Science proyect or what ?


10. 9

Chapter 9 Mia's POV

"Evelyn what are you doing with them ?" I asked 

"What do you think im doing Loser "She says ,that hurt me ,she just called me a loser ,loser,a name that Sophie and I hate.

"Just this morning you said that nothing would change !" I yelled my voice cracking.

Then I left , walking fast .I could hear them laughing 

"Did you see her face >" A girl laughed

How could she ?  Right now , I can't think straight , please tell me this is a game or a prank.Tears slip from my eyes . Sophie is going to be so devasted.I can't  stand the image of her when I tell her what happened .Out of nowhere . I bumped into someone.When i look up is just Mikey.

"Hey,you okay ?" He asks 

"This is none of your business"I say coldly 

"Please , maybe I can help, even if it's just to listen ' he begs . I sigh.







"Shut up !" I yell 

"Would you tell me ?" He asks 

"No , I'm not in the mood " I growl 

"I won't tell a soul " Mikey says .I sigh again 

"It's stupid ,especially for you "I say 

"If it made you cry ,then it's not stupid "He says and takes my hand. 

"Fine, Evelyn called me a loser " I say all in one breath 

"Why ?" He asked 

"I don't know " I shruged "She was with some popular girl " 

'Long red hair , blue eyes and pale ?" He asked , I nod "That's Monica" 

"Who?" I asked 

"Monica. She's my ex.I broke up with her because she was mean and all those stuff " He says , though he seems embarrested about this . 

"So?" I press "I'm her BFF,why would she call me a loser ?"

"Let's just say ,that , Monica has this , power over people , where she can turn them in a matter of minutes no matter how much you hate her. You have to be really strong to not fall in the trap "He expains 

"Well ,it's there a way , I can- " 

"No , I'm sorry , you pretty much lost her now " He says "I'm sorry " 

"Ok" I say my voice cracking so bad.Tears slipped from my eyes again

"Hey , where is your other friend Sophie ?" He asked after a while of walking , walking ? I don't remeber walking with him or whatever.

" she catched a cold " I say

" Oh , Ash did too " He says

"Ash ? " I raise an eyebrow and look at him.

" Oh , Yeah , you don't know him. He's a friend of mine " Mikey answered

"Oh " I say. "One question "

"Yeah ?" He asked

"you won't lie right? " I asked

" No , I'm not a good liar" Mikey said

"Ok, do you plan on changing me ? like Monica did to Evelyn ? " I ask

" course not I like you this way , why would I do that ? " He says.

"Just asking " I say casually

"Um , ok ? " He says .


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