What is life really like for people that are super gifted and have many secret to them? For one of the FP10 she faces the challenge of even showing her face around the school. she get bullied because she different then her brothers and sisters. take the trip to the school where people are gifted and have there way of life.


2. That's falling in love

That’s falling in love.

“Alex!” shouts Lawrence

“Ya bro what’s up?”

Alex walk out of her room. she had just put her hearing aids in. Her older brother stood outside her room. she lean on there door frame. the two were super close. yet Alex was found to keeping things to herself. He stand in front of her.

“Did you get the letter?”

“What one?”

“We house caption sis!”

“I can hear you. ya. can i tell you something inside?”


They walk in. *downstairs*. Geoger was sitting on his seat. he had art pad in his hand. he was drawing. Cheslock and Bella was doing artwork with paint. Jena was painting her nails. Willow was taking photo well Joanne was reading a book. Edgar was in the living room asleep. This was the family. Blue family. they are the founder of the world wide school Diamond High school for gifted kids. this family was very talented for there age. the school was there home. they were the grandchildren of the headmaster and would always keep there name clear. The was knock on the door. it was Edgar who shoot up to go get it. he was already there before anyone else move. he open the door and there stood was his granddad.

“Hello Edgar”

“hey granddad. how are you?”

“Good. is your younger sister here Alex?”

“I am here Granddad.”

the two look up. there standing at the top stairs was 17 ½ year old Alex. the girl look like she had no sleep for days. she walk down the stairs. the two of them left to talk to. Edgar walk back into the living room.

“Who was it?” Geoger ask

“Granddad. he wanted to talk to Alex outside alone”

“I wonder what” ask Cheslock

the room drop silent. was there something the family did not know about there sister who never spoke out of term and would keep to herself. they all look out the window to see what the two was talking about.

“Are you sure that you do not want to move house?”

“Ya i am fine. the thing i need to focus on now is fighting the cancer.”

“I ask Freay and Fit to be your teacher and there in your every class in case you lose your hearing they are happy to be there.”

“Thank you. is it okay that i be head of the house since you know what”

“Yes. your brave little girl. your mother and father said that. there is always make us smile and this may show people what they have been talking about. the headmaster grandchild. you're not a freak. you're my little angel and i will not let them keep this doing to you.”

“Thank you”

they all look away as there sister come inside. Alex sat on her chair which was near Geoger and Bella. she jus look out at space. *Across town*


“Your house caption. we are house caption”

This is the Headmaster after kids. This was the home of Annabelle and Glim. the one in her room doing her hair is Glim. she is 18. she is the younger sister. they find out there mother and father are the same as them both. for them Blue family them losing there mother and father at a young age was the thing that was normal to them. they watch there mother died in front. they do not talk to them. yet they hold there name high. people  around the world know who they were. they all know. they were all around 5-10 when they watch. they were taken to their school. the headmaster and his wife was there. the thing was like blood and mess. Most of them try to forget. Alex get remind about her mother  murder everyday she goes to school. she get the talk about did you kill them you freak face? Glim and Annabelle was 9 and 10 and they where coming home from there old school when they took them. the 2 may not show the pain of there mother and father lost. the other 2 that were living with them was Herman and Edward. they were cousin of the two they share a tight bond with them. since there dearth of there mother and father they moved in with the two. they smile hearing there two cousin being house caption.

“The 4 of us as house caption. this is what we wanted.”

Glim had walked down to join them for breakfast today they would take travel to there school. the 4 had been attending the school for almost 8 years now. they had been the head house for more than 8 years.

“Ya it is. to think the Eagle house is  going to be at the top again this year.”
“That if you two do not spill coffee on the floor board again”
“That was one time.”

the two sisters laugh at there brother like family. the 4 of them had been part of Egale house since there headmaster took them in. the 4 did no need to say there name in there home town because everyone there knew who they were. they where. they were must love in there. *across world*

Sie sind mir nicht Einstellen  mum für die Teilnahme an dieser Schule. ich liebe es dort. Ich liebe dich Mamma”

“ich liebe dich Fin . schreiben Sie bitte an mich jeden Tag und so viel wie Sie können nach Hause kommen “

“Ich werde Mama . Ich muss gehen oder ich meinen Flug verpassen und dann werde ich vermisse es, in der Schule.”

“Ihre so erwachsene Junge. gehen, bevor ich einen Narren aus mir vor Ihren Freunden .”

The 3 friends hug there mother like. Freay is the girl. The little boy is Fit. then big guy is Fin the women child. Fin is her son. the other 2 were taken in after there mother. the 3 have been close since they were 3 years old. it was Finn who ask his mother to take them in. she did. the 3 speak German to each other. Freay who galed Finn to take her in as her dad was always so mean to her. Fit dad was drunk guy. he was mummy girl. the two got on the plan. they had live in Germany all there life so going anywhere else was hard for them. they had been travel from school and Germany since they were small so they are use to it. they had start going London for school when they were 12. they where told them that they were expected to go to the school in London. *in the outside of the London*

“Lizzy we going to be late if you not in the car in the next 2 min”

the girl standing in the doorway is Fox Rose Blue. yes she is really called Fox because she was fox like. her skills and looks was amazing. she was there only child. Lizzy the one running down the stairs is her father was mean guy did not like her. she was treated like a rag doll around. she would cry herself. headmaster sow her and ask her to attend the school. Fox and her grow tight since that first day they meet. since Fox had a house to herself Lizzy would stay with her. headmaster made it clear he was the father of Lizzie. Lizzy was so happy when he took her in. Clayton pull up to get his cousin and best friend. the two of them smile at him. he smile.

“So the new house captains here.”

“Ya it funny after 8 years we finally get it”

*Blue family house*

“there is only 8 people in the car where is…”

“That is me.”

The biggest family was getting ready to go to there school. the family had to make few stop before getting there. it was hot and sunny day so they would need to make sure they all had water Jen get into the driver's seat.  

*In iceland*

“Mum i am going see ya”

Amie took her bag and left the house. after being the one who was called names because she could see ghost she was very worried out. her mum was fine with her going far away for school as she could always visit her mum. her mum was killed but no one has any idea that she was. she let herself go. Amie smile when she put her bag on the plan. she had land just after Fin, Freay and Fit land. the 3 friends were waiting for her. she hug them. they made there way to school.

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