The Life Of A Depressed Girl

Have u ever wondered what it's like for a girl to be depressed keep reading and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter 1

When It All Started.............


My depression  was triggered when I was in sixth grade, it was because I wasn't "the pretty one" or "the popular girl". People even made fun of my weight and now because of that, I occasionally starve myself. I know shocking right, you all think to yourselves, "A girl like me couldn't be getting bullied, its impossible", well hate to burst your bubble loves, but I do. Middle school was the worst three years of my life and since then I couldn't tell you how many near death experiences I've had. Then there's seventh grade, we got swapped to one gender classes, big mistake! This girl named Emma, wrote a note to me before lunch one day, didn't say it was from her, instead but from the class. She told me that nobody liked me, and that something bad would happen if I turned that note in. Also she called me a tattletell, maybe a week and a half after that, I tried to kill myself for the first time, everyone talked about it. Then, eight grade came along and everyone still hated me. I was told to kill myself many times and they found my instagram and kik and started bullying me online. So after that my instagram got hacked and I never got back on it again. More people were telling me I wasn't worth it on kik. One night I can remember sitting in the floor crying my eyes out and coming so close to dying, then everyone started calling me, leaving voicemails saying," Don't kill yourself." Then, the guy that was bullying me on kik said," If you die, I die" and I was so confused. Why would someone who hates me care if I kill myself? it makes no sense.............

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