The Tomlinson Twins

When Griffin moves from the Uk to England, he also moves into Louis Tomlinson's classes. They both wonder why they look just alike, but are very confused. They meet when their dad invites their mom to dinner. Their parents finally tell them the big secret about them being twins.


8. Chapter 8 (Super Important!!)

*Griffin's P.O.V*

"Guys, you two are identical twins. Your father and I got divorced when you were 1, and I took Griffin, and he chose Louis. I'm really sorry that you two are figuring this out now, but it's better than never. I really hope that this doesn't change your friendship. You two were so close that it was a nightmare to split you up. I finally decided to move back to England to reunite you two, because you both don't deserve this. Please forgive us."

I heard my mom say. I looked over at Louis, and I saw that his eyes were wide, and his jaw was hanging open. 

"T-That's why you called me your son.." I said, looking at my dad. I saw him nod, and I finally understood. I felt Louis jump on me, and hug me tightly. I gently patted his back, and I looked up when my dad said "Oh, and Louis, You're the older one by 1 minute." I rolled my eyes, and hugged Louis. I then felt him punch my arm. "What the h-" I said, surprised. "Hey, brotherly love." I heard him say, and we both started laughing uncontrollably.

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