Set fire to the school

What is life really like for people that are super gifted and have many secret to them? For one of the FP10 she faces the challenge of even showing her face around the school. she get bullied because she different then her brothers and sisters. take the trip to the school where people are gifted and have there way of life.


1. set fire

Just outside of a small town. there is a school like know other. this is the home of the Bow Academy for gifted kids. This is school is know to be the very quiet school. as today is the first day of year. this school has it own family with in it. if you to come here you have to have had a family member to be able to attend this school. this is very hard to  get into the school.  Just as the hot sun is burning high up in the sky the students are pulling up into school. the school little like when it was built. it was in 1876. it has been change with earthquake proof. as the school gates on this school. two new students are among those students are twin brother and sister Jamie and Alice. the two have been let into the school and this was there first day. as they get out of the bag everyone step out of the way. the twins learn that the cars pulling up and the famous FP10. First car to pull up is a car the Blue family. the Blue family are the grandchildren of the Headmaster. when i said that the school it is all family it is true they all family here. the two boys get out. One is tall and very mussel. they look around. the much older one is Herman. he is the one with bat. by the way he not that scare looking as he seem. the much smaller one with the blond hair is Edward. the boy who seem to be like whatever. the two move there bags to the trole. the next car pulls up and Edward get the door for them. the person is Clayton. there cousin. he is much what he looks. bossy and over the top person. the next car pulls up and the ones that got out are of course the famous 4. First out is Fin. the only German of the whole 10. he gets out followed his 2nd in command Fit. Fit smiley charm most the girls. next to leave the car is 17 and half year old Amie. her brown locks full as she gets out the car. her friend follows her. Freya . Freya  is also related to the 10 as she is one of the Headmaster grandchild cousin on there dad side of the family. her dad attend this school. Fin is from the school in German. this school is world wide. so many people go to the one near there home. what makes this school not like there others. this school is HQ. this was the first one every. Fin moved here due to the fact that there was a opening her. same with fit and Amie. the 4 step out and hug there friends who were much tried and wanted a break. the next car to pull up was someone who people thought was worried. Edward pull the door open. the red head smiley as she sow her cousin open it. the other girl step out. the two are not sisters but are best friends. there name is Fox and Lizzy. Fox is the redhead and the blond one is Lizzy. Lizzy hug Edward. Fox slap Herman on there shoulder. Lizzy lives with Fox after her mother died well she gave birth to her. Lizzy reminds her father of her mother. she feels unloved. next car to pull up makes all the boys stop this car belong to the Blue-moon family. yes the it is Blue still. they are grandaughter of the Headmaster. there name is….

“I wonder where the two of you were going to show off.” says Finn

“Well this one” pointing to her sister “Had to re do her makeup before leaving the house”

“Rich coming from you Glim. you re did it more then me.”

“Okay so we on first name now Annabelle?”

“Yes we are.”

Before the two could start again the other car pull up. this made everyone was now walking far away. this car belong to one family. the one whole group. they were the head if the family. there name said it was all. there name is…

“Geoger could you please put that away. i do not want to get pen all over my new clean uniform.”

“Alex be nice to Geoger:”

“It was not me. i do not care if i get pen on this.”

the voice belong to…


why can’t i just talk in this. the Blue-Clearwater are one of the most rich families every. there are nine kids to this family. All nine kids have there own gift. they are not only the headmaster kids but they are the great-great grandchildren of the finder of the Bow school. The nine make up Lawncare, Edgar and Jena as the oldest 3. Than about another 20 months gap between them and Geoger. yes that is a boy. then there is about a year age gap between him and the triplets. Amber Alex Blue-Clearwater, Cheslock James Blue-Clearwater and Isabella Rose Blue-Clearwater. the triplets are very much alike. the 3 were pulled apart when they attending the school due to there gift. Alex is very talented in the reading world. she also write books. i am not her. Bella and and Cheslock both have talented in music and art which is funny because when they were little it was Cheslock that find his love in music not Bella. yet she loves sing. Alex is much like her older brother. very good at her work. the two always go to her for help on there paper. Edgar sucks up to his brother to get work done. the next to and the last two to join the group are twin sister and brother Joanne and Willow. the two are in the same house. they belong to White Wolf house where there older brother and sister belong to. Jena is Head Girl of the White Wolf house. Fin and Fit are the Head Boy of Black Wolf house. Amie and Freya  are Head Girl of Black Wolf house. Geoger and Cheslock are Head Boy of Owl house. the Head Girl is Bella and Lizzy. i know that little blond angel is so  sweet and yet she in the dark house. which is because of her past. yet she does not care about her name in that house. Edward and Herman are the Head Boy Eagle house. the bird that sit on there uniform with pride. Glim and Annabelle are the Head Girl. the house  is good at there sport and love there bats. Fox house is the house many people want to get into as it is there dream house to be in. Clayton and Lawrence are Head Boy well Head girl was given to Alex and Fox. that is all them. Bella look around the students as she always do. she notes the two new people in the croward. Bella was noise about people. she did this to see if there was someone new to join them. yet there was always trouble choice. Bella lean back so that she could talk to her twin sister who had done what her older brother. Lawrence was doing reading there new book. Bella always wonder how they never got board. they had almost read the 5 house library. like all 5 of them. there is a big main one that they could go into now that they are much older. the books in there are for older kids. Bella shakes her head at them.

