Diary Of A Emo

This is a diary of my life, things that had happen to me in my life, I may seem happy on here, but in reality I am struggling to hold on to my sanity everyday. This may be depressing, and It is going to super hard for me to write, but I will try. For you guys.....the people I love


6. Entry #5- Special Someone

To Whom It May Concern....

This entry is about a girl. Not just a normal girl. A very special girl. She is one of my best friends, she loves me and I love her. She is a sweet, caring person towards me....something I don't have. She and I both struggle with depression, I self harm, I hope she doesn't....it would break my heart. Our struggle with depression doesn't faze us sometimes when we talk. She is my light in these dark times. Her name is Riley (Probably spelled wrong....again XD) and I love her with all my heart

Sincerely, Xavier

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