Science proyect or what ?


3. 2

Evelyn's POV


I wake up to Mia's alarm.(Deat Maria, Count me in: All Time Low) I groaned. We all get up and changed, brushed out teeth a and hair and We grabbed apples or bananas, then We left for school in my car.

While We were heading for school, We had music blasting out loud and We were screaming the lyrics Of each song.



School. We walk through the doors. Some people bothered to look at us , but some just ignored us completely. We kept walking until we got to the library.We found a table and we sat down to study before classes started.

"Hey ! I thought I might find you here !" Someone yelled.We all ignored him.Suddenly a hand dropped on my shoulder and somebody is breathing unevenly in my ear .

"Hey , Evelyn, right?" It's Calum .

I nod

"Well , I'm Ca-"

"I know, I'm not new " I interrupted him .

"Well , you're on my math class?" He asked. I could feel the girls give me annoyed looks.

"The straight A student?"

"Yeah , why ?" I ask

"Well , I was wondering if you would mind helping me study , I need help with grades " He says .

I raised my eyebrows and looked at the girls .

"Just remember to come to Mia's house "Sophie said . I nod

"Then go " Mia said

"Now ?" I ask

"If you can ..." Calum said . I look at him for a minute, then I take my stuff and leave .

As we walk down the hallway we go in a awkward silence. But , why did Mia and Sophie let me go with him so easily?Are they sick of me ?Are they planning something without me ?Well, my birthday is in a few weeks.Maybe they thought it would be a chance to plan if I'd go . Yeah,maybe that's it.

"Hey-" Calum got interrupted by the bell.

"See you in math " he said. I nod


After 4 long classes, I caught myself looking forward for math. I enter the classroom and almost immediately. I saw Calum waving at me.

"Evelyn !" He yelled. The whole room looked at me. I can't sit anywhere else now , so I walk to the chair Calum saved me , which was in front of him .

"Why'd you saved a sit for me ?" I whisper to him .

"I thought I might as well be nice , since you are helping me study" he shrugged. I shook my head .

"Well thank you for the effort ,but yelling somebody's name and making the whole class heads turn to you isn't nice " I say .

"Woah , where'd the hate come from ?" He asked, with mock offense.

"The hate came from , that you call us loosers while you guys get the bad grades and now you are asking help to one of the so called 'looser' " I say

"I'm sorry, I never saw it that way " he said .

In the middle of the class.Calum passed me a note .

'Hey , sorry you felt that way about us , but if you're still gonna help me , here's my number: '407-969-2438 ' and the direction of my house : ______________ ( I don't know his direction, but let's pretend,Btw, it's not a real number !)

I smile, I rip a page from my notebook and scribble on it:

'Yeah whatever. And yeah,I'll stop by your house to study '

Then I pass him the note . A minute after , the paper came back .

'Okay thanks, I'll be waiting for you '

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