The Tomlinson Twins

When Griffin moves from the Uk to England, he also moves into Louis Tomlinson's classes. They both wonder why they look just alike, but are very confused. They meet when their dad invites their mom to dinner. Their parents finally tell them the big secret about them being twins.


9. Chapter 9

*Louis's P.O.V*

This is so freaking crazy. I can't believe that we're twins.. well I can believe it, because obviously we look just alike, but we've been apart for so long! I always had a feeling that I had a sibling, but I never would have dreamed of this. I continued packing up all of my things on the other half of my room, because Griffin and mum are moving it. I surprisingly wasn't bothered that I had to share a room with my brother, but we were still best friends so it made it better. Plus, we never argued over anything, so that was also good.

I heard my dad yell "Louie! We're all going out to dinner after they move everything in, so make sure you dress nice!" I yelled back, "Ok Dad!" I then texted Griffin..

Louis: Griffffffy I need you I'm terribly bored."

Griffin: Louie, slow down there tiger. I'll be over in a few, mum is almost done packing.

Louis: Hurry uuup. Oh, and tell mum that dad asked where she wanted to go to eat.

Griffin: She said that it doesn't matter, but she she dress formal?

Louis: Yea, you too. We HAVE to match… well I mean, we're forced to, because dad bought these matching outfits to wear tonight.

Griffin: K, We're coming bye. <3

Louis: Bye baby bro.


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