Science proyect or what ?


6. 5

 Chapter 5 Evelyns P.O.V.

Calum and I finnishe study a little while ago. So Calum suggested to play ' 50 questons ' to get to know eachother.

" Favorite color ? " he asks 

"Red " I answer "You?" 

"Blue" He says " Animal?" 

" Puppies. You ?" 

" Same Here " 

"Food?" I ask 

" Pizza. You ? "

"Chineese" I asnwer.


"None . You ? " I say 

" Soccer " 

"Oooh ... I bet that's why you're so popular" I say , rolling my eyes. 

" Actually , yeah " 

"Really ?" I ask 

"Yeah , Captain" He says. 

"Oh , Sophie is gonna hate me for staying this long with you, especially since we finished a long time ago " I whine.

"Yeah, um-" He gets interrupted by his phone ringing"Sorry I gotta get this " 

He says and he moves to the  next room , I had to wait a little bit before he came back. 

"Sorry, That was Luke asking for help " He explain to me and sits infront of me again.

"Well , won't you help him? " I ask.

"Yeah,I did. Over the phone " He says , I roll my eyes.

"Don't mind if i ask what happened ?" I ask . He shakes his head.

" No. What happened is that Luke sucks at science, and he asked Sophie for help , but she just yelled at him some insults and stuffs. So he wanted to know what to do " He explains 

"Oh. Well, He got  the wrong person for help,She hates popular people,.She'd die then to look at them" I say 

"Wow That much ? , What have ever done to you girls ?" He asks 

"Well, a lot of things , I mean , not  especifically you , but yeah " I say,

" What things ? " He asks 

"Um , I don't wanna talk about the past " I say nervously 

"Don't worry" He says

" You know, you're a lot nicer than what my friendsand I thought you were" I say .I didn't mean to, but , it just slipped.He smiles . 

"You though i was mean and rude ?" He asks , raising his eyebrows.

"We, just thought you were, like the rest " I say 

"Oh" He says , and the awkward moment starts.We stay in silence for a while. 

"Well, i gotta go home ,it's late now" I say, picking up my stuff

"Want a ride ?" He asks 

" No , I'm fine." I say "You already drove me here " 

"I don't mind anyway " He says standing up and getting the keys 

"Okay, fine " I agree 

We get in the car and he starts driving me home, me telling him where to go was  the only thing that was heard.We took a little while , But we got there alive.I told him to stop a few blocks far, because I didn't want my foster parents see me getting out of a boy's car.Well , they must be in fucking bed anyways , but still, just in case. I get out of the car and walk over to my house.Calum didn't leave until I was at the door and waved goodbye to him.I smile wide as I made my way to my room. 


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