Science proyect or what ?


19. 18

Chapter 18 : Mia's POV 

Even thought it's  been months , he boys don't need our help anymore, we all still hang out a lot .


"So, what do guys have planned for this weekend ?" I ask once we're all at Calum's living room . 

"Well , My parents are out of town till next week ,so , why not a party " Mikey says 

" Yay!" Sophie says like a 5 year old 

"So , party ?" Mikey asks . we all cheer.

"Wait, when ?" Luke asks 

"Ummm...let's do it on everybody's favorite day of the week ! Friday !" I scream 

"Yeah " Everybody screams except Luke .

"Um, I can't go ...sorry" Luke frowns 

"C'mon don't be a party pooper !"  We all start yelling 

"I'm sorry,mum arranged this ,family dinner in this fancy restaurant ,and,Ican't miss it .Sorry guys " Luke explains.

"So,we'll do it on Saturday!" Sophie yells.

'No , do it on Friday , I'll be there ASAP, don't worry . I was just saying that I'll be like , really late "Luke says

"Ok!"Calum says "Post it and send it ...3...2...1!"Calum yelled 

At that moment,everybody started posting about the party ,and sending it to everybody .


"So , you plan on coming to my party ?" Mikey asked 

"Of course ! How could I miss a party ?" I say 


Right now , Mikey and I are in my room , laying in our backs in my bed 

"Good" He says

"So , what do you wanna do ?" I ask 

"I don't know , we're in your room , you tell me " He shrugs 

"Gee, thanks for the help " I say sarcastically 

"Do you have video games ?" He asks 

"I do ! " I yell 

" What games ?" 

"Call of duty , Mario kart , FIFA,uh,lego,don't judge me , I happen to like these stuff,uh,some race car games ... that's pretty much all I've got " I say while looking through my box of games."I have a lot more, but my brothers probably stole them or I left them at Sophie's "

"Marry me , I love you " He says , hugging me 

"What ?" I ask

"Because I love these games" He explains

"Oh" I laugh nervously , he does too "I bet I'll beat you at any pf these games" 

"No you won't !" He yells 

"Yes, I will " I giggle . He looks at me.

"You know ? I actually love you " he says softly "I don't just love you, I'm madly in love with you " 

"Um-"I get interrupted by a kiss.I kissed back , I could feel both of us smiling into the kiss.


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