Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


13. The end

I lay on top of Harry and I felt how he repeatedly filled me. Liam was behind me and I felt his hands over my back. I was so close and I tried not to use my ears. In the corridor I heard Zayn as carried around Sam, our little baby, who was loved by a large family.
"Mom is soon done with the others!" I heard him whisper. I whimpered and I put my lips against Harry's cheek. We all lived under the same roof. We had chosen to tell the world that I was dating Zayn but we chose to live in a big house, just because they could create better music together. My parents thought it was odd, but they were glad that my child had a father and the fact that I lived with Zayns friends didn't matter. Zayn had gone back to One Direction, just to keep the family together.


"Oh I will come!" I heard Liam whimper. He pounded straight inside me and I felt that he started cramping. Harry smiled a little bit and he kissed me.
"Then your turn!"
I whimpered against his lips.
"Damn let it go quickly. I have to nurse the baby."
Harry nodded.
"I know, darling!"


Yes, I had everything that you could wish for. Five men who spoiled me, a child as I loved and together we had something unique. I never needed to cleaning or doing anything at home. They took care of everything, even that Louis many times was sloppy. Niall was usually in the kitchen and Harry loved to read books. We were all different as individuals, but when it was about love, we all gave just as much as the other. We were happy in our little world and we shut everything else out.


I pounded down over Harry and I felt it just flowed through the body. I whimpered loudly and I pressed myself against him. I often had sex, maybe too often? But I went willingly with it. They did so I kept going and they did so that I was always was satisfied with everything. Harry came right after me and I felt how he filled me. He pushed me down over his hardness and he moaned loudly.
"Mom is just slightly done." I heard Zayn say to our little fellow. I smiled a little bit. He took responsibility and, indeed, he was a wonderful father. I was happy that he wanted to take part of my life and he was a good member of the family. Harry held me and kissed me, then he released me totally.
"Duty calls?"
I giggled.
"I might be back here later?"
He laughed.
"Darling, we'll have the time another day. There's much more that must be done and your other men want you too."


I sat down on the bed and Zayn came in. He came with my baby and he put it in my arms. I nursed him often and he quickly grew. Zayn smiled and he sat down next to me. Harry went into the bathroom. I smiled and I felt happy.
"He's hungry!"
I nodded and I smiled at Zayn.
''Has he been awake long time?"
He nodded.
"Since you started in here." he said, just to annoy me. "But I love all the moments that I get."
I nodded and I understood. I kissed Zayn on the cheek.
"You're a good father."
He agreed with me.
"And you are a sexy mom."













The end!

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