Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


6. The third game

It was a little later in the afternoon when Liam decided that the party would continue. All had eaten dinner and I had even had time to calm down my nerves. I had even tried to get my phone to work, but so far there wasn't a single sign that I could make a call to the outside world. Everyone gathered in the largest room. Sophia seemed to be stuck to that new guy and she stood beside him. I frowned and I knew she would be forced to be with someone else, if now the games continued in the same theme.


"How are you guys?" exclaimed Liam and he stood on a chair. I stood in a corner and I kept watch over all. Louis was quick to note where I was, and without shame, he stood and watched me from the other side of the room. Harry stood and giggled with a girl. Niall seemed tired and he was standing by a wall and leaned against the carpet. He yawned and he didn't seem eager to play. I realized that maybe he was the only one as not only had one thing on his mind? Liam continued to talk about the previous evening, about how good it had been and that everyone had enjoyed the time together.
"But today it's time for new games!" Liam continued right as it was. I looked over at him and I prepared myself for the worst. He smiled wide and I knew he wasn't going to change the theme. He almost seemed to enjoy the power that he had. All was quiet and everyone listened eagerly at him. Louis didn't let me go, with his gaze, and I guessed that he would take care of me, if I had bad luck.
"We need to get moving." Liam continued cheerfully. "Today you girls get a little advantage, a little ahead from us guys."
I swallowed and I gave Louis a quick glance. Okay? What?
"You girls will leave the house and take yourself out around us. You can hide, you can run until you get tired and you can choose to give up immediately. When a guy finds you, you know what will happen?"
I swallowed and I just stared at him. This was sick.
"When a guy take you in the woods, you lose. I will give the game a few hours and when you hear a bell ring from the house, you can come back. The one girl as nobody has found, will be the winner."
I heard giggles and I heard whispers. I looked at Louis again. He still stared straight at me and I understood him. He wouldn't give up until he found me in the woods. The thoughts spun around. I could climb up a tree? The only question was whether it was a protection enough? Maybe I could find a cave or perhaps a hole in the ground. I would hide myself. Louis noted my insecurities and I saw at him how smug he was. He came up with a wry smile, and then he pointed at me and then he pointed at himself. Damn, he would do everything to find me.




I ran, I just ran straight into the woods and thoughts spun around. I could just imagine what would happen if Louis found me. I wasn't afraid of the other guys and I would certainly be able to convince them not to touch me. I felt my pulse rose and my heart pounded faster and faster. It didn't take long time until all the girls came away from each other. None ran in pairs, everyone was trying to save themselves. Okay, some girls were more eager to be found, but I didn't belong to them.


I started to calm down when I realized that I was far from the house. I slowed down and I tried to find some place to hide. There were all sorts of places that could suit me, but I really wanted to find the hiding place that really could hide my body. In the end I realized that I could create my own hiding place. I started to put up some sticks against a tree, I put moss over the hole creation and in the end, was my hiding place almost hidden against the tree. Okay, I could be seen from the entrance, but how big was the chance to Louis or some other guy would come by that way? I put the leaves on the ground, so that I wouldn't sit on the cold surface. Then I crawled in with my back to the tree and I hitched my ears. I heard screams, girls as were found and I heard them laughing. I heard branches cracked and I heard footsteps, but all echoed through the forest and no one was near my place. I smiled a little bit. I could almost see Liam's eyes when he saw that I won.


I don't know how long time I sat and hid. Sometimes I could hear groan, sometimes I heard voices talking, but everything happened far away from me. I enjoyed. Actually, I liked to sit there in the woods. I was confident and I was safe. Nobody knew that Lilly was smart and no one suspected that I had thought about this.


I could feel my whole body puffed out when I heard a bell echoing through the forest. The game was now over and I had done it. I scoop out from my place and I slowly began to follow the sound. I smiled with my whole face and I felt proud. Finally, I had luck on my side and I didn't give up to their silly demands. The only question was whether they would now come up with, a new game, simply because Louis would get what he wanted?




I immediately saw that Louis was dissatisfied and even Liam seemed to dismiss the truth. I noted that I was dirty and you could see that I really had been hidden. I smiled with my face and I went straight back into the room. Liam frowned and he looked a few extra seconds on me.
"So everyone got something?" he asked all who directly answered yes, but neither Louis nor I had got anything. I enjoyed. I felt like a queen. Liam let his eyes slide over to me again and he tried to smile.
"And the winner's Lilly. Don't ask me how, but nobody found her."
I stood with a straight back and I didn't hesitate this time. Liam tried to continue to smile and he looked down at my dirty legs.
"Lilly, you can go up and take a shower if you want. Sophia has clothes as you can borrow."
Direct Sophia popped up beside me and she smiled big.
"Congratulations!" she whispered happily and then she pulled me out of the room.


