The secret life of a fangirl

About what fandoms I'm obsessed with and other stuffs


1. 6th grade

First I need to tell you when, where and how it all happened. In 6th grade i heard people talking about something called a fandom, no one knew what it was and hence the words of my best friend "were it came from" not as the origins of the word, I mean "were it came from " as did it come from a zoo? That kinda thing. Anyways, someone over heard one of the 7th graders talking about one of their fandoms and that person told some of his friends and then eventually the whole 6th grade was trying to figure out what a fandom was. I personally just dismissed it and thought that the 7th graders were just messing with us. At that time I was obsessing over mermaids and I was scrolling through Netflix the next day I saw h2o just add water, and it's about these group of friends that get turned into a mermaids. So I watched a few episodes and got obsessed, although I did not know that i got sucked up into a fandom. I actually did not find out what a fandom was until 7th grade. In 7th grade was when I truly became a fangirl, and as of right now in 8th grade I'm currently trying to gain some of what I like to call "Geek statice". 

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