Science proyect or what ?


14. 13

Chapter 13 : Sophie's POV

I was walking through the school hallway taping my last picture of Evelyn , until I felt a hand dropping on my shoulder making me jump and turn around , I pressed my back against the wall and looked at this guys eyes ... It was Luke

"God Luke you scared me the hell out of me " I said and he shaked his head and smiled 

"Sorry "  He said and we started staring at eachother's eyes.

"Um...Michael and Mia are waiting for us " i said pushing him away and started walking.

"I saw them talking under a tree and well I decided to loopk for you " He said walking next to me .

"Do you think they like eachother ?" I ask 

"Maybe , Idk " "Why?" Luke said raising an eyebrow

"Nothing " I said and he raised his eyebrow again 

"I just hope she dosen't fall for an Idiot " I said and I  felt Luke's eyes staring at me .

"What ?" I ask annoyed 

"You are so bitchy sometimes " He says

"Asshole " 

"Hottie " 

"What?" I said looking at him and Wlking faster , but somehow he manage to keep his pace with me. We walked in a awkard silence , until I saw Michael and Mia talking.

"Hey guys !" I said and they standed up . Mia seemed to be ignoring Mikey as soon as she heard me.

"Hey !" She exclaims . When I look at Mikey's face he had a some sort of a hurt expresion.


At lunch time Luke , Mikey ,Mia and I decided to eat together .It's weird , I mean everybody for the first time is staring at us . I don't know if it's because of the pictures,

Suddenly I heard a scream from not Far.


"That must be Evelyn" Mia mutter and we all smile 

"You idiots!How could you ?!" She yells once she is  behind us.

"Oh ,with a little help from these guys " I say casually

"How could you humiliate me like this ?" She asks

"Because you betrayed them.How could you do that , they are amazing ,much better than monica "Mikey says from behind us .I just had to look at him.He's kinda red, though he's looking only at Mia .

"Thanks ?" I say ,looking  at Mia and Michael ,Mikey is so blushing ,while Mia is looking at everything except Mikey

When I turn around , Calum is behind Evelyn .

"Calum ?" ,Luke asked

"What's going on ?" Calum asked

"I'll  you m that my best friends , out of nowhere humiliated me !"Evelyn Yelled

"I'm pretty sure it didn't go like that " Luke said

"What do you  know ?" Evelyn asks , putting her hand on her hip

"Because Mia was crying ,Sophie got angry and you were with Monica " luke answes]rs .

"So, it could be anything else !" Evelyn exclaims

"Woah , Woah , hold on ! Evelyn , you were with Monica ?" Calum asked

"Yeah ,so ?" Evelyn shurugged

"I'm sorry ,but , I can't ... I'll find somebody to help me study "Calum said whilr walking to our side

"What's wrong with Monica ?" she sceams

"Ask her" Mikey said "See if she tells you "

"Fine " Evelyn screamed , tears were slipping from her eye. But I don't feel guilty.

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