Science proyect or what ?


17. 16

Chapter 16 : Sophie's P.O.V 

After we all left Calum's house ,Mia went to Mikey's and I went to Luke's .We finished like, an hour ago .So ,right now we're eating pizza .

"Do you think Mikey like Mia ?" Luke asked out of the blue.

"I kinda think they do like eachother" I answer."Mia better tell me about this stuff " 

"Chill out. She'll let you know if she's completely sure ,she might be confused "Luke said and at that very moment , there  was a knock on the door .Luke got up and opened just to see Mia .

"I'm confused!" She exclaims 

"About what ?" I ask 

"Mikey , I don't know if I like him or not, he took me to his room and he asked me if I like him , but I don't know , he seems to like me but Idon't know !" She started babbling on while pacing back and forth.I just look at Luke in disbelief.

"I swear to God, you're a wizard or something "I say 

"Ok, you caught me !" He exclaims while he puts his hands in surrender 

"What?" Mia asked 

"Nothing just tell me what happened in my house " I say getting up . But before I go out the door ,I stop and look at him"You didn't see anything "

"Nothing at all " He says smiling 


"This is so weird " Mia says 

"What ?" I ask 

"You know , just a few days ago , it was :Evelyn ,you and I , making fun of the popular kids.But then these guys asked for help , we all agreed but we were giving them the cold shoulder .And Evelyn left with Monica and we softened up with the guys " She says 

"Huh ... " I say " You're right " 

"Really? I just , basuclly did an oral report by how much I talked and all you say is 'huh,you're right ' ?" She aks rolling her eyes.

"Hey, it's not my fault you talk alot! " I exclaim and we both laugh.

"Do you,like ,feel bad for Evelyn ?" Mia asked once our last conversation died .

"No,she deserved it " I answer 

"Yeah , you're right" She says

"Well,we better go to sleep ,tomorrow's theres school " I say 

"Do you think I should tell Mikey that I like him?" She asks

"No, let him fight for you.Make him guess" I respond 


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