Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


8. That room

I chose to shower again and I chose to try to forget everything that had happened. I was angry with myself, because I gave myself to them so easily. Therefore, I decided to say no next time, but it didn't go as planned. When I came down the stairs came Liam quickly towards me and he smiled a little bit, because he knew why I had showered.
"The next game is just for you."
I froze.
He stood in front of me and he nodded.
"Yes, the next game is just for you." he whispered hoarsely. "Let's say that you will be amazed. You will like it."
I frowned. He took out a scarf and he held it up.
"You may not see anything until I say it's okay." then he took it over my eyes. I was too scared to fight back and at the same time I wondered what he had planned.


Liam took my hand and he pulled me with him. I felt the cool air and I realized that we went outdoors. He got me to sit inside a car and in silence, he drove me to the strange place. I didn't dare to speak of it and I dared hardly to breathe. He drove carefully and it was as if he was aware that I totally had given him the power. The car swung many times and I heard the wheels was moving on a dirt road. It bounced some times and it made me suspect that we went deeper into the woods.


The car stopped, the engine stopped and he got out of the car. He went around, opened my door and helped me out. He brought me to something and I went up the few stairs. Through a door. I heard the echo of our feet and we went down another staircase. The whole time I was considering to resist, but at the same time I wanted to know where we were going. He held me tightly in his hand and he took me consciously foreward. A door opened and we went into a warmer room. He put me in the middle of the floor and I heard he closed the door behind us.
"You are here!"
Liam's voice sounded hoarse and then I heard Louis.
"Welcome, love!"
I froze. Damn, not him! Just not Louis!


Someone took off my dress and my shoes and my bra. I was standing naked on the floor and I heard they were moving around me. I felt the smell of candles, oils and other fragrances. It smelled clean. Where was I? I thought about removing the scarf, but before I could, stood Louis in front of me and he took it away. Direct I accustom my eyes to the dim light. Louis stood naked in front of me and he smiled with his whole face.
"Now it's you and I, just you and me!" he whispered hoarsely, and he enjoyed the words. He raised his hand and he pulled it through my hair. "Let me show who I am."
I frowned. I looked around the room. The walls were red, black curtains decorating the walls. I didn't see a window, but I saw a large bed. It had a black sheet over the mattress and that was all. I swallowed.
"Where am I?"
Louis took my hand and he pulled me toward the bed.
"In my private playroom!"
He sat me down on the bed. Liam came back into the room and he was naked. I didn't like the feeling as came inside my body and I followed them closely with my eyes. The only light available was all the candles as were scattered throughout the room. It was almost as if the light was magical and I couldn't identify all the corners of the room. There were dark areas, and I could only imagine a door here, a bureau over there and so on.


"Lay down!"
Louis's voice was actually soft and he showed no sign of hatred or whatever. I lay down on my back. Directly he took my hands over my head and put my hands to the headboard using a silk ribbon. I gasped, but he smiled reassuring to me.
"You should just enjoy!" he muttered hoarsely, and he looked into my eyes. "I'm not going to be violent and don't you need to be afraid."
Liam sat down at a small sofa, as if he was waiting. Louis slid up on the bed and he parted my legs. He made my feet landed under my but and he looked over my body. He was satisfied. I swallowed and I tried to stay calm. He took out a can of oil, and I saw how he smeared it on his hands. Then he poured it over my stomach and he slowly began to massage my skin, as if he wanted to give me a massage. His hands slid up over my breasts and down at my sides. He was gentle and he wasn't at all as I had imagined. Louis hands went over my thighs and then down between my legs. I gasped when I felt his warm hands against my sensitive area. He started deliberately massaging and I closed my eyes. Slowly over my clit and down over my hole, up again, down again. I squealing. He liked that I reacted and he proceeded cautiously to bring my body back to life.


One hand massaged my clit and one hand slowly started to penetrate me, or rather two fingers. Slowly in, slowly out. I whimpered, and by now he had me got a second thoughts. He brought them softly in me and in the end it was as if everything was just released. I brought the hips up and down in his movements. My whole lower body was shaking and tingling. It even felt in the legs. I lost control and I forgot about the time and place. I was only aware of what he did and he did it in a good way. Faster movements and I spread my legs as much as I could. I heard how wet I was and I felt how I slowly approached the top of the mountain. Faster, harder, more consciously. I whined louder and I groaned. I brought the hips up and down and eventually just ran it over. I felt his body let go and I almost fainted. I screamed in pleasure, I shrugged in each part that was me, I shook and I forgot who I was.


