My Cinderella Story

Every girl is living in her own fairy tale. But it's up to her to tell it, write it, and make it hers. If you follow the pattern, no princess got what she wanted by living it perfect. Belle, was held prisoner to a beast, just to save her father, but still found her happy ending. Cinderella, abused by her step mother for years, while also struggling with the passing of her parents. Yet somehow, found her happily ever after. Tiana, pretty much working 24/7, with the constant struggle of just trying to get by, and save up enough money to carry on her fathers legacy, not to mention getting cursed. And yet, through it all, she got everything she so much deserved. See what I mean? As you read on, look for it. This girl still struggles with 'curses' and 'villains' they're just not quiet finger pricking spinning wheels, or giant squid women a.k.a. Ursala.


2. Best Birthday

May 22 2015


Me and my Best friend Nichole sit on the floor of my bedroom, messing around on our iPods. "What do you want to do?" I ask her. "I don't know. What do you want to do?" she asks. "I don't know. Your the guest," I laugh. "It's your house. Plus your the birthday girl," she says. "I don't know what to do!" I reply. "Okay," she says. We go back to being the zombified, overly ran with tech teenagers we were, and went back to looking at our iPods. "Happy birthday!" Demiah comes in. "Thanks!" I smile, and hug her. Nikki hugs her too, then the three of us slouch on my bed, and get on our iPods, Demiah on her phone. "Ooohh. Look at this hot guy, should I send him a friend request?" Nikki asks showing us his profile picture. "Thats Jeremy!" I exclaim. "Who?" she asks. 'The hot guy at Open Mic Night who was checking me out!" I reply. "Should I friend him?" she asks. "Do it," Demiah smirks. "Okay," she taps her phone. We go back to doing our tech thing, till she smiles. "He accepted!" she says. "Really? I'll send him a request too," I say. I search him up, then click the botton. A minute later... he accepts! "Guys, I'm going to message him!" I say excited. "Okay. Do it dude," Nikki says. "I don't know though. Would it be wierd?" I ask. "No, just do it," Demi says. I nod my head.

-Hey. I forgot to tell you. Good job at Open Mic the other day.

"Okay. I sent it," I tell them. "Has he said anything back yet?" Nikki asks me. "Nope. Oh, wait, he's typing. Now he's not.... now he is again!" I say. *Bloop*

-Oh, thanks. Um, not to be rude, but who is this?

"Guys he said somthing!" I freak out, and land on the floor. They come and sit right next to me, practicaly squishing me to death, and read the text.

-Sorry. This is the girl who performed with the black guitar. The one who totally failed lol

"He's typing again!"

-Oooohhh. No, you didn't fail. You did really good.

-Haha thanks, so did you.

We went on talking for quiet awhile. And the girls turned on insidious 2.

-Hey, this might sound wierd. But would you ever want to hang out?

I threw my phone across the bed with wide eyes. "Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Oh my gosh," I say freaking out. "What?" They ask together. "He wants to hang out! What do I say?" I grab my phone again and look at it. "Tell him your parents won't let you. That's the truth," Demiah says. "Noooo. But I want to hang out with him," I say. "Ask him when!" Nikki says.

-Nah. It's not wierd. That'd be cool.


-Yeah. When would you want to?

-I have a singing lesson on tuesday if you wanted to come

-I'll have to see, but yeah. My parents are super strict about hanging out.

-I'm really good with parents. I'll make them like me. haha


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