Science proyect or what ?


5. 4

Sophie's POV

So the girls canceled going to Mia's house , and I'm just praying that they don't fall for them . It would just break my heart to see them hurt in the end.But I trust them with my life , so I know they're smart. But still , I don't like where this thing is going.


Right now , I'm walking home.

Yeah , walking , cause Evelyn left to Calum's house, Mia went to Mikey's , so I got left with no ride . I keep walking head down and Music on. When suddenly a car stops next to me . I look to my side to see the dumb blondie ...


"Need a ride ? " he asks , I shake my head .

"Why would I need a ride from you ?" I say harshly.

"Because we live in the same street and I thought I might be nice for once " he replies.

"Nice? Ha , good one , I have legs , so , I think I can walk " I say sassily.

"Ok... Good luck not getting wet " he said in a sing - song voice .

Then he started to go foward slowly. As if in cue , it started to rain like hell . I screamed, and runned to Luke's car . The door was opened , so I just got in without hesitation.

"Oh look who changed her mind " Luke said with a inocent face.

"Fuck off" I said coldly and put my seatbelt on.

"How'd you do that ?"

"Don't you check the weather every morning?" He ask

"No "

"Well , it said that today was gonna rain in the noon " he said

"Hard to believe that you, the popular boy and dumbass , check that " I say.

"Why'd you called me that ?" He ask frowning.

"Well, you are a popular guy , and you are a dumb ass , you get F's all the time " I explain."now let's go "

"Wait ,speaking of , Ms.Bou ,um, told me to hand her this ,uh , science project, but -"

"But you want me to help you?" I interrupt and he nods

"How'd you know?" He ask

"Well , because today is the day where popular dumbasses ask smart girls for help " I say sassily.0

"Wha-,really ?" he asks , he seems wrong-footed.

"No! It's just that , Calum asked Evelyn for help this morning , Michael asked Mia for help earlier and now you are asking me for help" I explain. Why am i even talking to him in the first place?.

"Oh.I didn't know" he says

"Now take me home before i catch a cold , and I cant afford being sick" I say coldly. 

"Sorry" He says and moves the car to take me home. 

But the thing is , he passes my house. I look at him angrily. 

" You passed my house" I say through gritted teeths. 

' I know , but , nobody was there" He says casually and parks the car at his house. 

"Forget it , Im not going to your house, Im walking its not far away anyways" I  mutter 

" Wait! " He calls. But I comepletly ignore him."Come on ! Dont be like that ! " 

"I dont wanna go in there! I told you to take me to my house, not yours ! " I yell . 

" Why do you hate me so much ? " H asks 

"Because , because you are dumb , and stupid , and ... I just do ! " I say , and keep walking under the rain. 


When i get home , I got to my room and shower. Then I wear some clean clothes 

Then I study for hours until i cant handle this guiltiness , I fell about earlier. I groan because this means that im going to apologize to him and agree to work with him. I get up and put on a jumpsuit and start walking to his house. It stopped raining a long time ago. When I get to Lukes house , I go up the few steps to his door. I sigh and knock on his door ...


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