The Tomlinson Twins

When Griffin moves from the Uk to England, he also moves into Louis Tomlinson's classes. They both wonder why they look just alike, but are very confused. They meet when their dad invites their mom to dinner. Their parents finally tell them the big secret about them being twins.


15. Chapter 15

*Louis' P.O.V* *After School*

I ran out to Griffin's jeep, and saw him talking to Liam Payne and his twin Knox Payne. I went to his side, and I heard Knox say, "Dude, you have to ask her out." Well, my brother has some explaining to do. Liam is so quiet, but I've known him since 3 years ago. I then saw Niall Horan and his twin Noelle walk up to the group.

I blushed wildly, and said "Hey, uh Griffy… we should go. Mom said we were doing something tonight." I saw him nod, and say bye to them all. 

We got in, and I heard him say, "I don't wanna go to the stupid party with our parents stupid boss." I looked at him, and said "Well, we have to, and who's that girl that Knox said to ask out?" 

"Oh," He laughed, "He was talking to Liam, that's why his face was beat red." 

I nodded, and said "Oh. Who is is?" 

"Harry Styles' sister, Abbie."

I smirked, and said "Yea, she's cute. Real smart, I think she's a nerd." 

I saw him nod, and say, "I like her." My jaw dropped. "Really?" I asked.

"Mhm. She's coming to the party. Mom and Dad's boss is Harry and Abbie's dad."

"Yes!! That means her twin sister will be there too!" I said, biting my lip.

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