1d Imagines!! Dirty and clean!


2. Niall imagine

You were walking into starbucks to get ur daily order. When its your turn you order a cookie crumble creme frappe.once you get ur order you go sit at a table but then hear camera flashes and highpitched screams. As u turn you see a blonde head trying to get inside. As you keep staring the blondehead turns out to be Niall Horan. He walks up to the counter and orders but you cant keep your eyes off of him. Whens he look to find a table he realizes the only spot available is the table next to you. He makes his way over to the table and turns to look at you. You pretend to not notice him but deep down inside your dying because you were a directioner. He suddenly speaks up saying why would a gorgeous girl like you be all alone? You suddenly replied " i like spending time alone here"

He then thought of the boys and said"whats your name?" You replied saying"(y/n)" he then laughed a nd said "no point in saying what my name is since you probably know what it is" you laughed quietly but then busted out laughing. He bagan laughing his contagious laugh which made you laugh even harder people kept turning to look at you both but you guys didnt care.you then stopped laughing and regained yalls normal self back. He then said well its pretty late but here. Scribbled something down on a paper and gave it to you. He stood up and leaned in giving you a slow but passionate kiss. You were surprised but unfortunately gave in he then bit your lip softly and then pulled back. He winked at you and said read the note babe see you love! When he left you read the note that read,"hey beautiful i think ive found my princess so call whenever cause its gotta be you xx 709-283-1549. After you read it you couldnt help but feel your heart flutter while you were blushing. You called him afterwards. He answered sayng who is this how did you get this number?? You answered sayng niall its me (y/n), the girl you met at starbucks? When he heard your name he felt relived knowing it was you. He then began laughing saying missed me already? You then said maybe. Niall and you continued talking until you both hung up. Throughout the night Niall couldnt stop thinking about you. Your personality,your sweet face, your gorgeous laugh but most of all everything. Meanwhile you were doing the exact same thing. Until you fell asleep. The next day Niall planned on having a movie day with you. He called you and asked you with you obviously saying yes. At around 11am you went to the hotel in your purle and black onesie. He opened the door wearing his blue and black onesie. He smiled when he saw tou and greeted tou with a hug. He lead you inside into his room which had blankets,pillows and a shelf full of movies. You both got comfy and you 2 started having an argument."Niall no that one" "we'll watch it later!" After 5 mins of arguing you both decided on "The Vow". After watching several movies and having a food fight you both were on his bed all quiet. He then sat up straddling you and looked you in the eyes. He then said" (y/n) ever since yesterday i knew you were the one, my princess. So (y/n) will you do the honor of being my princess? You nodded saying yes.*4 years later* After 4 years of dating you and Niall got married and had 2 babies. The oldest your son Taylor who was 3 years old and lastly Heather who was 6 months old. Taylor grew up to be a Fireman.( His uncle Liam's choice) and Heather grew up to be a Fashion Designer. You both then lived happily ever after.<3👫

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