My Cinderella Story

Every girl is living in her own fairy tale. But it's up to her to tell it, write it, and make it hers. If you follow the pattern, no princess got what she wanted by living it perfect. Belle, was held prisoner to a beast, just to save her father, but still found her happy ending. Cinderella, abused by her step mother for years, while also struggling with the passing of her parents. Yet somehow, found her happily ever after. Tiana, pretty much working 24/7, with the constant struggle of just trying to get by, and save up enough money to carry on her fathers legacy, not to mention getting cursed. And yet, through it all, she got everything she so much deserved. See what I mean? As you read on, look for it. This girl still struggles with 'curses' and 'villains' they're just not quiet finger pricking spinning wheels, or giant squid women a.k.a. Ursala.


1. Open Mic Night

May 16 2015


"You nervous?" My best friend Demiah asks. "Trying not to be..." I say holding my guitar and shaking like there was an earth quake radiating from inside me. I tug at my All Time Low band tee a bit. It seemed kind of hot in the small room (It wasn't really small, it  just seemed like it with all the couple dozen people). I questioned myself as to why I was still wearing my leather jacket. I sit there quietly as another performer sings. "That's Tobby and Tegan. I know them from school but I didn't know they sang, and not this bad," she whispers to me, half plugging her ears. There was another guy standing on stage with them, he hadn't started singing yet. Let's just hope when he does, it's nothing like the other two. He starts 'singing' and by singing, I mean his solo was screamo! Me and Demiah look at each other with wide eyes. "Oh my gosh, that is so attractive," I say to her. "I know right! That's Jeremy, he sang at the school talent show a couple weeks ago, super talented... and hot," she laughs. I laugh, then go back to listening. After they finished, it was my turn. I take a deep breath and walk up on the stage. I sit down on a chair, and the staff help me get a vocal mic and an instrument mic ready. They get my performance burning onto a disk, and I go. "Hi, I'm Shaylee, I've lived here sense I was little, I'm 13 and the first song I'm singing is one I wrote myself, and it's called Dedicated To You," I smile. I was still shaking, and I could barely keep my new, black guitar from slipping off my leg. The down fall of not having a strap for it. I started singing, and I tried to look at my best friend for a little bit of comfort, but the lights were so bright, all I could see was her white fedora with a black ribbon. So I just kept focused on her hat. My knee was shaking so hard, I tried to stop it but it only got worst. Was this it? Was this performance going to totally crash and burn? No. I kept going and tried to be confident. I finished my song, and Demiah came and took my guitar from me. The room filled with the sound of people clapping, which made me feel a bit better. I did the last two songs A Capella. So much easier to focus when I didn't have the guitar to balance. I made a bit of a face every time I messed up, like if my voice cracked, or I missed a note, or sounded pitchy or something. I couldn't help but start to feel discouraged with the many times I did something wrong. But I reminded myself this was my first time on a real stage, and I've never had voice lessons or anything. After my mini pep talk in my head, my performance seemed to go better. Once I was done, I sat back down in the back of the dark room. "Good job. You sounded really good," Demiah smiles. "Thanks. My voice kept cracking, and I missed a whole chorus on one of the songs though," I say, a bit disappointed in myself. "I heard your voice crack, but it sounded fine. And I honestly didn't even notice you missing anything. And I know those songs," she says. I nod my head. "So it wasn't too bad?" I ask. "No. It sounded really good," she says again. I smile at her, and watch as the next performer gets up and starts. After a minute, we get up and go to the refreshments table. Jeremy, Tegan and Toby were standing together right next to the table, so I felt a little awkward. The food seemed kind of odd, but it was totally cool. Pepperoni, cookies, Tampico juice, olives, vanilla waffers. I made a plate of the strange assortments, and we started walking out of the room. On our way out I caught a glimpse of Jeremy, and he had been watching me it seemed like. Once we were out of hearing point, Demiah gently starts slapping my shoulder. "He was totally checking you out!" She freaks. "Really? I saw him looking but that was it," I say. "No, he was totally checking you out dude," she says as we leave the building. I got the flutters, and started getting a bit excited. We walk up the long drive way thingy, and out onto the main road. We follow the side walk back to her house, talking about the performance the whole way.

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