“Hey sis i see there are two new people among the students” says Bella

turning to her twin sister again.  she had her face in another book as she had just finished her book already. Alex look up at where her sister was looking at. the two twin look a little scared about being singled out from the crowd. Cheslock knew what his twin sister Bella was thinking on doing to them and was so wanting to see this was going as he always did.

“Your point is?” says Alex

returning to her new book she brought with her from home. she knew her twin brother and sister were about to do something stupid as they always like drawing action to them. there name was all around the school and it was clear to them and she knew she had to put up with every mistake they made as if one of them do something they all take it down. it been like this for years. it was nothing new to the family nor was it to them. they maybe  very different but they are as close as they seem they are. the 3 of them use to get bullied. Alex got the worst of them. she was called name due to the fact she was a bookworm and spends her spare time in the library. none of the others knew about it. she was a girl who keep things to herself. she would cry herself to sleep most night. she still does. yet this does not stop her from going to this school. she just keep on going. she fight the name calling.

“They are new. we should make them feel like at home at the school.” says Cheslock

he grin when saying it. Alex rolls her eyes when her twin brother said it. as  flip her page of her book to say she did not even care of what the hell she wanted to hear.

“Are we planning to be those people?” says Geoger

“Yes. yes we are.” says Bella

she then turn around to look at her twin brother who was leaning over her.

“Cheslock come” says Bella

Cheslock follow his twin sister over to Alice and Jamie. Alex had to follow her sister and brother as they can be trouble makers on there own. she follow them yet still not taking her eyes off the book. some people wonder how she could walk and not to trip over her feet without out looking up from her book. she a book. she pull out her hair so her curls fall along her shoulder. she flip her fridge out of the way. she smile. when she got closer to the twins. Bella stuck her hand out. the twins look at her. they look a little lost.

“Hi i am Isabelle Blue-Clearwater but call me Bella. who are you two?”

“I am Alice and this is my twin brother Jamie. we the Fine siblings”
“Well who house are you in?” Cheslock says.

“I think i am in Eagle and she in White Wolf.” says Jamie

“Twins spilt up on there first year that is unheard. that not happen since..” says Bella

“1968. the White twins.” Alex matter under her breath

without looking up from her book. she just turn the page.

“Was that in your book or did you just happen to know that sis?” says Cheslock

“no i read about it. twins to split is unheard of it. triplets maybe but twins. that is rare to split. hey Edgar!”
Alex turn on her heels yelling to her brother who is flirting with some girls. he look up to his younger brother. he walks over to the 3 of them.

“Yes sister?” he says

“We got to talk to grandpa. this can not happen to them”

“What happening this time?” says Geoger

Geoger who did not follow the other FP10. Freya , Amie, Fit, Fin, Willow, Jo, Lizzy, Glim, Herman, Clayton and Fox went in he stayed as he too wanted to know of these two kids. he wandered over to step in the gap between his house buddies.

“They spiting them up.” Alex repeat

“They not done that since 1968” Edward says

“ya that what she just said bro.” says Bella

pointing her twin sister Alex who was already finished her book. the bell rang. it was time to go in and unpack. Alex put her book back in her bag. she goes to pull out another book out.

“Come down to the water fountain at noon so we can talk at the swan lake. one of us will be there to take you there” say Bella

with that they despair. Alice swing her brother hand. they head to the room. when Alice had to go her own way the two matter something to her brother ear…

“I will text you as soon as i am done okay?”

