Science proyect or what ?


12. 11

Chapter 11: Evelyn's P.O.V 

How come I didn't become friends with Monica a long time ago ?"She is awsome!I love her ! She's fun , loud, bad and everything you would wish for a friend.And she has a ,really good taste of music.

Right now I'm heading to Calum's house again , to continue. I know where he lives by memory,even though I started going like , two days ago or something ,actually,it was yesterday.I can't really remember,but, who cares?

Once I'm at his door, I knock and a girl who looks like him answers.

"Hey" She greets with a genuine smile."What can I do for you ?"

"Um,I'm Evelyn , I'm helping Calum study for maths " I say 

"Oh ! I'm sorry , I didn't know it was you , he's in his room " She says 

"Thanks.Oh, and who are you ?" I ask

"Pfft,where are my manners,my name is Mali,Calum's sister" She answers 

"Oh,he did mention a sister,nice to meet you " I say . And start walking to the stairs. 

i started walking around the halls looking carefully at the doors.

"HEY! EVELYN , I FORGOT TO SAY THAT HIS DOOR HAS A POSTER OF BLINK-182 ! ' Mali yelled from downstairs.

"OK , THANKS! " I  yelled back .And at the end of the Hall, I saw a poster of Blink-182 just like Mali said it would. I walk slowly to his door , my heart is beating loud for some reason. When I'm in front of the door , I feel myself shaking.Then I swallow and knock the door. He answers quickly,

"Hey " He smiles .

"Hi" I smile back 

"Come in " He moves to let me in. 

I walk slowly into his room.It's really messy 

"Ok.Cool room" I compliment 

"Yeah, sorry about the mess" He says picking up a pair of underwears , He chuckels 

"I forgot that you were coming today , that's why i didn't bother with the room today " He explains 

"Well, it's better than  I thought to be honest " I say 

"Make yourself confortable .Sit on my bed or whatever" He says still picking up stuff. I hesistate , and he seems to notice , so he stops and looks at me "I'm not having sex with you , I have a girlfriend " 

"Oh. Well , it's just that , it's kind of the first time I go into a boy's room " I explain while trying to hide my hurt. 

"So,you're saying that you're  , like , a virgin ?" He asks finally sitting on his bed. 

'Um, Yeah,I  am , saving it for someone special " I chuckle 

"How come ?" He asks 

"Well,you know,nobody interested me enough to , like ,have sex with him  "  I say " So,are you , virgin ?" 

"No " He says 

"Lost it not long ago ": He explains 

"Well, I don't wanna sit there " I joke, yet I'm serious 
" Don't worry .Ity was at a friend's house , in a party he threw " He ;laughs 

"Good " I say and sit 

After that we started studying...




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