Science proyect or what ?


16. 15

Chapter 15 Mia's POV


"I just do ,ok ? Now bye " Calum says and closes the door in Evelyn's Face . Then he sits next to Sophie on the couch again.


"I just hate her , that's all " He mutters to himself.


" I find myself curious too " I say


"What has Monica done to make you guys hate her so much "


"Because of what she did to you girls " Calum said


"I really don't think so.Your angers seem like you've been angry for a lot longer than what happen to us.So, I think that she did something to you guys " I say


"Yeah, she's right " Sophie agrees , Mikey sighs


"We'll , remember , when , I told you I used to date Monica ?" He asks. I nod


"Dude, you gonna tell her ? That was like , one of your most painful thing, yet " Luke asks


"Yeah, I trust her ... Them " Mikey answers "Well, 2 years ago, I , like, suffered a lot during our relationship she was with another guy while with me , we were breaking up and getting back together all the time so I suffered that too ... and Thanks of these guys, I'm back to myself and I've moved on "


"Ouch " I say "I'm so sorry " I say , putting my hand on his cheeck,when we realized what I've just done ,our eyes widened , and I pull my hand away quickly

"Ok?" Sophie said "Do you like eachother ?" 

"No"Mikey and I said together and we blushed .

"Really ?" Luke asks , in a teasing voice.

"Yes " Mikey and I did it again . Everybody started laughing at us .


Now I'm in Mikey's house .We're heading to his room now, I'm terrified. .Why?It'not like something could happen Right ?Right!?


When Mikey and I finally got to his door ,he turned around .

"So, this is my room " He says and opens the door and lets me in .

"Wow! " I say . his room is covered in posters "Your room is covered in posters! This is really cool !!" 

"Yeah..." He says nervously.I turn to him.

"Um,shall we get started ?" I ask
"Yeah,but,uh,I wanna ask you something first "He says .My eyes widened"Do me ?" 

"Well,of course !You're my friend !" I exclaim Oh God ... I just called him my  friend . 

"No... wait, you just called me friend !" He exclaims 

"Ok,you caught me, I consider you as a friend  " I say, as if bummed 

"But anyway, I meant like ,if you like me ,as , more than friends ?" He explains nervously

"Um,I don't know ...maybe ,maybe I don't ... " I respond

"Ok " 

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