“Ya i love you” says Jamie

“I love you to” Alice says

the twins split up and head there own way. Alice was a shy girl who did not mind being away from her brother. she had to sometimes. this was a different story. they had been moved here because there was some family issue. once arriving in White Wolf house she look around. Jena matter to herself as she got a text from Lawrence she look up seeing her new girl. Jena flix her twin brother a text to say: hey i am going to be a little late there is the new girl. do not miss me. she smiles and walks over to Alice.

“Hi your Alice right?” says Jena

she put one of her many smile. that the her house knew. she smile.

“Yes that is me” Alice says quite

“Well come this way.” Jena says

Jena check her phone. she smiled when she see the smile face on her phone.

“So people in this house are know to be very pretty. they have blond hair and blue eyes. the ones that are not are here are smart. not like Fox house but can speak more than one launcher. this is how we keep winning on that. this the Head of House rooms. me and my brother Edgar will be here most of the time. if you need us and we not in our room we in our office. if we are out. then you can to our second in command Willow and her twin brother Jo. they live next door to us. they always in there so you're not going to miss them. This is our bathroom. you can use them when you want. other student are not allowed here. yet we can let you have this as my sisters and brothers and there other FP10 seem to like you and your brother. so here are the dorm rooms for everyone else. you are shorted into your room by last name odar. i was in this room when i was in your shoes. so what room are you in.”

“F” Alice says quietly

“That just up here.”

they walk up the stairs. they reach the room. when they open the door. the other girls and boys look at them as they enter. Jena gave them a look and they got back to work.

“So would you like some help?”

“Umm i think i am okay” Alice says

“I can just sit here. i just text there others that we will be late.”

Alice blush.s he not use to this much action to people. Jena and her talk about Alice life back home and how they end up here. across campus Jamie had just find his common room where people talking about sport. some boys were talking about him as he walk past them. it was Herman voice that step back in line. Edward had talked to Herman but Jamie.

“You must be Jamie right?”

“Ya i am”

“Well Welcome. Eddy here was just talking about you. Come we got to talk about.”

Jamie follow Edward and Herman to the dorms.

“The house is good at sport as you must have heard. me and Edward share this room. Annabelle and i was supposed to share one but she and Glim wanted to have a girls room.”

“No it just because you use to sleep in my bed last year”

The boys look up at Annabelle who shook her head.

“The two are lying as always. so you must be Jamie. i am Annabelle. this is my sister Glim. this is Head house area but you can come over whenever the hell you want. i am happy to have you come over to my room to help on your study. i maybe pretty but i am smart as well as you think. so the bathrooms are for you and us to use only. here are the dorms. so what dorm are you in. they go by last name by the way.”


“That be that one right there.”

the 5 walk in. the other members of the room had been and out earlier so they could hang around without anyone notes them. they unpack Jamie bags and put the things away the 5 head to the swan house. it was a little hang place where they 10 could hang. it was called swan house as it was on the water and it was white. when arriving both Lawrence and Alex were reading books and frowning at there work. Clayton was teaching Fit the work for spanish class. Freya  and Amie was sing. Fin was getting a talk by Willow and Jo about how treated a boy. Edgar was asleep on one of chairs. Lizzy was pouring tea for the team. Bella and Cheslock was playing chess. Geoger was drawing. Fox ran over to her friends. she pick her pen up.  just as the 5 find there seat Alice and Jena walk over to them.

“Are you making tea Lizzy?”

“Ya i am want some?” ask Lizzy

“Yes please” she says

the twins felt out of place with the 10/ they felt they where the plus ones of the group.

“Hey relax no one going to see you out here. So what you guys doing this year?”

“We doing 5 art, 4 maths, 3 english, dutch, german and i think she got france as well i am doing sport.”

“Wow for a first timer you guys are taking 15 subject. 16 between you two that is unheard of. we not even done that yet Jo” says Willow

who look over to her twin brother. He smiled at his twin sister.  

"Oh please you two are so different it would never work. "

" If we upping our raking now the i suggest that we are the ones here that has the most recorded here not you two."

The FP10 were now at again.  The FP10 were the most talented group in the school. Alice sat down. Lizzy put a cup of tea down in front of them. They thank her.

"Moving on so what the plan this year?”

this made everyone going quite. they had not thought of this year really. it was only the first day. it was Alice who said something that broke the ice.

“How about hosting a party for the house. you know to get to know each other.”

“That is a good idea. hey i can talk to grandpa about the idea. me, Freya  and Fit are going to talk to him about something.”

“What is the something ?” says Cheslock

“Do you need to know?” says Alex hissing at him

“Okay i will not ask you. i just wanted to know no need to hiss at me. i am not a cat.”

