Science proyect or what ?


11. 10

Chapter 10 : Sophie's P.O.V 

I wake up with the feeling that maybe I slept too long .I groaned and look around,Mia and Evelyn aren't here .I cthe time,2:30,I throw my head back on the couch .I slept the whole day off ,I missed schoo l.I'm so gonna kill Luke.The girls must be heading to Mikey's and Calum's house to help them.

I get up and put some pizza to the heat . I go up to the bathroom and showered , I changed .Then I came back to the kitchen and ate my pizza.


While eating , I dial Evelyn's phone.She doesn't ,so I call again.She answers but before I open my mouth ,she hangs up . Weird, she would never do that , especially to her friends. But I shrug it off and call Mia instead 

"Hello?" She answers in the second ring 

"Hey " I say 

"You sound a lot better " She says,I smile.

"Yeah,what'd I miss ?" I asked 

"Um,you missed something ,but,I think it would be better if I told you in person ,yeah ?" She sounds nervous 


"Great,I'll be at your house as soon as I get out of Mikey's ,ok ?" She says 

"Ok"I answer 

"Good,I have to go,so,talk to you later "  She says in a hurry.



And we hung up.weird ,what's going on ? First Evelyn ,then Mia ?" I wonder what is that I misse.Then I heard the door knock and I jumped.I walk to the door and opened it to see Luke carrying a lot of things and bags 

"Hey " He says "Can I come in ?" 

"Um,yeah ,sure "I say , leaving space for him to pass.

"You sound better ,and,look better " He says while putting the stuffs on the floor 

"Thanks , but , what's this ?" I ask 

"Oh ,right , well, remember yesterday , you told me ypou would hbelp me ,so , here I am .At lunch time , I went to the store and bought the stuff I thought we would need " He said 

"Oook ?" 

"So ,anyway , how are you feeling ?" He asks after an awkard silence.

"Better . I woke up at 2:30 " I respond 

"Feels good , right?" He say 

"Yeah , just , uh , I MISSED SCHOOL AND IT'S YOUR FAULT !! " I say running after him and hitting him like a crazy woman 

"I'm Sorry ! Seriously ! " He yells 


After I calmed down , Luke and I started working on his project.We finished today's part , and I was about to kick him out when Mia came with Mikey .Mia looked nervous , but Mikey had somewhat calm face 

"Hey " I smile only at Mia . 

"We  need to talk " She says 

"I missed yopu too " I say.

"Yeah , but this serious " She sits on the couch and pats a seat next to hers. I  sit next to her as she asked 

"Ok ?" I say un - sure "What's going on ?" 

"Remember when you said that you hated popular kids ?" She asks,

"You mean now ?" I asked , she nods , Luke and Mikey roll their eyes.

"Yeah , well remember when Evelyn , you and I swore that we'd never turn into one of them ?" She asks . I don't like where this is going. 

"Uh-huh " I say 

"Well,Evelyn called me loser today , and she was with Monica a popular girl from school " She says 

My blood was boiling .My hands are tightly closeed and knuckels are white.she is so dead.Traitor

"WHAT?!" I scream "WHAT?!" 

"Sophie please calm-" 

"Luke, shut up , it won't make it any better ' Mia warned.

"My Evelyn ?!" I scream again.

"Yeah ." Mia said , her voice sounded so small


"It's not our fault ,or Calum's" Mikey said 

'Guys , you need to go " Mia pushed them out the door 

"There no way I'm missing school tomorrow ,if she's gonna betray us , then she's gonna have to face us!" I yell 

"Yeah,true " Mia says casually. 

"And she's gonna pay "I say with a develish grin "Mia , the queen of pranks and pay-backs , would ypu like to plan something for  tomorrow ?" I ask  with my special ' inocent smile

"Oh yeah " She says 


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