Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


3. The first game

"And now let's play!"
Liam stood on a chair and he was holding a white plastic bowl in his hands. All fell silent and everyone looked at him, including me. He smiled with his whole face and he held up the bowl over his head.
"All the guys shall put his car key or another key, as he recognizes, in this."
I frowned and I watched as all the guys was gathered around Liam. Sophia came over to me and I immediately saw that this wasn't a fun game. She was red over her cheeks and she looked down at the floor.
"Tell the truth!" I soon said to her. She swallowed and then she had no time to say more. Liam was finished with the collection.
"Now all the girls pick a key and get a partner in this game."
I looked over at him again. OK, what could this mean? I knew it wouldn't be a good thing and I knew that they had planned something extraordinary. I felt that I had reason to hesitate. Liam saw me and his smile told me that I should run away. He knew I was waiting until the last moment and he liked that for a fact. All the girls chose a key and direct, he went all the way up to me. He looked straight into my eyes and he knew he had the power.
"You can't say no when everyone sees you." he whispered hoarsely, and he smiled awry. I saw that there was only one key left. I frowned and I looked up at him.
"And what if I refuse?"
He raised his eyebrows.
"Believe me! You don't want to refuse."
I swallowed and I sensed that he was telling the truth. They had the power and everyone stared at me. Against my will, I took my hand and I picked it up. Direct backed Liam from me and he laughed a little bit, without letting his eyes off me.
"Guys, find the girl with your key!"
I looked straight at him. It was as if there was a battle between us and he already know who would end up by my side. It didn't help when I noticed that all ended up next to someone, but not next to me. In the end it was just me and Liam left. I felt I got a lump in my stomach and I understood that he had made so that I ended up with him.
"And now you got an hour. Get to know each other and do what you usually do with one of the opposite sex."
"What?" someone asked directly. Liam laughed a little bit and he looked at my body carefully.
"Fuck the shit out of her!"




"I wont!" I said as soon as Liam started to walk towards me. "You are my best friends guy and I wont..."
I nearly jumped when someone quickly appeared behind my back and put his lips to my ear.
"You don't know what to know what we will do, if you refuse?"
It was Louis. He stood close to my back and I realized I was stuck. Liam just smiled and he didn't said a word. He stretched out his hand to me, but when I refused to take it, pressed Louis his body against my back.
"Four guys with Lilly?" the words were a threat. "Perhaps that could lead to become something good, or perhaps something you can't never forget?"
I frowned and I looked down at Liam's hand. Damn I was backed into a corner?
"And what happens now?"
Liam just smiled at me and he showed clearly that he decided.


Liam pulled me down to the cellar and immediately I noticed that they had created rooms downstairs, with doors. We went through a small corridor and landed by one. Liam opened it and he pushed me into the room. When the light came on, I noticed that there was a room with a large bed. I couldn't back down, he stood behind me. Liam locked the door.
"And now back to the game!" he said, as if it were something obvious. "You have two choices. Me or all at once. It's your choice!"
I frowned and I felt my legs were shaking,
"Please, Liam,,,,!" I whispered hoarsely. "You are together with my best friend and I'm not having sex with you. You belong to her."
He laughed and he went around me. I saw how he started to unbutton his shirt.
"And who cares?" he said with an amused voice. "I've wanted to fuck you in a long time, months and Sophia is aware of that part. She knows that I always gets what I want, with or without violence."
Liam pulled off his shirt and he looked straight into my eyes. I swallowed and I realized that this really was wrong.
"No!" I murmured and backed toward the door. He walked towards me and when I landed with my back to the door, he pulled off his shirt completely,
"It's locked!"
I swallowed.
"Let me out!"
He smiled wryly and a hand landed on either side of my head against the door.
"No one will hear you scream. It's soundproofed down here."
My heart was pounding.
"Please, Liam!"
He smiled wryly and he leaned his face against my ear.
"You're here now, darling! You are mine!"
I didn't know what to do.
"Help!" but the words sounded like a faint whisper. He let his hands slide down over my back and slowly he searched the zipper on my dress and pulled it down.
"It's about pure sex!" he muttered hoarsely. "And I want to test you."


Liam let the dress slide down on the floor. He groaned when he noticed that I had a thong and a minimal bra. I regretted my choice of clothes but now it was too late. He let a finger slip from and over my stomach, up over my breasts and then up under my chin. He forced me to look straight at him.
"I promise!" he whispered hoarsely, and he had now red cheeks. "I promise that you will like my body. I have a big thing down there and all the girls want it."
I frowned.
"I prefer little things."
He laughed and he laid his head askew.
"Let's just get this over with. We have guests to take care of."


