Science proyect or what ?


8. 7

 Chapter 7 Sophie's P.O.V.

I waited until Luke opened the door and a sneeze came out of me. 

" Bless you " He said smirking 

" I hate you "I said and coughed 

"Aw,come on ,  you love me !" he says , I sneeze again 

"No,i don't , I'm sick and it's your fault !" I say " I just came here to say sorry and that i need to buy some medicine.Would you drive me to the store since is your fault?" 

"Okay , fine , and to be even you have to help me with my project " He says and i give a frustated groan.

"Fine" I frown 


Luke took me to the store and bought me the stupid medicine.I hope I can go to school tomorrow ,I can't afford missing school.After the store , he drove back to his house.He then made me sit on his couch and left to the kitchen to bring me a cup of water.

"Here is your water and ... medicine " He says while handing me my water and the pill

"Thanks " I say and put the pill in my mouth and then I drank my water.

"See,you're softening up " He says in a happy voice . I just give him a death look.

"Ok.I see ,but,why do you hate me so much ?" He asks 

"I told you earlier " I say flatly 

"That wasn't a reason , you were just insulting me" He says 

"You are stupid - "

"You are just insulting me. I want a real reason " He press 

"Beacuse ... I just hate popular kids " I answer. 

"Yeah, I can see that , but , why ?" He keeps pressing. I groan frustrated 

"Because , you guys are bullies and you have no idea how much we suffered because of you guys ! And then you guys come at us at school and start bullying us as if our problems at home aren't enough !" I yell , then i cough

"Oh.I-I didn't know " He says looking almost speechless. 

"Of course you didn't ,you're a dumbass"I say " I have to go " 

"Wait , I can take care of you " He says while grabbing my wrist. I scoff.

'I'm a big girl , I can take care of myself "I say and leave the house. I walk to my house and see that Mia and Evelyn are both home.

"Hey, where were you ?" Mia asked 

"Luke's house " I say and threw myself on the couch .

"Why ? I thought you hated him " Evelyn says 

"I do . But when i was walking home , he interrupted my peace . The it started raining so I had to get in his car and instead of taking me here, he took me to his house so I had to walk over here under the rain and now I'm sick so I went to his house again to buy some pills for the cold and now , here 

I am " I exclaim 

" Oh . Well, we got here like ten minutes ago " Mia says 

"Yeah.Calum isn't half as bad as we thoughthe was " Evelyn says 

"And same with  Mikey " Mia says 

"They're just messing with you girls. Don't let them get to you .You know we can't afford any broken hearts " I warn

"We know" Mia says 

"Good" I say "Now , I'm tired " 

"Yeah , me too " Evelyn says 

"Me too " Mia says 

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