"How did you do that?"
I smiled at her and I walked behind her up the stairs.
"My secret!"
She giggled and she looked amused at me.
"Liam was cursed when he noticed that Louis didn't found you. You know it was for Louis sake as Liam wanted to do the game?"
I chose to nod.
"I expected that."
She took me into a room and she took out a bag.
"You are brave." she continued, and I saw at her that she was proud over me. "You go against them and perhaps that's why they are attracted to you?"
I frowned.
"Believe me, they hate me."
Sophia fell silent, and she looked at me again. It was as if she had to think.
"No, Lilly!" she whispered. "They are crazy about you. The only thing they talk about is you."
I just felt discomfort in the body.
"Are you serious?"
She nodded and she took up a black dress for me.
"Yes, they plan everything together just so that everyone get to have you. Talk about that you don't know a single thing?"
I agreed, and I received the dress. I peeked into the bag.
"You don't have perhaps a pair of underpants to borrow?"
She giggled and she shook her head.
"When I was with Liam, he refused to let me wear underwear, if I didn't had my period."
I sighed. Damn it! But I was still grateful for the dress. My own dress looked more like a cloth, and it was full with dirt and tracks from the forest.


I slipped into the bathroom and I locked the door. It was nice to put on the water, get off my clothes and put me under the running water. I was proud over myself. I had done as I had planned and I had succeeded.


I felt a pair of hands around my waist and I froze. Someone leaned towards me and I felt lips against my shoulder, as kissed my skin.
"Don't be afraid!"

I was surprised. It was Niall. He let his hands slip around my naked body and he kissed me softly. I didn't know what to say. How he had come into the bathroom? A hand slid down between my legs and started to caress me, slowly and softly.
"I want you!" he mumbled between the kisses, and he pressed himself against me. I felt his hardness against my butt and he didn't expect that I was against this. My clitoris woke up and I felt my body again went against my sanity. He brought his fingers perfectly between my legs and I closed my eyes. He made me forget the doubts and actually he was quite okay. He wasn't hard against me, he made small movements, which nonetheless created chaos. When he heard my first moan, he did so that I spun around. I was surprised when he slid down on his knees and he brought his lips down there. He parted my legs and I had to lean against the wall for balance. I watched as his tongue found its way to my most sensitive part. I bit my lip. Niall took his hands around my thighs and he looked up at me as he began to move his tongue. I whined until I closed my eyes. The water ran over me and it was just pleasant. I slid down and finally I sat with my back against the wall, legs apart and Niall got my body to wake up. He was almost on his stomach in front of me and he seemed purposeful.


I landed on my back and I brought up the hip against him. He was all over my sensitive part, and he let his tongue and teeth doing a grand job. I pulled my fingers through his hair and I moaned loudly. I was shaking and I liked it. I raised up my legs over his back and I felt how he brought his fingers inside me. I wasn't aware of what he exactly did, but I felt all.


Somewhere in the fog lay Niall down on top of me. He penetrated and I received him. He boomed straight into me and I almost screamed. I felt how he moved his body, I could feel his breath and I heard him moaning. Our lips met and we were like madmen. Niall did everything that the other hadn't done. He showed more warmth and understanding. He took me by storm, but still with the soft hands.


I just came! It just ran over and I felt I lost control and my body took over. I shrugged, I was shaking and I pressed myself against him. Niall continued and he brought me dramatically through the wonderful feeling. I cried almost against his cheek, and I held him so tightly in my arms. Niall came right after and I felt how he filled me with hot liquids. He squeezed everything he had and he grunted out a small sound. We collapsed on the floor and it was like we didn't have to say anything. He lay with his face against my cheek and I felt every breath he took. The water flowed over us, and maybe that was why we managed to be awake?


"How did you come into the bathroom?"
He lifted his head and he came up with a wry smile.
"My secret!"
I frowned.
"Come on!" I got up. "If you come in, might even Louis do the same thing?"
Niall shook his head quickly.
"Let's just say I'm the only one who knows how to come in here, when you're here."
Niall kissed me and actually I answered the kiss without resistance. He took his arms around my body and it was as if he hadn't the slightest intention to forcing me. He was self-evident. He was kind and he didn't do more than that which was okay, if it was okay to do such a thing in the toilet?

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