Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


12. The dad

I woke up late one Saturday night. My cell phone rang and I saw that it was Sophia. I tried to wake up and I answered the call.
I heard that she was in a party room, I heard the music and she was almost shouting.
"They are on their way to you."
I sat up.
"What do you mean?"
She laughed.
"I have told everything, and they are on their way to you in a car. They were excited and they understand you. They aren't angry."
I swallowed.
"But ..."
She laughed.
"Now you have the chance and good luck with them."
She ended the call, I sat there like a moron. They were on their way to me?


I don't know what happened to my body. I was nervous and I realized that I would soon have them here. Quickly, I made myself in order. I combed my hair so that I looked a little more normal and I kept night clothes on me. I let it be dark throughout the apartment, because I wanted to look like I was newly awake. I picked away in the kitchen and then I heard a car slammed on the brakes outside the apartment. They was here!




"We know the truth!"
I had time to just open the door and immediately slid all four into the hall. They were aware that they had awake me up, but they felt that this was important. I blushed and didn't know what to say. I closed the door.
"The truth?"
Liam nodded.
"One of us is the father of your unborn child."
I looked up at him and I let her gaze drift around on them. Harry smiled, Niall seemed almost relieved and even Louis was excited.
Niall snorted.
"Come on!" he said quickly. "We know that you aren't engaged and we know that there isn't a single Peter in your life."
Yes, Sophia had really told them about everything. I chose to look down on the floor and I felt small. In a way it was nice that it wasn't I who had released the bomb.
"Peter?" I whispered hoarsely. "No there isn't a Peter in my life."
Liam took my hand and quickly he took me to the couch. Harry lit a lamp and everyone gathered around me. I sat down and I saw how they almost wanted to throw himself over me.
"We want all of us to make a father Test." I heard Harry say cheerfully. "We want to know which one of us as should take the biggest responsibility."
I looked up at him.
"How do you mean?"
He seemed amused that they had everything planned.
"We want to be with you, all four, and it doesn't really matter who made you pregnant."
Now I was actually forced to shake my head.
"I don't want you all." I answered quickly and loudly. "There's no girl who has four boyfriends and I'm pregnant."
Niall sat down beside me on the couch and he took my hand in his.
"We can take one thing at a time. First you get to know us as individuals, then we'll find out who made you pregnant and then we plan for the future. Everything doesn't happen in one day."
Liam nodded consciousness and he slid down on his knees in front of me. He took his hands over my thighs and he looked straight into my eyes.
"We can create something unique together." he said cheerfully. "Since that Sunday, we all talked about how nice and fun we had together. We're like made for you and you are made for us."
I frowned.
"Liam, after that day, I'm sure I don't want that to happen again."
He snorted mockingly. His hands slid up my thighs and he made so that some finger reach my clitoris on the outside of the panties.
"You want us, believe me, you enjoyed it."
I wanted to take his hand away, but Harry was faster. He slid down on my other side on the sofa and he grabbed my hand. Niall still hold my other hand hard and I understood that they wanted me to be there for them. Liam continued to caress me.  I happen to spread my legs apart. Liam enjoyed.
"You can have sex when you're pregnant."


Liam had taken my panties off. His lips were over my clit and he made me groan. Harry kissed my neck and my shoulder. Niall kissed my lips and Louis seemed to want to look at us. I brought up the legs over Liam's shoulders and I gave up. I liked it. I had missed it somehow.


I was so close to coming. I pushed myself up against Liam's face, and I could no longer be stopped. I shrugged, I was shaking, I unbuckled myself and I cried out with pleasure. I was disappointed when he disappeared, but instead slid Louis down between my legs, naked. He penetrated. I didn't resist, and when he started to move on his body, his hips, I was involved in every movement. I cried and I squealing at the same time. Harry pulled up my nightgown more and he started to take care of my breasts. Niall wanted my lips and I felt he was trying to get me to respond the kiss. My stomach was in the way, but Louis still managed to take me in the same way as he had done before.


I was in a fog. I felt they switched places and I didn't keep track of who was sitting between my legs. I felt they took me and I could feel my whole body wanted more. I recognized the feeling of not being able to resist, but this time I realized also that they were right. I didn't mind being in their life and let them share me between them.




