Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


2. The forest and the party

They had invested in big. I saw the bus right away and I also noted that there were indeed many people who were going to the party. Sophia came running towards me and she hugged me tightly. I saw at her she felt that everything was exciting. There were a lot of people I hadn't seen before, and I wondered immediately if they had expanded their circle of friends? Neither Liam, Louis, Harry or Niall was there.
"They are in the house!" Sophia explained quickly. She took my hand and we went towards the bus. There were almost no seats left, but still we managed to find two seats.
"I've been waiting for this day for a whole month." she explained, and I ended up on a seat by the window. I looked out and then I looked at her again. She continued to smile with her face. "They really have planned all this time and I don't even have any idea what will happen."
I frowned as the idea got me thinking one more time. Not even Sophia had no idea about what would happen?
"So it isn't an ordinary party?"
She shook her head.
"No, I don't think so, but because they've invited so many, they do have planned something special?"


The bus started to roll. Everyone was in good spirits, but at the same time I noticed an expectation in everyone's faces. It was both guys and girls, in different ages. There was a mix of everything and actually the guys seemed to have planned who would attend.
"Everybody knows them!" Sophia whispered, as she seemed to understand what I was thinking about. "Some are their friends from their childhood, some cousins are with, and so on. Liam said that this is the first time that they really attracted all as they wanted was to come." She smiled at me. "Even you!"




The sun began to go down when the bus slid in front of a large house. I saw the whole yard was lit up with lamps and torches. At the house all the windows were blocked, but through small crevices, I saw that even the whole house was lit up. Out of the house come four guys and a new face.
"It's Zayn!" Sophia whispered happily. "He was in One Direction earlier but he chose to do solo."
Everyone started to squeeze out of the bus. Sophia and I chose to wait to come out as the last persons. Direct came Liam up to her, kissed her and hugged her. Then he smiled wide at me.
"And welcome Lilly!" he said with his hoarse voice. "How nice that you finally came with us. We missed you!"
I frowned and I chose to follow them toward the house. I had stomach discomfort, but for my friend Sophia's sake, I decided to bite the bullet and try. I told myself that these guys were changing. They were more mature and they didn't want to constantly exploit girls, as before.
"We have planned everything." I heard Liam say. He had his arm around Sophia and I couldn't help but notice why he was with her. She had bigger breasts, narrow waist, and next to him, she was like a doll. He wanted a girlfriend to show off to others, and to boast about.
"It will be so fun!" She giggled in response. We arrived at the door, and when I went into the house, I realized that everything was planned in the nearest detail. They had a bar with all drinks as you could chose between, disco floor and on the second floor there was room to sit and talk. On the third floor they had chosen to keep all the bedrooms. There were toilets and the kitchen was really big. There was already prepared to give all guests food. I realized that they had spent a fortune on this party.




"Okay everyone listen!"
Louis stood where the DJ would be and he took a microphone in his hand. All fell silent and everyone looked at him. He looked pleased. He was wearing a simple tank top and he looked generally mischievous.
"We will have fun this weekend!" he said with anticipation in his voice. "All you have to do is to listen to us from One Direction and follow the rules. Everything is allowed, but we prefer that you don't end up in a fight or leave the area."
He stood then up on a chair so that everyone really saw him.
"And one more thing. You wont return home until Sunday night."
I was about to sit down. What? A whole weekend here? I searched directly for Sophia eye contact. I saw at her that she had no idea about a single thing. She blushed and she knew I wouldn't stay there a hole weekend. The only question was how I would get home? I took up the cell phone and I saw immediately that I had no markings.
"We will have games, adult games." continued Louis. "And everyone must participate."
I looked at him again. Damn, I sensed that everything wouldn't be normal. They would utilize us all.
"Drink and eat food, we have everything you need in the house. We will make sure that everyone is happy and if you want a nap or take a bath, do so on the third floor. The only thing that is important is that you don'try to walk from here. We are far from a house and you will just get lost."


"Sophia!" I pulled her into a corner. "I don't want to stay here till Sunday."
She swallowed and I noted that she was unsure what she would say to me.
"Please!" she whispered prayer. "Give them a chance. They have planned everything for weeks and Liam will only get pissed at me if you do something against the rules."
I rolled my eyes.
"He can't decide over me or over you."
She seemed to feel something else about that.
"Stay until tomorrow and I can try to talk to him?"
I chose to nod. One night was okay, but no more.


