Science proyect or what ?


2. 1

Hi!! So I'm making this story with my best friend, hope you like it.




"Luke Hemmings , please come foward for your grade " Mrs . Bou our science teacher said .


He stood up and walked over to the teacher. Since I'm infront of the classroom, I could hear everything, just in hushed voices.

"Luke , another F " mrs. Bou said

"Yeah, I have eyes " he said sassily

"If I were you, I would ask for help , unless you wanna see your friends graduate while you stay here "

"Don't worry I'll find help "

He left and the bell rung, and it was time for lunch. I pick up my stuff and went to the cafeteria to meet up with my BFF'S

"Hi" they say in unison.

"So what's up " Mia said ( Brown curly hair and eyes , short )

"Luke got another F , I got another A , as always " I said

"And they said we are the loosers " Evelyn complained ( blue eyes and Blonde, she is short like all of us )

"Yeah, that's not fair " Mia said

We kept talking about stuff ,like, Calum sneaking at math , Michael sleeping in history, we laugh a lot at them . Luke and I take a few classes together.The bell rang and it was my turn to go to science with Luke .

Luke,Michael and Calum are the most Popular guys in our whole school. So , they get too busy being popular that they really forget to study. I mean , who knows? They probably disappeared from school and Party and sleep everynight with different girls !!

+ + +

After school,Mia ,Evelyn and I went to my house to study.After that , I made space in my bed for the three of us to sleep the night.

"Sophie, do you think , like think that our parents love us ? " Mia asked ( Sophie is my name .)

"Course they do ,they're our parents " I said .

We aren't sisters, like I said earlier, we're BFFs. But we all have issues with our parents. Mia: Her parents focus on her brothers and sisters (they're 6 in total) and they never pay much attention. Evelyn: She's a foster kid, and her foster parents are really mean. Me: My dad left me and my mum when I was 7 and my mum works all the time, I hardly see her, and she doesn't come to anything with me.

But that's what makes us need each other more, so we can take care of each other.

I wait until I'm 100% sure that Mia and Evelyn are asleep to fall asleep myself.


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