I woke up when the sun was shining through the window. I lay naked in the middle of the bed and on my one side slept Liam and Niall. On my other side was Harry and Louis. They were all naked. I realized what had happened, and something told me that I should try this. Perhaps this was a choice? The only question was what everyone would say around me and them if they found out about this? I sat up and I looked towards the window. I heard all snored, and how everyone was asleep. This was the first morning, in a long time, when I woke up happy. It was as if I had been given another chance and there were no more lies.


I chose to sneak out to the kitchen. I put on my nightgown, which they had put on the couch and I tried to be quiet. I wanted to give them breakfast. I put on coffee, tea water and I opened the fridge. I instantly felt two arms around my waist and around my belly. Someone stood naked behind my back and kissed my cheek.
"Good morning!" Niall muttered hoarsely, and he showed me nothing more than just love. "Thanks for letting us be here."
I blushed, because I so far hadn't agreed on everything.
"What do you usually eat for breakfast?"
He laughed a little bit.
"I eat everything, but Liam prefer eggs and Louis sandwiches and Harry pancakes."
I smiled at him.
"Will you help me?"
He nodded and he kissed my lips quickly.
"Sure. The whole family needs food."




-----------------------two moth later----------------------------------------




"We've got answers!"
Louis came running in the housing. In that house as was now was our new home. Me and Harry was about to bring order in the bedroom and we smiled at each other. He put the last pillow on the bed, which was big. The bedroom was one of the biggest rooms and we had to special order the bed. It was like five beds, but there was only one bed. There would all fit and we didn't needed to be squeezed together any more. Harry took my hand and we left the bedroom. We went down the stairs and everyone gathered at the front door.
"Open!" I heard Liam say, and I saw that Louis hesitated.
"Are you sure we want to know?"
"Yes!" exclaimed Harry directly. "We don't care, but it is quite good to know who's responsible."
Louis smiled and he opened the envelope. He picked up the paper and he looked at it.
"Okay, everyone has done this test and it turned out that..." he teased, and he dragged on it. I quickly took the note from him and I quickly read through the first few rows. Then I saw who was the father of the child.
All was silent and I heard we almost did not dare to breathe. Harry took the note from me, as if he did not trust me.
I swallowed and I nodded. Everyone was disappointed.
"But you were just with him one time?" Louis got up. I blushed and I nodded.
"But once is enough?"
Niall sighed.
"So we must call him?"
Liam disagreed.
"Or we choose not to tell him?"
I quickly looked at him.
"A little suspicious if the child doesn't look like one of you, and if it look like him?"
Harry was on my side this time.
"Okay, it's just to call him and tell him about this? He doesn't need to take responsibility and he doesn't even need to be here. But he has a right to know?"


Zayn came to the house. He went straight in and straight up to me. We had now move into the house and all was done, but he didn't care about that part.
"It's I who's the father?"
I frowned and I nodded at him. I couldn't make out if he was happy, angry, mad, or perhaps frightened. He just stared at me.
"And now?"
Liam came into the room.
"You don't need to do anything. We take care of Lilly and the child."
He spun around and he looked straight at Liam.
"But it's my child and I will be a father?"
Liam smiled weakly at him.
"Your child, but there are we as will be fathers, not you. You just made it happen."
Zayn had another thought and quickly he looked at me again.
"I want to join."
I almost fainted.
"What do you mean?"
He seemed to think before he answered.
"I want to be here for the baby, and if it means that I live with you, then I want it."
Liam shook his head quickly.
"You don't love Lilly?"
Zayn became angry and now I saw how it almost boiled in him. He looked at Liam again and he growled.
"What do you know about what I feel?" he got up. "I love her too, and in fact I miss her closeness too. But I didn't get the chance to know her, because you thought you possess her."
Niall heard us and he appeared curiously up. When he saw Zayn he became stiff in the body.
"Are you here?"
Zayn nodded.
"I want to be part of your family. It is I who's the father and I also want to live with her."
Liam frowned.
"We'll think about it."
Zayn was quick and he walked up to me.
"Please, you know I was nice to you and you know that I'm such a guy who can take responsibility? Please let me be a part of your life and let me take my responsibility?"

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