Science proyect or what ?


9. 8

Chapter 8 Evelyn's POV

The next morning , Mia and i quietly wokeup, Sophie had been feeling sick all night and now she finally gets to sleep. So we both didn't want to wake her up . 

Mia and I prepared ourselves and left her house. As we were both about to get in my car , Luke came to us .

"Hey , Mia and Evelyn right ?" He asks 

"Yeah , and nice job making Sophie sick " Mia literally spits .

"Sorry. Actually I was gonna ask how was she , and if i could do anything " He says while wiping Mia's salive off his face 

"Yeah, you can stay away from her " I say .He sighs , and leaves.

Afterthat , Mia and I get in my car . And we start heading to school.

"So ,tell me , what'd you think about Mikey ?" I ask casually.

"He bought two pizzas , one box for me ,one box for him "She says 

"You're kidding " I say and start laughing.

"Seriously ! He ate his box , and I ate only ntwo slices of pizza , so he ate the  rest of mine " She exclaims and luaghs with me. 

"That's  so insane !" I exclaim.

"I know !" She says "So , you and Calum ?" 

"Yeah, and for some reason , I feel like, something changed , and I can't quite put my finger  on what it is " I say 

"Oh.My.God ! You like Calum ! Sophie is going to kill you ! " She exclaims.

"Oh God . But anyway, she can't tell me how to feel or who like " I say 

"Yeah, but, still!" Mia exclaims 

"Mia! Relax ! Ok? Nothing is going to happen,trust me .Everything will be exactly the same " I say 

"Evelyn ...." she hesistates ,then she seems to have changed her mind.

"You're right , he's popular ,you're a nerd, what ncould posibly happen ?"

"That's actually my point " I say 


After a really long day , it was finally lunch time.  I was searching for Mia to sit with her , when i felt a hand on my shoulder .Whenlook,it's a girl .

"Hey, I'm MIonica, I heard that you  hung out with Calum last night .Wanna come join my table ?" The girl says 

"Sure " I say without hesistantion. 

Monica is one of the popular chics in school. They are awsome . I revealed every secret Calum told me . Monica ,her group and I had alot of fun , well, until Mia came and ruined it.

"Hey ,Evelyn , what are you doing with them ?" Mia asked

 "What do I look like I'm doing ? Loser " I say . And i saw a hurt expression on her face.

"Just this morning you said that nothing would change !" She yelled , her voice craking. And then she left.

I look at Monica and her group and  laugh 

"Did you saw her face ?"Monica laughed.


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