The Tomlinson Twins

When Griffin moves from the Uk to England, he also moves into Louis Tomlinson's classes. They both wonder why they look just alike, but are very confused. They meet when their dad invites their mom to dinner. Their parents finally tell them the big secret about them being twins.


17. Chapter 17

*Abbie's P.O.V* (Surprise >:D)

Gosh, Griffin is SO cute when he giggles. It was the best sound I have ever heard in my life. He's so perfect, and I love him so much.. I wish he would ask me out.

I looked up sharply when Louis whispered in my ear,

"You're staring, and making him sweeeeeat." I looked away, and I smiled to my self. "Oh my gosh, he was so adorable" I said when I saw Griffin when he was little. 

"Was?" Griffin said

"Well.. I mean." I stumbled, before Griffin pressed his lips to mine. I didn't react at first, but I started to kiss back. When he pulled away for air, all I could say was

"wow." I saw his mom's mouth gaping, and he said

"Sorry mum, had to happen.." I giggled, and I felt him put an arm around my waist, and whispered into my ear

"Will you, Abbie, please be my girlfriend?" 

"YES! Yes, a thousand times YES!" I screamed, and hugged him tightly. He moved his hand down to the small of my back, and smoothed the bottom of my dress. My sister said

"Hey, what'd he saaaay?!" 

"He asked me out, now shut up." I said, giggling. Louis smirked, and said 

"He finally did it. My baby brother."  Griffin rolled his eyes, and his dad came in, saying "Time to go."

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