"So you came back to us?"
Harry slipped up behind me. I spun around and I showed that I wasn't as happy to see him as he was to see me.
"I'm here because of Sophia."
He stood close to me and he had that smile on his face, as told me that he looked down on me.
"Lilly, please, sweet little girl!" he muttered hoarsely. "We know! But for two nights, you are part of everything that we have planned and I promise you that you will be satisfied."
I swallowed.
"And what exactly can you do to make me happy?"
He put his head askew, took his hand through his hair and he looked at me closely.
"You can't imagine what I can do."
I swallowed again.
"Harry, first you're not my kind of guy, and second, there are so many here who dream of you to make them happy. Choose them and not me!"
He laughed a little bit. He didn't released me with his eyes and it was like he wasn't listening to what I really said.
"Really?" he hissed out the word. "And maybe I prefer girls that are like wild cats? Maybe I don't want a girl that is manageable? Half the fun is to convincing!"
I frowned. He leaned more toward and over me, and he placed his hands against the wall behind me, on each side of my head. It was as if he was trying to tell me, with his body, that he owned me.
"Therefore, you forget that I let you be alone." he muttered hoarsely. "I promise that you will go home with a smile on your lips. You just need to stop being so difficult."
I couldn't take myself away from him. His arms and his body was holding me in place.
"Please, Harry!" I got up. "Can't you just let me be?"
He smiled awry again and he put the head askew again.
"Why release something that attracts me?"
I just wanted to scream.
"I don't feel the same for you and I believe you should find her, as feel the same like you."


I took a drink. I was angry. Had they planned that I would choose one of them? Maybe that Harry would do as in the past? Being all over me, being around me and believe that he had the right to decide over me?


"You're angry?"
Liam had the same smile as when he saw me coming out of the bus. I looked at him coldly.
"Yes, I don't like that I'm stuck here."
He laughed and he leaned toward me.
"One thing you should know: This time you wont escape."
I frowned and I just stared at him.
"Everything isn't about me?"
He laughed a little bit.
"Maybe not, but it's a pleasure to have you here. Let's say that all the games is perfect for us, and especially now as we can share up you between us."
I wasn't afraid, but I got an uneasy feeling in the body.
"If I remember it correctly, you're with Sophia and I suggest you stick to her."
He smiled bigger and it was like he didn't care that he already had a girlfriend.
"I chose her because she obeys me." he whispered hoarsely. "She knows my word is her law and she knows that I love her, although I sometimes make slips and are teased by others."
I frowned.
"She's my friend."
He laughed a little bit.
"And?" he whispered. "Who says that her friends aren't my friends?"
I tried to get away, but he grabbed my arm.
"And Lilly!" He looked seriously into my eyes. "This time, you can't really get away. We will find you and you should be aware that you can't offer us resistance, even if we love that part."


I kept myself away. I stood where they couldn't found me and I took up the mobile phone again. Damn, I couldn't make a call. It was as if I and everyone in the house was disconnected from the world. I understood that I was compelled to stay, but I didn't wanted at the same time to follow this rule, to stay two nights.
"You can't call home or anywhere!"
Niall came up to me and he nodded toward my cell phone. I gave him a cold look and I put it back into the bag again.
"Thanks, I noticed that!"
He laughed a little bit and he looked at me from the bottom up.
"The area to make a call, is fare away from the house."
I chose not to bother me.
"You guys have put us all at the end of the world?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"Well, why else would we come here? You are our prisoners and all will obey."
I snorted.
"Not me!"
He smiled wide and he raised his eyebrows.
"Sooner or later you'll realize you're our little kitten and you will learn to be tame against us."
I gave him a quick glance.
"And I prefer to be a tiger, you can't tame me."
Niall was amused.
"Wait and see!"
Then he left me. I followed him with my eyes, and I realized I was by this time I had made the wrong choice. I should have stayed home.


I tried to talk to the other and I tried to let go of the discomfort in the body. Everyone seemed to like the fact that we were in the house and all the others laughed. I should feel the same.


Louis appeared and he was drinking a beer. He smiled wide and he seemed to try to not be seen by me. I gave him a cold look and immediately he stood behind me, with his face against my cheek.
"Hey hottie!"
I frowned.
"Too bad I can't say the same thing."
He laughed a little bit and I felt his lips against my ear.
"And you have no idea about anything."
I swallowed.
"I understand that part."
He laughed a little more. I felt his breath on my ear and I knew he smiled.
"So Lilly? How does it feel to be totally powerless?"
I just felt irritated.
"I am not powerless?"
He laughed again.
"Wait and see!"




"Okay Sophia!" I stood near her and I whispered the words. "You know what will happen, don't you? I feel like a mouse, as the cats will catch."
She swallowed, and she shook her head. She didn't look at me, she avoided me. That meant only one thing. Liam had said something to her.
"Come on!" I muttered hoarsely. "I want to be prepared."
She gave me a quick glance.
"Just try to keep yourself on the edge away from them." she got up. "They seem to..." she hesitated. "Let's just say you wont like their games."

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