Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


7. Zayn

I was surprised. When I came back to everyone, I noticed quickly that the atmosphere was changed. Quickly Sophia came up to me and she pulled me out of the room.
"Please, don't go back!"
I frowned.
"And why not?"
She hesitated. She saw so that no one heard us and then she looked at me again.
"He's angry that he haven't given up yet."
I assumed it was Louis she was talking about but I wasn't sure. Sophia was nervous and she almost seemed to suffer.
"Come on, Lilly!" she whispered hoarsely. "Niall came directly to Louis and talked about what he had done with you. Louis is now angry and the only thing he's looking for is you or someone he can beat the crap out. I'm afraid that he wants to do both with you."
We couldn't talk more. Louis showed up and I saw that he was almost black in his eyes.
"Now are you happy right?" he shouted straight out and straight towards me. Harry quickly turned up and he tried to hold him back.
Louis growled and tried to get free.
"No, I'm not fucking giving up. She comes here and everyone gets to fuck her, but me, no one cares about."
I backed off a few steps and I realized that I should leave the house. Maybe I would still run through the woods, and if I was lucky, I would find a house with a phone?
Liam turned up and he looked cool at Louis. It was as if Louis calmed down a bit, but not quite enough for me not to be afraid.
"But it's true?"
Liam shook his head and he was on my side this time.
"She has been here with the same terms as everyone else and you know that was the thought? She has taken part in all the games, more or less, and just because that you can't find her, it doesn't mean that it's her fault?"
Harry released Louis and Louis stood still.
"But i want,,,"
Liam took a few menacing steps toward him.
"You want?" he whispered hoarsely and cold. "What you want is your own fantasies, and right now she's here on the same terms as Sophia and the others. You can take them? Maybe you're not supposed to get her?"
Louis wanted to say something, but he remained silent. It was as if Liam got him to put down all the things that he wanted to do.
"Now we'll have fun!" Liam continued cold towards him. "And if you don't follow the rules, I will literally make you walk out of the house for good."


What was it with these guys? I wasn't that beautiful and I was aware that I didn't look like a model. I wasn't particularly charming against them or funny. Yet they chose me as a victim?




"Forget him!"
Zayn appeared. I recognized his black hair and I remembered that Sophia had been talking about him. I smiled weakly and I drank some more of the drink, which I had in my hand.
"Easy for you to say."
He laughed a little bit and he stood beside me.
"Louis has always been like that, he want to have a lot and sometimes it is as if he requires everything." Zayn looked at me again. "I'm by the way, Zayn Malik."
I smiled at him.
"I'm Lilly and I know who you are. Sophia said you were in the band?"
He nodded a little bit and his smile was soft.
"Yes, but I wanted to make something on my own." he answered quickly. "You know, sometimes it becomes too much to be with those four guys around the clock."
I understood him and I laughed a little bit.
"Well, I can't even stand this weekend."
He seemed to understand me. In fact, he seemed pretty normal and I understood almost why he didn't want to be with the others. He looked at me with kind eyes and I didn't react even when he looked at my body or my face.
"So do you have any fun?" he asked. Direct I chose to shake my head.
"It seems as if they are fighting for me and I don't understand why. I'm the girl who least want to be with them."
He laughed and he pushed teasingly at my arm.
"Maybe it's because that as you attract?"
I frowned.
"I should have done the opposite?"
He nodded a little bit and he looked over all who danced on the floor.
"Yes maybe?" he looked at me again. "Shall we sit down?"


He sat down next to me on a chair, on a small table. I felt calm and we talked about general things. It felt like I finally could be myself, until I felt his hand on my thigh.
"No!" I got quickly out of me. "I'm tired of all that sex."
He let his hand remain, and he looked straight into my eyes. With a smile, he let his hand slide down between my legs and he fingered over my clitoris.
"Relax!" he whispered hoarsely, and he leaned a little toward me. "Just let me do this thing for you."
I gasped when he managed to get a finger to penetrate. He picked up the other hand and did so that I leaned back in the chair and he parted more on my legs.
"Relax." he whispered again, and his smile was dazzling. He brought his fingers perfectly down there and actually liked my body his hand.


Zayn did it. I closed my eyes and I felt how he continued. Three fingers inside me and a thumb against against my clitoris. I spread more on the legs and I felt how I woke up. I no longer heard the music. I was only aware of Zayn and his magic hand. I bit my lip, I whimpered and I could hardly sit still. He woke up my bones to life and I could no longer say no to this. Faster movements, harder in and faster out. I moaned higher. I heard that I was wet and I heard the sound from how he took me.
"You're so hot!" he whispered in my ear. I whined. He brought in all the fingers without the thumb. I felt I was wide open for him. I felt how it flowed out of me and I could no longer think clearly.
"You are so attractive!" he continued hoarsely. Then I heard the sound of a zipper, and I understood what he picked his thing out. I opened my eyes and I looked down at it. Okay, it was pretty big. He smiled at me.
"Ride me! Nobody sees us anyway."


I held my arms around Zayns neck. He held his arms tightly around my body. I had one leg on each side of his thigh and I brought the body rapidly up and down. He kissed my lips and he got me to answer the kiss. Our tongues met and it was as if we were fighting for life and death. I felt how he kept his hands under my butt and he helped me to slide up and down. We groaned and we weren't aware of anything other than this. It tingles down there and I could feel every breath as brought me closer. I moved smoothly and I moved faster. He moaned against my lips and he pushed me harder down over his hardness. I came! It just ran over me and I pressed myself hard down. I put my face against his neck and I felt spasms throughout my body. I wanted to scream, but I managed to swallow the sounds. Instead, he helped me to suffer through that wonderful moment and then I rode him, so that he also reached the end.


Zayn hugged me and I sat still on his lap, with him inside me. It was as if we are slowly landed and the sounds around us came back.
"Thank you!" he whispered hoarsely cloudy. "I needed this."
I didn't hesitated a second that it was planned.
"Not me!"
He smiled.
"I know, but now you can go home knowing that I'm happy."
I lifted my head and I noticed that he looks calm. He extorted a kiss and we sat and made out a few minutes. He was so smooth and not at all dramatic. He took it all calmly and it was as if he brought over that feeling to me. 

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