The Tomlinson Twins

When Griffin moves from the Uk to England, he also moves into Louis Tomlinson's classes. They both wonder why they look just alike, but are very confused. They meet when their dad invites their mom to dinner. Their parents finally tell them the big secret about them being twins.


5. Chapter 5

*Griffin's P.O.V*

I looked down at my phone when I got a text from my mom. It read,

Hey Griffy, the appointment changed from dinner to lunch, so be ready. Love Mum.

Something fishy is going on, and I really need to find out.

I got up, and said "Hey, Louie I need to go, but I'll see you tomorrow." He nodded, and hugged her tight, before sitting back down, and playing GTA. I ran down the stairs, and yelled "Bye Mr. Tomlinson!" before racing through the door. I ran home, which is only down the road a little ways. I ran though the door, and yelled "I'm back mum!" I sat on the couch, and texted Louis.

Griffin: Hey, My mum's appointment also changed for lunch, so I can come over.

Louis: That's great.. but so weird. My dad's acting weird since he almost called you son.

Griffin: Well, I'm sure it's nothing. At least, not life threatening, and oh I almost forgot. My mom wants to know if you can spend the night tomorrow night.

Louis: Of Course! It'll be great, but do you have an Xbox 1?

Griffin: Yup, and a PS4

Louis: Dang man, I'ma bring Fefa and Destiny

Griffin: Mk, but beware, my mum is kinda weird and motherish.

Louis: Wow, I have an idiot as a best friend. I thought my dad was daderish, but geez ur mum is motherish.

I laughed, and put my phone on charge before running upstairs to change into my Pajamas. 


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