Earn Her

Most high schools split up into four groups, Jocks, Rockers, Nerds, and Mean Girls.If your not one of these you're usually unnoticed, like the nerds.Meet Willow Bond, a rocker girl.Punk? Yes.Now meet Michael Clifford, a rocker boy.Punk? You bet.Although Willow is new, she doesn't really start off well with her secret admirer, will her heart still be won by him or someone else?


1. Jocks, Rockers, Mean Girls, and Nerds.

Jocks, Rockers, Nerds, Mean Girls.


She walked through the open doors, knowing all eyes were on her confidence was added to her step.She was different, the good type of different.Most girls in this school fit into either Mean Girls, Nerds, or none of the above, but she was different.She fitted into the Rockers, the white slightly blonde hair that almost looks dyed but is natural.Her curved blue eyes,a lip ring and the side of her lower lip, and curved body that's to die for.All of that mad every guy wanna get in her pants as soon as they laid eyes on her.


She scanned the halls for a sign to where the main office is, looking around she spotted one and walked in the direction it's pointing to.


She walked through many halls, until she spotted a huge curved wooden desk at the end of a wide hallway.She walked to the desk and greeted the lady sitting behind it with a small smile.


"Hello"The lady stood up."How may I help you?"She smiled.


"Yeah can I have my schedule it's my first day here"The girl explained.


"Sure, what's your name sweetheart?"The lady asked sitting back down to her computer.


"Willow Bond"Willow answered.


"Willow bond"The lady murmured while typing on the keyboard."Aha"She whispered then walked over to the printer taking a piece of paper that was just printed out."Here you go"She handed the paper to Willow.


"Thank you"Willow read over her schedule.


"Don't worry about it, your first class is science,and your locker number is in the bottom corner of the paper but the bell rings in exactly 1 minute so you might wanna hurry up.You'll take the last right at the end of that hall, then the third left."The lady explained."I'm Amelia if you needed anything".


"Thanks again"Willow smiled softly before walking off.


"Last right"Willow whispered to herself as she took the right."then the third left"She whispered again.She walked into a long hallway and read over the tags of the room as she walked by.


"Music123......Music124.....Music125..Why the hell are there so many Music rooms?Science Lab126"A small smile spread on her lips.As she walked towards the room the bell rang alerting people to their classes.Just in time she thought, and knocked slightly on the door then opened it.No one was inside, not even a teacher.


"What do you think you're doing?"A voice spoke up behind her, as she was about to step foot in the room startling her.


She jumped back turning around to face a tall Green haired guy."Who the hell sneaks up on someone like that?"She snapped at the guy.


"Sorry, it's just that you're not suppose to be in there and you looked like you were lost.Thought I could help you."He shrugged chuckling.


"I can navigate my way through a stupid school by myself. It's no Safari"She let out a small laugh and walked away.


"Hey hey hold on"He stopped her in her steps."You're new right?"He asked placing both his hands in either pockets of his black leather jacket.


"How did you know that I'm new?"She asked a bit confused with the Green hair in front of her.


"Cause all girls in this school would fall for a rocker and would die for this opportunity, also they wouldn't look like you, and they wouldn't be late for class to explore another Science lab"He explained.It's true, this school fits into 4 groups.Jocks, Rockers, Nerds, and Meal girls.The girls would go into Nerds, or Mean Girls.While the boys go to Nerds, Rockers, or Jocks.If you're a person who doesn't fit into any of these, you're a Reject. no one likes you or talks to you except the people who are like you.As usual Everyone has huge crushes on the Rockers and Jocks, a girl would kill for a moment of what Willow's experiencing, even the Mean girls themselves have been rejected a few times by these two groups.


Willow on the other hand was confused, she didn't understand the concept and groups of this school yet.In this school she would be a Rocker, the only Rocker girl in this school, that made every other Rocker and every other boy attracted to her.She was stunning, more than any other girl in this school."Look I don't understand what the hell you're saying, but what I do understand is that I'm late and I need to get to class"She walked past him but dropped her schedual accedantaly.


The green haired guy picked up the paper and looked over it before Willow snatched it from his hands."You're in Mr.Delopor's room.I can walk you there"The guy smiles softly."But he's a jackass trust me.If you're thinking of skipping.I'm already planning on doing it so maybe we can skip class together?"


Willow gave him a 'are you stupid?' look before talking."As much as I don't care about my grades I would atleast try to make a somewhat good impression on a teacher like him rather than skipping, and why would I skip class with a stranger?"She questioned.


"Maybe we don't have to be strangers, I'm Michael Clifford"He extended his arm.


"Willow Bond"She ignored his hand and gave him a strict look."Can you just please leave me alone, I need to find my class"Willow sighed and started walking away actually believing that she got rid of Michael.Thats untill he walked up beside her again."What do you want?"She stopped in her tracks.


"Room130"Her said, Willow gave him a confused look."You're science room, Room130, it's behind you"He nudged his head to the room behind her.


"Oh"She said looking back at the room."Thanks"She gave him half a smile and he returned with a smile back.


"I'll see you later newbie"He said.


Willow rolled her eyes annoyed and walked to the room door hearing Michael chuckle and walk away.She couldn't help but grow a smile on her cause of Michael.She quickly rubbed off the thought and knocked lightly on the door ready to be lectured by the teacher.The teacher opened his door with a angry expression before turning it into a small surprised or wow-ed one.The whole class fell silent at the sight of Willow

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