The secret life of a fangirl

About what fandoms I'm obsessed with and other stuffs


2. Mermaid here, mermaid there MERMAIDS EVERYWERE!!!!

 Eventually I watched all three seasons of H20 just add water and I experienced one of my first loss of a tv show. I have watched many Disney shows that have ended too and I have wanted that show to go on. But this time was different, I grew attached to the show like a baby is attached to its mother. I called myself a "SuperFan" not knowing that I was becoming a fangirl. I then found the show Mako mermaids and I too grew attached to that show. Before I found the show mako mermaids I taught myself to swim like a mermaid. Every chance I got to go swimming I would practice, practice, practice and practice. I go swimming often anyways so that made it to were it was easier to swim. Then after a month or two of that I asked my mom if I could get a mermaid tail for Christmas or my birthday. And my mom said that it, would take lots of hard work swimming with my legs together and I would have to practice ALOT! And that drived my urge to be as much like a mermaid as possible, far very far. So I kept on practiceing more and more and more. This went on for about the rest of 6th grade.



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