Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


4. The second game

"New Game"
I become stiffened all over. Liam stood on a chair and he held up two glass bottles.
"All the guys in one ring, and all the girls in another ring. We spin the bottle and the ones as the bottles points at become a couple."
I frowned. I could stand in the corner and not participate? Perhaps no one would note that I wasn't there?
"And when you are a couple!" Liam continued, pointing to Louis, who held up a box of up folded scraps of paper. "Then you take one of the patches in the box and reads what is written on the paper and do that as it telling you to do."
I hide myself  in the shadows and I noted quickly that all stood in the two rings. It was as if everyone wanted to join this and no one realized that this was wrong, wrong so wrong. Perhaps they would soon realize that all games was to exploit, to do nasty things? I swallowed, and the first couple was created. A blond girl and an older man with a beard. She didn't mind it and it was she who chose to take one of the notes from the box. She giggled and she didn't realize she was on thin ice.
"Read aloud!" someone shouted. She blushed and she quickly looked at the man with the beard.
"It says that I should suck him off."
Liam laughed.
"Then, just to do it."
She swallowed and she seemed equally uncertain, as I had been in her shoes.
"Do I have to?"
All shouted yes and it was as if everyone was in a trance. It was as if everyone was crazy and it was only me who didn't want to be on this. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was like a bad porn movies that lacked action. She got down on her knees in front of the guy and without contradicting the rules, she did it. All stared at her and it was as if everyone felt that this was a normal party.


"Can't we create more couples?"
I was still surprised. One girl asked the question and it felt as if she really wanted to do this. Liam laughed and he nodded.
"Okay, we don't need to wait until they are finished."
Liam agreed.
"Spin the bottle!"


A new couples were formed and they would do something else that was about sex. I just stood and stared at all the people. This was crazy!


I jumped with fright. Harry turned up beside me and he looked serious.
"You will also be involved in the game, everyone should be involved."
I shook my head quickly.
"I don't want to participate ..."
His eyes said it all. He smiled wryly and he laughed cold.
"Liam!" he shouted without propping me with his eyes. "We have a mischievous girl here."
I was scared when Liam turned his face towards me and he seemed to understand that I had pulled myself away from the game.
"But look at that? It's Lilly?"
I frowned. Harry took a hard grip on my arm and he pulled me across the floor to all the others, who just stared at me. Liam laughed and he seemed to like that I now had resisted.
"This requires a punishment!" he said as if he felt that it was wrong of me not to be with them, and I felt that it wasn't so wrong.
"She needs to feel how it is to deny all us the pleasure to have her with us." I heard Niall giggle. Liam nodded and Harry pulled me through to him.
"Well?" Harry mumbled hoarsely happy, because he liked that I would be punished.
Liam laughed a little bit and just by looking at him, I knew he had big plans for me.
"So this little lady should be punished?" he said with a hoarse and happy voice. "What do you say, Harold? Should we give her to the wolves, or we'll do our own plan?"
Harry laughed behind my back. I was stiff all over and everyone was staring at me. Some faces seem to understand me, but others seemed to believe that Liam had every right on his side.
"You are behaving like children!" I got cold out. No one seemed to care.
"This is serious!" I heard Harry whisper against my ear. "You are here because of one reason and that's that five guys have wanted to touch your body for a long time. This is just a sign that you give us a chance!"
I was about to give Harry a dirty look, but Liam got me to keep staring at him.
"Take a lap!" I heard someone said. Liam laughed and he certainly knew who said that.
"Yes, we will take a note for her and Harry will have her. It's I who are the leader now and not her."
I swallowed and I saw how he took his hand into the box. He held up a piece of paper so that everyone saw it, and he grinned.
"I'll read it out loud!" I heard him proudly say. Harry seemed to like the game and he stood more behind me, ready to catch me if I ran away. Liam looked down at the paper and he smiled with his whole face. I just wanted to die. Everyone seemed to want to know what was on the note, but not me.
"Oops!" He then looked at me again, with such a look that told me that I lacked the power to say no. "You'll have sex with Harry in this room."
I panicked. I already saw the couples who had been given a mission and even though I was in the same situation, I didn't want to just do it in front of everyone, in the same room.
Nobody was listening. Harry took his hands around my body and he pressed up against my back. I felt his lips against my ear and he was in great spirits.
"No one will stare!" he muttered hoarsely. "Everyone will do it in one way or another and they wont look us."
Liam put the attention on the bottles. I understood that he had the goal that everyone should do something. Harry slowly pulled up my dress and when he noticed that I had no panties, he smiled almost bigger.
"Oh you're like a cake, I just want to eat!"
I was about to turn around and say a few nasty words, but without preparing me he took his hand straight between my legs and he pressed it hard, so he had me stuck. I gasped, but he was aware that he had the upper hand.
"Oh, you are so perfect!" he murmured instead, and he let his fingers gently caress me down there. I saw Sophia, but she didn't seemed to care. In a way, I wondered what kind of friend she really was? She didn't mind that I was with Liam and she didn't see that I was against everything that now was happening. She stood instead and waited for her turn to have a partner. Damn, even she was sick in the head?


