Science proyect or what ?


13. 12

 Chapter 12: Mia's POV

Sophie and I stayed until late last night printing pictures of Evelyn. Not just pictures , embarrasing pictures.My plan was to print them all of these pictures and then tape them around school.This is gonna be so funny . And also , we decided to post all of her embarrasing videos everywhere , especially the videos where she mentioned her deepest secrets.

Right now we're here at school.Trying to find Mikey and Luke to help us , they agreed last night to help after Sophie calmed down , Sophie didn't like the idea at first , but then she gave in. 

Then I saw Mikey ...

"Mikey !" I yelled , then he turned to me and dragged Luke over to us . 

"Here's the tape and here are the photos ..." Sohie says handing them each what they needed 

"Cool.See you at the spot when where done " Luke wves and we all go into separate ways.


The spot is a park thet we chose , it's not far from school.I finished taping the pictures and walk all the way to the spot .

Whe I get to the tree we chose , I see that Mikey was already there. So, I walk a little faster and sit next to him.  

"Hey " I say

"Hi " He greets with smile .

"How long have you been here ?" I ask 

"Not long " He answers 

"Well, that was pretty fast " I say 

"Yeah, well , I'm used to taping stuff on walls " He reponds "Have you seen my room ?" 

"No. We always study in your back - yard or living room " I answer  

"Really ? I thought I showed you my room!" He says.

"Well you didn't" 

"Well , I'll show you my room today , but remind me " He says 

"Ok"  I

"So,uh , I don't really know you " He says casually.

"You don't need to " I say with a hint of hershness

"Well I'd like to " 

"But you don't get everything you want " I say flatly 

"You know , there's this weird thing you that you do a lot , we were having a nice conversation just now , and now you're back to your cold self , Why ?" He says 

"Beacuse that's how I am " I simply say.

"It's like , you let your guard down un-intentioly , and then you notice and put your guard up again" He says 

"It's exactly like that " I say , snapping my fingers.

"Why ?" 

"Beacuse ... I alredy told you " I yell, a little annoyed.

"Look at me " He says with a overly calmed voice 

"What ?"I asked , this is beyond weird 

"Trust me " He says , I roll my eyes and look at him.

Our eyes meet , his bright green eyes won't allow me to look away.We keep staring at eachother's eyes.

"Hey guys!" I heard Sophie yell making us both look away.

"Hey !" I exclaim and totally ignored Mikey .

The rest of the day was totally awkard.I wonder how it would be in his house , in his room .Gross...


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