He grabbed hold of my chin and then he forced receiving his lips against mine. He kissed me hard, almost desperate. He other hand slipped down and he opened his pants. I heard how he pulled them down and I knew that he wouldn't let me go, not until it was too late. With a simple movement, he tore the fabric away from my sensitive part, down there. He took down both hands, still with his face pressed against mine, he took a firm grip under my butt and he lifted me up. He held me between the door and him and I was hooked. Liam didn't need to make many moves. He had control over his body and I felt him pressed himself against my hole. I felt how he slowly began to penetrate. I closed my eyes and I tried not to feel anything, but I noticed that he really filled me up to the brim. It was as if someone brought in a big pile inside me, and it caused chaos in my body.
"Oh, you like it?" I heard him groan and mutter hoarsely. He pressed on until he filled me up total. I whimpered, and without that I was aware of it, slid my arms around his neck. He pressed me hard against the door and I felt he took over my mind. I began instead to answer the kiss and I slowly became smoother, against him.


I was in a daze. I didn't care about the fact that Liam was rough on me. He pounded me into the door, and we both groaned. I had never been filled before, as this, and it was a new experience. My legs slipped around his waist, and as much as he held me though, I wanted to be stuck in his arms. My whole body was in motion, and I couldn't stop. He took me as he wanted, for the moment and he knew what my body wanted. We didn't care that we was achieving sounds that others could hear, and none of us cared about that my butt repeatedly pounded right into the door.


Liam slid around. I hung over him like a vulture and I was now just as crazy as he had been. We kissed and we wanted to continue. He laid me down on the floor and he lay down hard on top of me. He proceeded to take me and his hands were everywhere. He caressed my skin as if I were his and he seemed almost to imagine that this was true.


One of his thumb started to rub my clit. I felt he immediately got my innermost to shout out straight. I hitched my body and I could no longer kiss him. I put my face against his cheek, and I closed my eyes tightly. I felt that tingle appeared and slowly he got me to end up there, where everyone wants to come. I screamed and I felt my whole body jerked through enjoyment. I whimpered, and I lost my mind.


Afterwards, it was as if I was in shock. This had really happened? I was ashamed, but at the same time, it had been so wonderful. Slowly came my normal self back and I really realized that I had been with my best friend's boyfriend.
"We say nothing to Sophia?" I got up. Liam twisted on his body a little and he slipped out from me down there. Continuing, he left a void.
"She already knows about this."
I gasped.
He lifted his head and he smiled big. Damn, I hated him when he knew more than me.
"She knows that I have been with you. It was one of the things I demanded. I told her that she'll care about what happens this weekend and actually she's with another guy right now."
What would I say? Liam laughed and he pulled a hand through my hair.
"She is with Nialls cousin, who wanted to test her and there is nothing wrong with testing others. I'm not just a guy who is stick to one girl. I want everybody."
My old I was back.
"That's wrong!"
He kissed me softly on the cheek.
"What's wrong with sharing the body. I loved to fuck you and if I remember correctly, did you feel the same?"
I tried to remove him, but he remained.
He smiled bigger.
"No it's you who should stop being so damned boring. Admit for once that you liked it. There is nothing wrong to like sex and we gave as much as we got?"
I frowned.
"Okay, that was good, but you are still with Sophia?"
He groaned and rolled his eyes. He put an elbow on each side of my head and he looked straight at my face.
"And you have a boyfriend?" he said as if he was mocking with me. "You have nothing to worry about and we got one of those unique moments together. Be happy and smile."
I just wanted to scream but I try to keep myself calm.
"Now we are done with this! Can you let me go now?"
He grinned and he shook his head. He looked down at my body and I noticed that he was hard again, down there.
"Not yet!"
I gasped.
"Liam, you got what you wanted. Can't we go back to the others now?"
He brought it in, he penetrated again and he shook his head.
"No not yet!"


This was just crazy. We did it again, but I never acknowledged for Liam that it got my body to love it. My understanding was against everything, but my body wanted more of him. He was like a crazy sex machine and he did everything the right way. I showered afterwards and I took my clothes on. My panties were toned, so I had to content myself with being without them.




I avoided Sophia. The shame was too big over what I had done, even that I sensed that she didn't care. Yet she came to me and she showed no sign of hatred.
"It's okay!" she whispered happily. I frowned and I looked down at the floor.
"No it's not okay that I've been with him!"
She hesitated, but finally she gave me a friendly hug.
"Well Lilly!" she showed hoarsely. "I know he does what he feels like to do and I know he wont hurt you. It's okay, because no one can say no to him. Not even you and me!"


The clock was approaching midnight. I picked up my cell phone again and I still had hope left. Yet I saw right away that I couldn't use it. I wondered if there were more phones in the house, but at the same time I was aware that the boys had planned that no one would go home this weekend.

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