Science proyect or what ?


4. 3

Mia's POV

We both saw as Evelyn left with Calum. I was a bit surprised that she left that easily.But ,we needed time to plan for her birthday

"So what do you have in mind?" Sophie asks once she's out the door

"Well you know she doesn't like big birthdays or big presents so ..."

"We could buy some ice cream and have a movie night? " she says

"Yes !" I exclaim

"Shhh! "The librarian shushed.

"Sorry " I whisper

"So , is it settled? " Sophie ask

"Yeah , but what movie?" I say

"Twilight, it's her favorite " she says , as if the most obvious thing in the world.

"I can't believe that my blueberry is finally gonna turn 17 !" I say , like a proud mother . We both laugh.

Then the bell rang. We each went to our classes.


When I entered to history class Michael came running to me .

"Hey , Mia , right?" He ask . I nod

"I'm Mikey , well , my actual name is Michael, but people call me M-"

"Yeah , I know what do you want?" I interrupted

"Well, you know, the teacher gave us homework and I was wondering if you could help me do it " he says. I sigh

"No " I said flatly

"Please " he begs

"No "

"Please "



"Ok ! Fine ! Shut up ! " I yell

"Awsome! Meet me at my house after school ! " he said, handing me a paper with his number and direction to his house. I shake my head and sit down .

After that a few classes later we left school, the girls already know about the Mikey-thing. So , I went straight to his house ...

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