Science proyect or what ?


7. 6

Chapter 6 Mia's P.O.V.

Since the homework the teacher gave him was long and pretty hard, we decided to do one part today , tomorrow we'll do another part ... and we'll  keep doing that until we finish. And we finished like 20 minutes ago.Mikey ordered pizza as soon as we finished. 

" So , u, tell me about you ? " he asks 

"No " I say coldly.

" Why not? " He asks 

" Because ,I only said that,I would help you , not to be friends with you " i say 

" Yeah,but,isn't it weird to be working with  somebody who you don't even how old she is ?" He asks 

"No.It's nothing new for me " I say 

":Well,for me it is " he says "Come on  ,I promise , as soon as we finish this homework , we'll both go our seperate ways.Promise " He begs. I sigh 

"17" I say 

" You're 17?" He aks . I nod 

" Me too! " 

"Yeah , yeah " 

" Full Name ?" 

" Ok, you asked only for age , not name or whatever " I say , scoffing 

"Come on , come out of your shell " He said in a sing - song voice 

"Fuck You!, There , I got out of my shell " I say in a cheecky smile.

"Please" He begs.

" My name is Mia Noelis Underwood " 

" Mia Noelis Underwood " He mutters to Himself."I like it ,it's a pretty name "
"Yeah " 

"Only kid ?" He asks 

"No , 6 brothers " I answer .His jaw dropped "The one they ignore" 

" Im sorry to hear that " He says 

"You? Only kid ?" I ask 

"Yeah " He says" I am " 

"Cool" I say 

"Not really. I get lonely most of the time " He says playing with his fingers.

" Not always " I say putting my hand on his shoulder.He looks up and smiles. 

"Thanks " He says. That moment , the doorbell rang . Must be the pizza dude .Mikey got up and paid the guy . He bought 2 boxes of pizza .

"Mikey , we're only two people" I say 

"Yeah, I know , that's why I asked for 2 boxes.One for you , and One for me ." He smiles. My jaw dropped 


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