“we should be going it time to go see him. we see you guys at dinner okay?”

they wave at the 3 as they walk away. Jena lean over to her brother Edgar.

“I think we maybe to talk to her.”

“If we talk to her you know we starting issue  with them.”

“Mum said we need to watch over Alex.”

“That mum.”

*Meanwhile in the headmaster's office*

“You're sure that is going to work. they not been able to work in the past sir”

“There is hard to tell if they did Alex but we all know that if these work once they might work again. Your doctor said that you may lose your hearing first. we need to be ready for anything that happen to you. your case is so rare that it might be hard to know when you die. you never showed it before. my sister had it and she was only 10 when she died. your 18 in a month and you just got it. we not sure what lies ahead for you”

“May i say something”

Fit looks to Alex

“There no bad thing about this Alex there is one thing that comes out of this. you're going to be able to hear the knife and all you just won’t hear talking that is all.”

“Does anyone else know about this?”

“Fox knows. we going to let your older brother know and Clayton to.”

Alex looks away. knowing that she had to tell them before she goe anymore. she was wanting to say it but something happen to her voice.


“Hey look it’s 4 eyes. she such a freak”

“ya where did you get those from the cheap shop”

the girls dunk her in the toilet.

*end of flashback*

“So this would be all. i let Freya  and Fit be there in your class”

“Ya. i mean yes sir” she say

she wipe the tears away from her eyes. the bell rang.

“I need to go make sure the students are going to eat. excuse me”

Alex walk out the door. she lied she knew her house could find there own way to the dining hall. they all knew she would let them do what they want as long as they did not cause anyone issue. Alex lock herself in the girls bathroom. she cry to herself. she did not want to tell anyone about it but she knew she could not keep it lock up.

*in the dining room*

Feay and Fit walk in and sat down at there table. they grab there plate and start to eat.

“Where is Alex?” ask Alice

“She said she was going to go make sure her house was down here for meal time.”

“Her house is down here already.” says Fox

this made Lawrence stop reading. he remember during there break Alex was very close off the family that she was with. she got up from the table.

“Alice would you please come with me.”

“Ya sure where are we going?”

“Someone may need our help.”

they leave the table lost. when they were outside the hall. he told her that she knew that Alex was being lost. he wanted her because she knew would not question his action and she was a girl. Alice took that is a good thing. when they reach the girls bathroom Alice went in to see if anyone was in there. then she told him that it was clear so they could go in. when they got into the room they notes what one she was in. Alice knock.

“Alex are you in there?”

“No” Alex says

“Alex what's wrong? it just me and your brother Lawrence. we won’t tell anyone if you do not want to tell them.”

the door click and Alex let them into small loo. Lawrence got down to face his little sister. she let them see her weak.

“What is it sis?’’ he ask

Looking into her big brown eyes. he sow sadest.

“I have been bullied. they say i am a freak and that i should not be a FP10. i do not live up to you guys. i am a nerd a four eyes freak face.”

She bare her face in her knees again.

“Hey Alex look at me.”

she look up at her older brother. he wipe the tears away.

“You're not what they say you are. you're beautiful and we going to find these people for you.”

“And you're not there one of the 10 that are alone here. Me and Jamie move here because we were being bullied at our old school. the called us the witch twins due to the fact people called us that we keep on walking.”

Alex hug Alice smile at the girl. they got up and got back in the dining hall. that night Alex waited till Fox was asleep before she sneak out of there share room. Lucky Clayton and Lawrence had there own room. she grab her glass and head down the hallway she tap the door till it open. it open and she walk in. she quietly shut the door. she tiptoed to her brother bed just like old times. she put her glass on the table next to his and got into bed with him. she cuddle into his arms. he woke up and sow the small girl. he smile when he see her. he put the covers on. he knew she wanted to be here because she was wanting to talk or she was alone and just wanted to be held by him.

“What wrong sis?” he ask

“I wanted to tell you that i am not only getting bullied. i am got a rare case of B Line. it means soon i will lose my eyesight and hearing. the doctor says i will lose my hearing first then my sight. it hard to say what  will be. grandpa sister had it. she lived to 10 year old. he says that it is unknown when i will live to because i got it almost a month later than most people that are my age. i am deaf in one ear. i lost about 45% hearing in my other ear.”

he ran his hand over his sister. he knew this was there another reason why she was lost in there world. he kiss the top of her head.