I sank down. Louis disappeared and I heard that he went into a toilet and wash his hands. I lay there and I was weak throughout the body. I opened my eyes and I realized that this had really happened? I peered toward Liam. He smiled with satisfaction at me and he just sat there. Did he wanted to see when I enjoyed? Why was he in the room?


Louis came back. He slid content up on the bed again and he sat down again between my legs. He smiled and he looked over my body. He grabbed my waist and without a word, I felt he brought his hard part against me. The glans of his penis penetrated and I whimpered. He penetrated all the way inside, and when I was full, I saw that even he liked it. He leaned over me and it landed an elbow on each side of my head. I raised my legs around his waist and I felt his lips against my neck and my shoulder. He kissed me. He lay still on me and his lips did miracles. I liked the feeling. Slowly he began to move on his hip. Slowly, he began once again to give my body something that it liked.


Louis kissed me. I answered the kiss. Our bodies were like fire and he flexed every muscle in the body. He thumped against me and he made me shake. I let my tongue slip between his lips and he took it. He sucked my tongue before he let his tongue play with it. It was as if Louis wanted to taste all of my tastes. It was as if he wanted to enjoy and he wanted to take care of every second when I was there. We breathed faster, we began to moan. I redounded how he increased the speed and he filled me with his hard part. He grabbed my legs and he brought them up over his shoulders. I was double under him and I felt that he now was able to move faster on the hip. He got in deeper and I almost lost my mind. I wanted more and I wanted everything. He was red all over his body and he was sweaty. He moved on the body smoothly and he took me by storm. I had never seen this side of Louis and I liked it.


Together we reached there at the same time. I closed my eyes and I could no longer control myself. I couldn't kiss him and I groaned loudly. I felt every movement as Louis did and he got my body to end up deep in the fog. A thumb began to rub me down there, and immediately ran everything over. My whole body did dropped everything and it was like I couldn't control anything. I shrugged, I was shaking and I screamed. He got all of my sensitive part to squeeze the muscles around his hardness and I arrived at a breakneck speed.


Louis was stretched out on top of me. He held my body tight in his arms and I felt his breath on my cheek. My whole body was still shaking and I realized what this was the best as had happened. He had given me what I could stand, and this had been one of the best times in my life, if you're talking about sex. I heard moaning and I peered toward Liam. He sat and took his hand up and down over his hard part. I frowned. What the heck? Louis seemed to understand my reaction.
"He is here because he didn't wanted me to become violent." Louis whispered hoarsely. "And at the same time, he wanted to do something useful, with his body."
I swallowed.
"This is sick?"
Louis smiled and he lifted his head. He looked into my eyes and he nodded.
"Yes actually!"
I was surprised. He did think as me? He reached up his hands and took off the ribbon from my wrists. I took down my hands and I realized that I was tired, even my arms were tired. Louis remained over me and he started to kiss me. Slowly, tenderly and kindly. I couldn't resist and I answered the kiss. He was still inside me and I felt how he slowly grew and became hard again. No, I wouldn't have more energy for that?


Magical movements, magical breath. I held him tight, and I followed. Louis continued to kiss me and he took care of me. I felt how he penetrated me with his feelings and I soon became as excited as him. He increased the speed and in the end we were again in the fog. I forgot Liam and I was no longer aware of the location.


We spun around in the bed, we were like crazy and in the end I sat on top of him. I closed my eyes and I brought the body up and down. He held my waist hard and I heard him moaning out breaths. I moved quickly and I almost bounced toward him. I was totally with what happened and I wanted more. All my genitals were like one big horny and swollen bomb.


I felt how someone came up on the bed, behind me. I felt a hand on my back that forced me foreward, so I just lay on Louis. I felt one more as penetrated inside my hole. I screamed. I was filled to the brim. I whimpered and I felt they both began to bring the hips towards me. I was still, and I let them do the work. I put my face against Louis neck and I whimpered against his sweaty skin. It was like I was filled to the brim and I was filled right up, all de way inside. I lost control and I felt the tingle came back. It was like heaven, all the gates were opened, and I was in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions. I couldn't be quiet, and finally broke up as if I was in two parts. I screamed and I was shaking, I shrugged, I didn't know how I would lie there. I pressed my lips against Louis throat and I almost bit him. I landed in a country I hadn't been to before and I felt my body stopped functioning in total.







I know it is a little on the verge of filthy. But I hope you haven't anything against my way of writing. Give a comment if you feel like it!

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