Harry pressed himself against me. It couldn't fail to notice that even he was hard down there and he put his fingers over my clit like I would like it.

"Come on!" he muttered hoarsely, and he kissed my cheek. "I intend to make you totally satisfied and you will like it."
I frowned. He brought his fingers further inside and he began to even bring the fingertips into me. Yes, it was okay, but I had panic. No one saw us, but this was wrong.
"Oh, you start to get wet!"
I swallowed. Well, I felt that he began to do something with my body.
"Please, Harry!" I got up. He didn't give up. He caused primarily other arm to holding me tightly and he pressed himself against my buttocks, with that as now was hard. I whimpered, because I still had a body that wasn't obeyed my sanity.
"Yes, exactly that sound I want to hear!"


In the end, I closed my eyes. Harry brought my body to life, and I saw how he got all the parts to want more. Faster movements with his hand and he brought his fingers deeper inside me. I whimpered quietly with pleasure. He got me to like it, but I should have hated it. I wasn't aware that he pulled down his fly and he pulled out his hard part against my butt, but I noticed it when he started rubbing it against me. Small movements and slowly he got me to forget time and space.
"It wants you!" he went hoarse and he bit my ear. I moaned higher. He brought his fingers faster over the area and I was actually close on coming. Just a little bit and I would be screaming.


I landed on the floor with my back against the cold surface. He came right over me and without saying a word, he penetrate. I quickly grabbed my arms around his neck and I felt how he filled me. He pulled up the dress more and he kissed my breast before he began to bring the hip back and forth. Fast movements and I was close to going mad. He kissed me, hard, yet pliable kisses. I let our tongues get to know each other and I didn't mind caressing his chest. I tore open his shirt and I discovered his skin.


It was like a fog. I reached that point when nothing mattered, and even though I was aware of the sounds around us, I didn't let go of Harry. I whimpered and I felt he brought me again to that as was the end. I took my legs around his waist, I followed the movements and I whimpered out all the emotions that ran through my body. He ripped off my dress completely and he tore off his shirt. His bare skin was wonderful to see and I noted that he gave everything. Every muscle in his exquisite body was tense and it was noted that he had spent hours in the gym. He flexed the body as if he were a king as looked down on the victim. I was a victim, but at the same time not.


I rode him. Rapid movement and I didn't know how I would behave myself. I wanted more of that stuff that he gave me and I wanted to feel everything. I sat straight up and it was as if my body didn't see the end coming. I felt how it came to life, deep in my cave and eventually opened the heavens all ports up. I screamed and I sat down over his hard pillars. I felt my body lost the head and I twitched every bit of body as was I.


I sank down over Harry's body. My face landed on his cheek. I hadn't been aware that he had reached the end, when I reached it. I wasn't aware of groans in the room or that everyone did something. Harry held me tight in his arms and he was as dull as me. We just lay there on the floor and panted. Our naked bodies were pressed against each other and our breaths were fast.
"You have it in you!" Harry mumbled hoarsely. I couldn't even open her eyes or answer. He hugged me as if I were his and he held me as if I were something precious.




I woke up in a bed in a dark room. I felt a pair of arms around my body and it only took a few seconds to realize that we were naked. Harry was behind me and he slept with face against my hair. There were other beds in the room and in them were other couples. I frowned. How had I come in there? Perhaps I had fallen asleep and Harry had lifted me up to bed? I was tired and I wasn't actually in the condition to take me from there. I was compelled to like situation. It was quiet everywhere and the only sound was snoring and breathing. Everyone slept! I went back to sleep.

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