“It is okay. i know. he sent me a letter today about it. are you okay to lead the girls room?”

“Ya i have Fox. we talking about it before she fall asleep. i wanted you to know. Clayton also know. so we should be coved. i do want to tell someone else.”

“Who is this? i see there love in your eyes sis”

“He our brother.”

“Edgar! Cheslock! Jo! Geoger!”


“Are you really?”

“yes. he kind of nice when he wants to be”

“well we could go see him now. he just posted in the group chat to see if anyone is up.”

they both got up. the school dorms where lock but for the perfect house was not. the had there own key and one for each other. Lawrence put one of his hoodie on her so she could be warm. they got there  glass on. they head out along the grass to the owl house. the house look kind of happy being in the dark. it is usually dark during the day. they open the door. they had been countless of times during there years at the school. they walk up to the dorm room. Lawrence knock on there door. the door open and Geoger smile when seeing his older brother and little sister. they walk in Cheslock was there and Alex knew he had to know to. he knew there was something up his sister to. Geoger put the teapot on for them.

“So you can not sleep?” he ask

“Ya. the thing that happened earlier today made me stay awake all night thinking.”

“what happened?” says Cheslock

“I broke down crying in the girls bathroom and Lawrence and Alice find me. i told them i was being bullied. then later this night i  told Lawrence i was i am got a rare case of B Line. it means soon i will lose my eyesight and hearing. the doctor says i will lose my hearing first then my sight. it hard to say what  will be. grandpa sister had it. she lived to 10 year old. he says that it is unknown when i will live to because i got it almost a month later than most people that are my age. i am deaf in one ear. i lost about 45% hearing in my other ear.”

the two boy just stood there staring at her. then it was Cheslock who hug her frist. then it became a group hug. the next day Alex woke up being in Cheslock arms. she smile. her uniform was on there bed. she was still in her pj. for the 10 being in someone else's bed was normal. they had uniform every where so they could just get up and get dress without worrying about getting up and not having nothing to wear. she snuggle back into her brother arms. he sow this and look down at her.

“Hello angel” he says

in his morning voice. she smile back up him. he and her bond was the close thing that the 3 of them had to there sister Bella. Bella clearly was the plus one of the two.

“hello devils” she say

there nick name was because of there house and how they were supposed to see each other as. it had come a thing for the two. not even Bella understood it. Cheslock looks up to her. she got up but fall back down. her body was sore. Cheslock was in paich shot. It was Lawrence recated first. he got her needles into her arm. Bella ran into the room. *In class*

“So can anyone tell me who was the first prime minister of canada?”

hands shot up. The FP10 was all looking up at there Fox house. the head girl stayed quite. she was close to being quite. to quite. she was in deep throat.

John Alexander Macdonald July 1st , 1867 to November 5 1873”

the room drop silent you could hear a pin drop. did she just talk.

“that right Alice.”

Alice look at her friends. *After class*

“How did you know the answer to the question?”

“I read in the book”

the students look at the new twins as they walk into there common room with the FP10.

“Alex could be a lot like it.”

the FP10 sat in there spot that they have been sitting for ages. there was always soemthing about the 10 that has made people want to run for the hills. Alex old friends hated her now. she had the 10 now and that was it. Alice who had been her friend for a short time has turn on her. it seem the 10 knew there was something that was different about them. the S girls hates Alex even more than they did when she was there friend. Alex does not care she has the one thing she has to worry about. she sat down and start to play with the food on there. the names that the people call her behind her back makes her cry herself to sleep all the time. they not friends if they do not see you the way you are as people. Alex smile as she sow Geoger poking Edgar for being a pan. that afternoon she sat on the wall. she look at sea. she wish she could go there. she was something they never throught they would. the 10 was her family and she did not know why she would just give up now. Alice and Jamie had the same life she has but they never knew what she went through when she push herself every day to come to school or to live. here she was she going to end it the pain she is in.

“Freak face”





the names just there as she cry herself to sleep. she had heard them all day long. she got up. this was the way she wanted to go out the world. she look over to the wall. her friends where smile at themselves her brothers and sisters. then she did it. she jump. she jump to her death.

“NO!” shouts Cheslock and Bella

everyone stop what they were doing and look at the two sibling wondering what the shouting was. then they sow Alex was not here. it was Lawrence who got up and ran to them.

“What is it?” he says.

painch was in his tone tears had form in there eyes.

“She dead…” says Bella

she start to shake up. He held on her little sister. this was a life that there family knew would happen.


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